Laser Hair Removal Causes Paradoxical Hypertrichosis

Why Electrolysis is Approved by the FDA

Electrolysis Stands For Safe Permanent Hair Removal Approved By The FDA Better than Laser is better than Than Temporary Laser Removal Laser Hair Removal is Scam Perpatrated By Non-Licensed Quacks. In addition beware of Their Tempoary Laser Hair Removal Loan Sharks whose Payments Will Kill You. Find out why Lasers are nothing more than temporary Laser hair removal.  Book your free consul Boston Electrolysist today! Performed By a Massachuseets Licensed and Registered Electrologists With Permanent Hair Removal Results that are real.Yes, electrolysis has proven itself safe and permanently removes hair from all skin tytpes. It is the only FDA-approved form of permanent hair removal treatment. Since, 1876 electrolysis has permanently destroys the hair growth cells in the hair follicles, the hair will not grow back.

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Several electrolysis manufacturers and thousands of state licensed and registered electrologists have received FDA permission to claim and advertise as, “Permanent Hair Removal,” While Laser Parlor Operators are prohibited to claim “Permanent Hair Removal” for their “Lasers Epilators. This means that although laser treatments with these devices will permanently reduce the total number of body hairs, they will not result in a permanent removal of all hair in any form or manner. Fact, Laser Parlor Operators lie like a cheap rug and they flaunt the law and illegally advertise Laser as permanent hair removal. In addition Laser Parlors are the worst liars who advertise under electrolysis when they do not do Electrolysis in any form or manner period. However Laser Parlor Operators are frustrated and “Bait & Switch Tactics” advertising under electrolysis when they do not.

LASER HAIR REMOVAL IS AMERICA’S MOST DANGEROUS UNPROVEN TECHNOLOGY that cannot achieve permanenet hair removal in in any for or manner period.©

Boston Electrolysis® Scientific Thesis on temporary laser hair removal, as compared to Electrolysis, Thermolysis and Blend are the only proven medical technologies that can legally claim Permanent Hair Removal which is approved by the FDA.




Is Acute paradoxical hair growth caused high powered radiant exposure by temporary laser and intense pulsed light devices? Yes and Laser Hair Removal never underwent a double blind study to see of this was possible and safe. In fact the laser was pushed on the market to make a quick for it’s financers. Below are medical conditions caused by laser parlors.

Why women have to endure so much suffering with unwanted facial hair problems caused by PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Hyper-Trichiasis, and Hypo-Trichiasis cause by slow and fast Thyroid syndromes and now the latest cosmetic woe Paradoxical Hypertrichosis. In addition, unwanted hair problems caused by cortisone imbalances, genetics and birth control medications. Nonetheless, the latest Laser Parlor Malady is Americas latest plauge known as, “Laser Induced Paradoxical Hyptrichosis” which will give young and older women a man’s heavy beard in a short amount of time after having laser parlor treatments. Furthermore, Laser Parlor Operators are lying and touting that their laser hair removal treatments will bring an end to your unwanted hair problems. This is not true and victims of the Laser Parlor Operators have a heavier hair problem after having temporary laser treatments that in fact stimulate hair growth.

The newest man-made plague known as Laser Induced Paradoxical Hypertrichosis can set in anywhere from three to five months post Laser Parlor Treatment. Unfortunately, this side effect is not as rare as you may think and the physicians are suspected of witholding the truth. Rather, it is nightmare causing women to grow heavy, coarse, masculine beards affecting anywhere from 15 to 30% of women who’ve undergone temporary laser hair removal treatments. The women that have had different high temperature laser treatments experimented on them can and do develop Paradoxical Induced Hypertrichosis.

Paradoxical Induced Hypertrichosis sets in after a treatment of so called laser epilation which does not even begin to be permanent from the get go. The supposed Laser Hair Removal AAA research was never investigated and Laser Parlor Operators never focused on the causes of unwanted hair growth. For years they have blatantly ignored obvious inflammatory markers and other key factors that were a direct underline cause of unwanted hair growth.

What is truly appalling to me as an electrologist is that so called non-licensed electrologists would stoop so low as to convince women that the laser hair removal treatments work. The lowest form of human life in my opinion is the Electrologist that performs temporary laser hair removal. What my peers fail to mention is that Paradoxical Hypertrichosis is being caused by the laser they use and then turn around and treat again with the only permanent solution which is Electrolysis thus double dipping on you the patient; talk about a money grab…

It’s amazing how the FDA has failed to mention laser treatments after patients had suffered first, second and third degree burns from laser hair removal. Now they are doing it again with Paradoxical Induced Hypertrichosis. Laser Parlor companies are lying when they advertise Permanent Hair Removal. FDA Statutes forbid them to claim permanent hair removal. The only practitioners capable of achieving Permanent Hair Removal are professionally educated and trained, “State Licensed & Registered Electrologists.”

Many Laser Parlor Operators slowly became aware over time that laser hair removal therapy stimulates hair growth soon after the laser was introduced in 1998. However, Laser Parlors knowingly spin a web of decption that Laser Hair Removal Treatments are safe, effective, and permanent when in fact they are actually stimulating stimulating heavy facial hair growth on all treated areas and most notably the face has heavy beard growth like a man.

Multiple cases of unwanted Paradoxical Hypertrichosis arrived soon after laser epilation in 1998. Many laser operators did not want to believe their state of the art laser hair removal treatments made their facial hair problems ten times worse.  Laser Parlor Operators are confused and say let’s heat those hairs up some more and end up burning patients faces with second and third degree burns and eventually more hair growth. While many Laser Parlors Victims realize laser hair removal is a hoax many are still under the guise of the companies. We at Boston Electrolysis® seriously urge all victims of this charade to start looking for a state licensed and registered electrologist immediately who practice electrolysis exclusively.

Unfortunately, many physicians are out of touch with reality and the suffering of having an unwanted hair problem made worse by laser hair removal treatments preformed by Laser Operators with no more than 50 hours of training.

In addition. broadband intense pulsed light has become a highly suspicious medical procedure hidden by unethical physicians. In addition stubborn Docs with their minions of deceit never mention that Laser Hair Removal machines emit harmful Ultraviolet-Radiation that can cause cancer plus, “Unwanted Paradoxical Hypertrichosis. My patients claim an increased proportion of patients that have suspiciously reported what they believed to be a large increase in unwanted hair growth after having temporary laser hair treatments that cause, “Paradoxical Hypertrichosis.

Nonetheless laser parlors owned by Laser Parlor Chains brazenly defy lawful FDA advertising laws and statutes that bar Laser Parlors from claiming “Permanent Hair Removal”, “Painless Hair Removal” and advertising they do electrolysis under bait switch advertising tactics. Nonetheless the laser Parlors spend more trying to impress consumers when in reality their training program is not more than 50 hours total. However, the laser school they attended entire curriculum is a hoax. It’s totally Unethical for Laser Parlor Chains to lie like a cheap rug.  After you arrive they change the subject and say they only do temporary laser hair removal and a mistake in use of text were they electrolysis. They’re hoping you will fall for their scam that hides the truth when they do not perform electrolysis in any form or manner period. All the while, Previous laser epilation treatments resulted in increased facial and body hair growth. We sought to review the predominance and high proportion and features of this contradictory effect. But the unethical owner cover up the truth and reality and that’s why those Laser Hair Growth Baseball Caps actually stimulate new hair Growth…

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To this very day laser parlor companies manufactures of laser machines have steadfastly refused to do a double blind study to prove whether or not laser hair removal works and is 100% safe. For 24 years Laser Operators they have got the red laser, yellow laser, blue laser, green laser, white lasers and even the Yag Laser however the best they can do is to turn their the lasers on low so their clients do screech in pain and end up with third degree burns.

Laser epilator manufacturers claim to have completed single center studies that included all patients who underwent laser hair removal from 2218 to 2022. All or most cases of laser-induced were assessed clinically by history; examination and hair growth were caused by long-pulsed alexandrite laser epilation. Nevertheless none of this information has been made public. In addition their study never included one or a group quality educated state licensed and registered Electrologists to a render a single professional opinion.

Some doctors reluctantly state,” Laser Induced Paradoxical Hypertrichosis clinical features of patients with post-laser AKA Paradoxical Hypertrichosis were compared with 50 patients randomly selected from among all those who had undergone laser hair removal at their center.

It’s my belief that certain unethical physicians claimed the results of 489 patients, without being specific and provide photographs of their post treatment laser patients. in addition they did not admit to a complete and independent double blind study. In essence it’s whole bunch of over the top hoopla also known as misleading propaganda without any substantial study. They did state and pointed finger at the long-pulsed “Alexandrite Laser  and reported increased hair growth after laser hair epilation. There is a longstanding a trend for this adverse effect to occur in all skin types plus they never mention the other. However as electrologist I have observed thick black hair from patients that have had intense hair growth of 75% of the face including the neck. However the laser parlor physician as compared with the unaffected comparison group has not been made available for the public at large… However small number of laser parlor operators did not provide sufficient power to effectively test factors such as age, sex, treatment settings, and number of treatments statistically.

As the crow flies laser parlor physicians need to have a verifiable double blind study of at least 1500 women that have had laser hair removal that resulted in Paradoxical Laser Hypertrichosis. I have seen six cases in a mere three months that have resulted in Paradoxical Hypertrichosis where women have developed a very heavy beard just like a man.

In essence if you have laser hair removal treatment than you should have  the laser parlor operator attach a rider to your laser hair removal contract that requires the responsible party to pay for your electrolysis treatments should you come down with, Acute Paradoxical Hypertrichosis with a large increase of hair growth.

Boston Electrolysis® Review the History of the Electrolysis Industry

The history of Electrolysis and Electrology would surprise most people. My profession was founded in 1876 for the purpose of relieving “Trichiasis” (inflamed infected ingrown hairs of the eyelid). This condition left untreated can result in blindness. In 1952 the profession was among the first to use sophisticated solid-state equipment. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts formed a state board and began requiring licensing and registration for Electrologists in 1959, and in time there were similar state boards in 32 states (although Arizona still lacks one). In 1985 Computerized Programmable Epilators became available, and in 1996 the FDA upgraded electrolysis equipment to the status of a class one medical device. Electrologists alone have been granted the right by the FDA to legally claim Permanent Hair Removal while the laser hair removal fails in all categories. Our field is fully professional, a medical discipline in fact, and the reason for the virulent opposition to a state board here is the fact that many in the business would be out of work after failing the sort of examinations real Electrologists must pass to be licensed. These hold-outs would prefer 50-hour training they can breeze through, usually in weeks instead of years, ultimately at the expense of their patients. The Electrolysis-Electrology profession has, since its inception, undergone extremely close scrutiny by FDA, AMA, Underwriters Laboratories and every State Board of Electrologists. Our equipment is F.D.A. approved, tested by Underwriters Laboratories and U.P.E.M.A. (United Professional Epilators Manufacturers Association). That’s why Electrologists have the sole right to advertise “Permanent Hair Removal”.

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I work closely with physicians regarding endocrinology, electrolysis, and micro eye-surgery for Trichiasis. I also work with epileptic patients who use medications such Dilantin, a drug which causes extreme hair problems in women and men. I try to see if it is possible to work with the Neurologist, possibly changing the medications to an alternate drug that does not create a hair problem, making the treatments shorter for the patient.


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