Yes you to can be a Jokestress on the new website Jokestress.com where you just fill in the blanks in your life just like Andrea James with out having to prove or earn your credentials.

User Deposed Jokestress:

Hi! My name is Andrea James,

I am a writer and a fake consumer hair removal activist based in Los Angeles. I also run a phony production company called Deep Stealth Productions. I have a make believe degree in English from the University of Chicago I never attended plus I am a movie star with no movie contract. I also have a make believe movie production company called Deep Stealth Productions with my friend. In addition I taught Felicity Huffman every she knows about acting for her role in T America. In addition I graduated with honors from Tall Tales University and I won the coveted “Pinnochio Award” for Yellow Journalism and slandering honest hard working professionals out of jealousy.

Jokestress.com Thanks You

I want to say thank you for all of you that have made literary and financial contributions for the new website Jokestress.com. Now Andrea James will be exposed for her illegal acts of blackmail, extortion, slander and just plain outright lying and her occasional back-stabbing that exposes as Andrea James as the Self Appointed Internet Queen of  Nazi Social Media.

Recently one of Andrea James grade school buddies has added a few choice comments about her being a rude school yard bully from grade school on up. In addition it’s sad that Andrea James has been an unstable individual throughout her entire life to this very day. Additionally I received another email about a notable San Francisco plastic surgeon that gives Andrea James kick backs aka large pay offs for her endorsement on her websites. Just wait till you read about the plastic surgeon that Andrea James constantly raves about on her websites. For some one who claims to be a fake consumer hair removal advocate looking out for her “Sisters” interests Andrea James has earned the reputation for having the “Greasiest Palms ” on the “net”. Andrea James will do any thing for a large or small cash donations topping off at $10.00 and she even accepts small contributions as little as a thin dime will get you on her endorsement list.

It is most unethical for plastic surgeon to pay for endorsements and could lose his license, however its his reputation that suffers especially if something went wrong with a surgery, his malpractice claim could be astronomical. Nonetheless its apparent Andrea’s greed is gettingg the best of her. In addition one T-GIRL sent me an email about Andrea’s pay offs has set up a web site with photographs about her botch job by a plastic surgeon whom Andrea James raves about on every other sentence on all her websites.

Andrea James aka jokestress is doing referrals of such a nature and collecting payments for endorsing plastic surgeons and questionable unethical non-licensed electrologists on Hairtell.com is most dubious to say the least. Fact 97% of the electrologists on Hairtell.com who tell people they are “A board Certified Electrologist” are uneducated non-licensed certified “Diploma MIll Electrologists” with little or no training at best with no practical application examination.

The moral of the story is that Andrea does not have any and when looking for a electrologist or physician don’t ask some one who has made a career out collecting pay offs using the ruse she is a “Consumer Advocate”. So you will be aware Andrea James has no requisite education in the field of social work nor is she a legitimate licensed advocate in any form or manner. However if you follow Andrea’s ” Wikipedia Fantasy Page” I am sure she will find a space for it. However every one is waiting for for her to claims she is “Brain Surgeon” so she can rave and endorse the neurosurgeon who did her lobotomy!


Ten years ago someone I really like, though I will not not mention her name she gave me the domain Jokestress.com so Andrea James could not have it. The gift is a domain and it is the Jokestress.com. well I thought it over and said to myself I could make new website and call it the “Jokestress.com ”

well it seems all the people on the “Net” would just love to have a website all about Andrea James FKAJ “Formerly Known As Jokestress.” Please keep sending me your emails and tell me would you like a free for all website where anyone can anonymously post their opinion about Andrea James?

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