Individuals like myself have a right to privacy and a right to control how their name, likeness, and identity is used. If your trademark appears to include the name, signature, or portrait of a particular living individual, your trademark can only be registered with the written consent of that individual.Dec 1, 2022. Down and Dirty Illegal Trademark Infringers like Milan Laser Hair Removal break tradmark laws by Illegaly using my Federally registered Boston Electrolysis Trademark without my permission and refuse my answer telephone to steal hits from my Federallyregistered Boston Electrolysis  registered tradmark. Below is my Federaly Boston Electrolysis US Trademark  Number 8520252BOSTON ELECTROLYSISTSDRLIVE044 BOSTON ELECTROLYSISTS  DR 8520252 LIVE044

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1 88520252 5995009 BOSTON ELECTROLYSIS TSDR LIVE 044
2 77554234 3601889 BOSTON ELECTROLYSIS TSDR DEAD 044


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why DO laser parlor operators only go to school for 50 hours?


Permanent Electrolysis VS temporary Laser Hair Removal

Most people, when considering the problem of unwanted body hair, generally opt for treatments that offer permanent long-term hair removal by Electrolysis.

Electrolysis is the only method of permaenet hair removal that works while laser hair removal is temporary at best and electrolysis is the most popular popular technology that achieves permanent hair removal while laser hair removal is temporary at best. Electrolysis is in widespread clinical use that achievess PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. Always select electrolysis because its permanent and laser hair removal is not permanent and the hair always returns. Plus laser hair removal people are not licensed and registered an electrologist and it is beneficial to consider the disadvantages of temporary drawbacks of temporarary laser hair removal.


Electrolysis is more advanced and expereinced permanent hair removaal technology that is still widely used today. It’s fact, that only electrolysis achieves permanent hair removal stated and  approved by the FDA to be effective in creating permanent hair removal.

In electrolysis, a specially designed probe is inserted directly into each hair follicle. An electrical current measured in miliamperes cauterizes each individual hair and the current is then passed through the tip of the electrolysis probe. This current produces a prelected amout of heat that destroys that cauterizes the pappilae aka the hair-producing cells at the bottom of the follicle. The hair shaft thus loses its blood supply and source of energy then the root is removed by the licensed and registered elctrologist. The hair must be removed by the electrologist plus the hair does not where the laser fails to kill the hair plus the hair has to be removed by the electrologist. If the Laser Parlor Operators does not remve the hair from it’s base the hair will become a foreign body and cause an infection of the skin if it is not removed after treatment. Electrolysis is totally accurate and should be removed by a trained educated electrologist only. By the way electrolysis is effective on all hair colors and types. Yet because electrolysis is done follicle by follicle and with the new computerized epilators it is ideal for treating large areas that requires permanent hair removal up to 400 to 500 hairs per hour.


Laser hair removal is distinctly different from electrolysis because it does not work and is a scam at best. It uses laser technology is a failure that fails to achieve permanent hair removal after a series of sessions by poorly educated laser palor operators with no more than 50 hours of training.

Since laser hair removal does not involve inserting a probe into each individual hair follicle, hair removal treatments are much faster than with electrolysis, especially given that a greater area can be treated in the same period of time. Those who have undergone both treatments report that the amount of discomfort experienced during each procedure is about the same—although many comments that post-procedure discomfort is shorter with laser hair removal than with electrolysis.

To most people, the main advantage to electrolysis compared to laser hair removal is that electrolysis is permanent: once the cells at the base of the hair follicle are completely destroyed, they will never regenerate to produce more hair growth. But repeated laser treatments applied to the same area over a longer period of time will often lead to the same results. Laser hair removal is often preferred over electrolysis because the sessions are shorter in duration and it is more cost-effective.

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