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6 days ago NEW
Very effective treatment. Kimberly’s work is precise and painless. She also suggested a
post treatment cream and a medication to hinder hair regrowth.
Response from the owner12 hours ago
Thank you, Thank you for your review,



Eric Dean

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Kimberly offers the best results and her treatments have been so effective.
Look no further, you are in excellent hands at Boston Electrolysis!

Thank you very much Eric and I appreciate your patronage,



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7 months ago
Kimberly is very knowledgeable and I made sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire process.
I seen results after my first treatment, and I am confident that I will be hair-free in no time! If you are
looking for permanent hair removal, I highly recommend Boston Electrolysis. Kimberly is the best in the business!
Response from the owner6 months ago
Candace thank you very much for your five star review and I work hard to make
sure you receive the best treatment possible. Thank you very much from, Kimberly however
please be aware the that my phone number is 480-607-8121.

Irene Missler

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a year ago
Kimberly is one of the few licensed electrologist in the state and it shows. She caters the
treatments specifically towards your particular hair problem. Her dedication and knowledge
to the process results in effective treatment. In addition, she’s flexible to your schedule and
always tries to find a time that caters to your availability. She’s even flexible with rescheduling,
should you need to change the date or time of your appointment. She’s punctual and makes sure
that every appointment, whether short or long, makes an improvement to your condition.
Above all else, she values integrity and transparency.
Response from the owner a year ago
Irene thank you so much for your outstanding review. I wish all people could be as nice as you. Kimberly

Hofunity Behavioral Health

a year ago

Boston Electrolysis offers the best services I have ever received in over 20+ years. Not only is the owner one of Arizona’s only Licensed Electrolysis, Ms. Kim is also an expert at skin care (dermatology). I have received the best results in just a few sessions then I received when I lived back in Oregon over a years time. Ms. Kim, I thank you for teaching me along the way how to care for my type of skin along the way. You are extremely compassionate, entertaining during my entire sessions, and I feel safe and secure in your hands of service. I moved to Arizona in 2012 and had been searching for a licensed Electrolysis over all these years. I am so grateful my daughter found Boston Electrolysis and Kim and Abbie (her assistant tech) are the 2 ladies taking care of my hair removal problems that had gave me trouble over the past 25 years. I am confident in your care and cannot wait to be back on your table this Thursday.

So folks, if you are looking to get your hair removal issues resolved and actually see dynamic results with your hair issue and your skin problems trust what I am saying “THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE SEEN”. After all, us hair problem individuals have taken other risks with unlicensed electrolysis and had terrible results after many sessions loosing a lot of money. Coming here, the ONLY THING YOU WILL BE LOOSING IS UNWANTED HAIR!


Response from the owner a year ago
Dear Tonia what a beautiful review and what more can I say than thank you. See you tomorrow. Ttfn

Tara B

a year ago
I first tried out Boston Electrolysis many years ago after reading Kimberly Williams credentials on-line.
Kimberly is a true professional who is very skilled at what she does. In fact it’s the depth of her knowledge
and her years of experience which makes it a very reassuring environment for me every time I go. I’ve had
nothing but positive results with Kimberly and although I’ve moved away from Scottsdale I still make sure
to make an appt with her every time I’m in town. She is extremely personable as welI. I highly recommend
Kimberly to anyone considering electrolysis.
Response from the owner a year ago
Thank you Tara for your wonderful review it’s amazing when you clear up your confidence goes from night to day. I wish I had more clients like you because it was my pleasure to help you attain your goal of a beautiful hair free  complexion.
Thank you ever so much Kimberly,

Megan H

a year ago
Kimberly is  wonderful! I have so much confidence now & they really know what they’re doing.
Abby was quick but efficient & very informative about aftercare as well. Kimberly is an expert
for sure! 10/10 would recommend 🙂
Response from the owner7 months ago
Hello Meagan Abby and I miss you and don’t be a stranger,

Abby Bilderback

Abby Bilderback
2 years ago

I’d like to begin by saying how great my experience has been with Kim.

I’ve had electrolysis and laser hair removal done for years on stubborn

hairs and didn’t see an end in sight. When I came to Boston Electrolysis

for my consultation she helped come up with a game plan to tackle

my problem areas first.

Flash forward to now and I’ve never felt so confident about myself and the way I look.

I no longer have to hide behind heavy make up and my confidence is night and day.

Kim truly cares about her patients and it really shows in her work. Every time I leave

her office I know that I’ve had the best treatment and that she really knows what

she’s doing. I can’t say enough good things about my experiences at Boston Electrolysis.

Response from the owner a year ago Well thank you for your honest, sincere review
and you are the reason why I persevere to excel at performing your electrolysis
treatments to the umpteenth degree. …Mo

Justine Varas

5 years ago
Let me begin by sharing that I have been doing electrolysis for a year and a half with several electrolysis before i found Kimberly. I received zero results from these other electrolysis and spent quite a bit of money. Arizona does not …
Response from the owner5 years ago
Thank you so much for such a wonderful review that makes me feel so appreciated, …More


2 years ago
Kimberly Williams is the best electrologist hands down. Her treatments are so comfortable, and she is extremely informative and educated on the skin and hair removal in general. You will not be disappointed!!
Response from the owner a year ago
Hey JD thanks so much for your wonderful review that me feel so much better and your positive attitude works wonders for all of us.

Susan De VIto

a year ago
You’re in good hands with Kimberly!! Her credentials are spot on and followed up by
her many years of experience and knowledge of being a Registered Electrologist.
Response from the owner a year ago
Dear Susan I just wanted to say thank you for such a great review and I appreciate how well and
concise it is because its so easy on the eyes and gets to the point straight on.
Thank you for your wonderful compliment!

John Williams

3 years ago
Kimberly is the best in the business.
Response from the owner3 years ago

Well thank you very much and I appreciate your wonderful review,

Kimberly Williams, R.E. Owner of Boston Electrolysis

Christie McCullough

a year ago
Very skilled treatment
Response from the owner a year ago
Dear Christie, Thank you ever so much for your wonderful review.


a year ago
Excellent results!
Response from the owner a year ago
Kimberly Williams, R.E. Massachusetts State Licensed & Registered Electrologist, with 40 years of experience.

Billy Ei

Thanks, Kimberly I never thought I would or could pass, you were right with my 100% hair-free complexion
my life has become a dream. With no more shaving and no more worry I live in a state of freedom. Thanks ever
so much but I need to say you were right, those quacks at lied to me and kept me from the truth
about the quality and perfection of your work with your applied technique and specialized galvanic treatments.
It’s my opinion you are second to none and the best electrologist. Google should take off line
because they are envious liars with no electrolysis education and credentials to speak of.
Thank you, your friend Helga,
P.S. I left you a link
Helga you validated the truth and that makes my day, Kimberly
Response from the owner a month ago

Jennifer Swenson

2 years ago
Response from the owner a year ago
Thank so much and five stars is wonderful

Ashley Breda

a year ago
Dear Ashley thank you very much for your wonderful review and feel better,
Thank you Kimberly

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