To Jamie Cole and Kevin at 602 298 4930 I never gave either of you my permission to use my Boston Electrolysis Trademark in any form manner and you violated the law and tried to monopolize my Boston Electrolysis internet listings without my permission. You tried to extort me to join the You acted as if you owned Boston Electrolysis during that time and you and Jamie Cole hid behind your address and phone number and computer to cause me loss of income. I never met you and never heard of you and your fake names and that’s why I would not join your ChamberofCommerce because you run it like gangster collection were the hoodlums go out into neighborhoods to collect payments from small business owners. That’s what I think of your Chamber of Commerce and how you insulted me for being Trans. Does that empower you? Just leave me alone because what you did is classified as a hate crime and both of you could get ten years in prison under the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act.
Anchorsaway.con  https://www.Anchors-away.con

Anchors Away Holiday Laser Hair Removal Fakes-Take-Fifty-Hour-Course-To Become a Certified Laser Parlor-Operators

Most people that go to the Rocky Mountain Laser College to  take 6-day course is all you need to accelerate your your so career and it’s 40 hours long! How do they it? A mere 40 hours of training and their certified a Laser Parlor Operator and their course does not include theoretical science in any form or manner. In addition the course did not list a state board examination because they do not have one. I will my condensed resume of what it takes to become a Massachusetts Licensed &* Registered Electrologistl


ANCHORSAWAY Laser Parlor Operators Realize Laser Hair Removal Causes Paradoxical Hypertrichosis 


https://www.yelp.con › … › AnchorsAway


AnchorsAway.con “Just got my neck and back burned. Staff butters you up for tip & review unProfessional and not friendly. .
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    BOSTON ELECTROLYSIS® | PRIVATE PRACTICE | BOSTON SCHOOL OF Ask for Kimberly Williams, R.E., Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979
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    How to find an electrologist in your area – Professional … THIS WEBSITE HAIRTELL.COM IS FULL OF FRAUDS ALSO KNOWN UNEDUCATED NON-ELECTROLOGISTS owned by Andrea James a non-licensed electrologist
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Kimberly Williams, R.E, Dean CEO of Boston Electrolysis®
Board Certified Licensed & Registered Electrologist In Massachusetts & Utah
Your Investigative Reporter
Lecturer at Harvard Medical School 1983-1987
7330 E. Earll Drive Suite
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Call 480-607-8121


James W. Walker,P.U.N.L.E AKA World Heavyweight Electrolysis Champion









Every Transwoman works hard to save money for their transition and most times we go without so they can afford electrolysis treatments, hormone, therapy and all kinds of expenses the average person does not understand or cannot comprehend. Without one doubt going without for Transwoman is second nature and this a hard luck story about  a Transwoman from Germany was ripped off in the most coldhearted evil manner. For years I have warned Transwomen and non-Transwomen about Andrea James the owner of and her appointed fascist moderator of known as James Walker,Vii of who took $8900.00 in advanced payment from a client who flew in from Germany. When she arrived James Walker, the Vii failed to pick her up at the Buffalo New York Airport as promised.Below in her own words posted on in which she uses the name Electro-Client here is her story. In addition I have provided PDF files for newsworthiness, evidence, certain comments and pages that where saved before they where censored and removed by Andrea James and Jame Walker,Vii to hide the truth. Multiple comments and posts by Electro-Client have have been posted. All new posts by Electro_Client comments have been blocked by James Walker,Vii and owner of Andrea. Friends of James Walker,C.F.A. are listed as Top Ten Losers that are told what to say in exchange for referrals from Andrea James.



Andrea James owner of has reappointed James Walker Vii three time as the moderator and she wanted her website to make money and she gave James Walker Vii complete authority to do so in any way he sees fit. Of course James Walker VII CPE went to far and slandered licensed and registered electrologist because he jealous that he can’t be licensed as an electrologist.  In essence he did us a favor and drove all the state licensed  electrologists of of James had orders to slander any licensed electrologist, laser operator and beautician that Andrea James hates including me. Andrea James taught James Walker the sick art of character assassination by calling licensed electrologists as being mentally unstable. On the other hand James Walker VII who calls himself the Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker has tipped the scales of insanity on every page of Hairtellcom. Our Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker VII has an acute case of Pea Green Envy and is long overdue for inpatient care. Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker VII is an uneducated non- licensed electrologist who despises and covets successful state licensed and registered electrologists like myself and others. After being reappointed moderator of it took James a short amount of time to drive off all the qualified state licensed and registered electrologists on because of his inferiority complex. After losing their last two licensed electrologists. James Walker will starting driving off the Certified Professional Electrologist so no one can better or outrank James Walker on education. Of course I think James next move will be to drive off Top Ten Contributors as long they obey Andrea James and James Walker  On the other hand  all the Top Ten Contributors took an Oath of Allegiance to obey all of Andrea James orders no matter how distasteful or dishonest Here the oath that James Walker and and the Top Ten Contributors took. It starts with, I swear by God this sacred oath, that I will render unconditional obedience to Andrea James, the Leader of the Hairtell Reich and people, Supreme Commander of the Hairtell-Hate Forces, and will be ready as a brave soldier to risk my life at any time for this oath. ,.

However our Junior Miss NAZI in training also Known As Kyle Koreleski  AKA Hairtell Groupy “Were Not Afraid” AKA the future ” Miss. Jessica Sideways said,” she took an oath of allegiance to Andrea James the leader and deputy leader  James  Walker the Vii promised to obey all orders by the leader know as Andrea James. It’s obvious Andrea is crazier than a Cuckoo Bird on Meth. Looking at her website, it’s about 1% nothing and 99% with Andrea James screaming-her her stark raving authority rants that she rules with her Iron Fist. Apparently, Andrea has some kind of Narcissistic power rage with delusions of grandeur. Andrea James was guilty of “pagejacking” my Boston-Electrolysis.con website.  However Jessica Sideways knows the truth. However let me say how I met Jessica Sideways Mom who came to Kimberly’s office to do to do do her future daughter aka the future Jessica Sideways De-Facto-Electrolysis-Consultation because she left that horrible  rant on my voicemail. Jessica Sideways Voicemail was pure hatred and it written by future miss Jessica Sideways who asked her Mom Mrs. Koreleski to attend for her daughter because informed Jessica Sideways she would not allowed at my office. hate inspired Voicemale and my Mom told me Kimberly treated her with the kindest professional respect . However what I can say I sent my Mom to do my Defacto-Consultation at her office. My Mom Mrs. Koreleski said I needed help and told me to stop harassing Kimberly because I broke the law and threatened her. Jessica Sideways is a Hairtell.-haters use fake names and fake titles to hide her name aka Kyle Korelesky aka Jessica Sideways to hide  behind her computers so they can’t be held accountable to the law for her hate crimes.Andrea James and her electrologists  are like can of worm that Jessica Sideways to hate me for some reason. She said she claimed bravery and left me her two minute abusive vicious two minute hate inspiring threatening rant on my voicemail to claim she is the leader. She cried people screaming at her, screaming and threatening at her and I felt wonderful and it empowered me. Of course I never met Kimberly but my Mom met her. Later she played my recorded message for my Mom and gave a copy to the Chandler Police in Arizona and than I went on as usual about her slandering slandering me on the Internet. Jessica Sideways said I’m am just like Andrea James I make up lies to hurt people  and Andrea James pays me allot of money however I know it wrong and I  sincerely hope she will forgive me for me being so full of revulsion it was disgusting but Andrea James thinks it funny but I wish never left her that horrible hateful message on my voicemail without on word of apology. She told my Mom what I did but I ignored my Mom because I have a sickness like Andrea James where where take pleasure hurting people. I called Kimberly’s office 12 times and was blocking my phone number . I screamed at  her when leaving my message of my hatred towards her. In Jessica’s Voicemail she threatened to hurt and my business and she wrote lies on  because Andrea James paid Jessica to hurt my feelings. Jessica said Andrea paid people to hurt my feelings and finally I realized just Kimberly because make plenty of money and I was so desperate to have my operation I thought might go crazy. K You can listen to Jessica Sideways screaming and threatening me, ” Jessica Sideways said to me You Lose” and than Jessica realized she did not erase her voicemail with recorded hate Rant message that she left on  my VoiceMail. Her Mom gave me her real name. 

Jessica Sideways because she’s a hateful evil inhuman being who takes pleasure threatening me. Andrea James likes to hurt people. Let me tell you I have talked to people and Andrea her James has hurt many people and she’s infected with jealousy. Plus Andrea James teaches under age minors and teaches juveniles how to hate people and when Jessica Sideways left hate inspired message for me she thought convince me to work on her. By the way Jessica Sideways who admitted she needs help. This is for you Je, R.E. has been a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist for 42 Years without a complaint and her Google reputation is tops and the best electrologist and I don’t blame for refusing to work on me. Dear Jessica you can’t force to work on you against their will. That is a criminal felony.TO THIS VERY DAY JESSICA SIDEWAYS HATES FOR NO REASON AND WOULD NOT TOUCH WITH A CATTLE PROD BECAUSE SHE HAS HORRIBLE AND TAKES PLEASURE HARRASSING PEOPLE BECAUSE SHE IS SICK AND PRESS THE BUTTON TO HEAR IN ACTION BECAUSE SHE IS INFESTED AND INFECTED WITH HATE.


Don’t you think it’s kind of hard to live your own life, though, when this person basically is stalking you? I have nothing to do with her and it doesn’t affect me in any way, but a lot of other people (many on this board, ie James) have become the targets of her hate mail and internet slander. Not to mention, she’s obviously insane and potentially dangerous. I do think it’s important to get the word out that A: none of the stuff she says is true and B: she shouldn’t be used as she is unstable and probably unsafe for electrolysis procedures.


Dear Deirdre MCloskey,  You did not write the copyrighted comment andrea james stole of my website and altered it  So  I will tell you the truth that Andrea alters her all her text that she steals to make people believe she is competent because  allAndrea James can do is lie lie a rug and she can’t tell the difference. Deirdre Mciloskey it was a sunny day after the Monsoon Storm flooded my office and my best friend came to help me plus my landlord sent a team to drain the water that sucked the water from the soaked carpets because the roof was damaged so that brought in their equipment. By the way Deirdra I tried calling my unknown client ten times and by the a way third party with a hard to understand accent made her appointment and she gave me an alias for a name.  The workmen were cleaning the carpets and brought in large fans and dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the soaked carpeting. Than Sanny AKA Vida showed up with husband and daughter in tow and I spoke to her and I told her I tried to call her ten times and she refused to answer the phone period. I brought out my appointment book and appointment book to reschedule her and she refused with workmen cleaning my office sucking water from the carpets etc. She said you have someone in your back office and I said that’s my friend helping me clean. Vida replied I saw you working on her. No we moving table so the workmen can workmen get in in her. I have tried calling you and one person answered and she said Sanny is not there? She replied no one by that name is here. Thats that Vida Delic who accused me of working on my friend when when the workmen where helping me clean up, Deirdra MClsey don’t you realize Andrea James steals my copyrighted text and alters all her text to use them against me and other people because my webmaster caught her pagejacking my domain and unlike Andrea he was honest and did not lie. As Sanny aka Vida left the door I said call if you change your mind. That was it until Jame Walker the VII CPE stepped in with his Anti-Trans- lies and reason to get at me. However James realized Vida is an immigrant was a sucker. Over time James poisoned her and said Sanny Aka Vida get even with Kimberly and she was hot on that. So James Walker made all the arrangements and got Sanny into a dunius electrolysis school with a poor reputation where she would pay six thousand dollars for a two week course. They took her and the tuition was six thousand for the complete four to six month course package where she could get a license and registration if she could speak english or get Sanny help with a Croatian translator. On the other hand Sanny and and her husband bragged they were members in the Ustasha a known group of Terrorist killers that murdered Bosnian Muslims for pleasure and someone lied to immigration because if the US Government was aware of that they would not let  fanatic terrorists  like The Croat Ustasha members into the USA.  James Waler the VII fleeced these immigrants and James Walker the VII sold them through his buddy at a dubious Electrolysis school and sold Vida and hubby a highly maked up Epilator and other expensive equipment so she has a student loan of $9.000 US Dollars. Vida has a blog and said the school passed her on settings after she failed that she could not do. If she defaulted on her student loan they should send the bill to James Waler the VII! She could have taken the whole course and could have been educated for $4,000.00 but James Walker hates licensed and registered electrologist and he would not stand for that! Because James Walker flunked his Certified Professional electrologist test that any simpleton could pass. By the way I found out later Sanny AKA did not qualify for her Certified Professional Electrologist test. I would expect James Walker took half of the proceeds and Andrea James got her cut. However did Vida and her husband get? Nothing and she and her hubby have to pay off the student loan and equipment and those interest rates will kill them and should Andrea James fr ripping them ff. Massachusetts Board of Electrologists require the legal name of every client, if the clients lies they can’t file a claim and the electrologist is fined. Fact I do not make appointments with people with fake names. By the way you should read and learn how Sanny took her daughter to every electrologist in the Valley because her daughter refused to let her dear old Mom to work on her on face because her Mom is so painful. BTW Vida could not satisfy her daughter and she was not person that was not good enough to work on on  her.  When Sanny AKA Vida went to Maria Di Nicola and year later she hated Maria and Vida said she was nothing but a cash cow for Maria Di Nicola and I have a copy? Would you like me to send a printout Deerde. I read her blog and after one year she called said, “Maria Di Nicola used me as a cash cow and more. This proves how lucky I was because your friend lies a rug  because that’s the way she matured as a person who hates and hurts people for pleasure. So Andrea let user us uses fake names and when someone lies and publishes the real name because there using an alias dishonest jerk  and no one has the right to lie and withhold information these members supported belonged to  the Ustasha a criminal organization of terrorists. Deirdre Mcloskey when will you stop believing all of Andrea James compulsive lies? and report her to law. Deedre MCl on Last Item after the comment by Electro-Girl please ask Andrea James why the stolen money has not been returned but the Big Question is why is Andrea James such compulsive liar.

Deirdre there is nothing odd that I write and your Buddy Andrea James is liar, cheat and thief and just Google and open letter to Andrea James and see all the people and at least 93% of the Trans Community hate her with a passion. Deirdre Just Google, people that Hate Andrea James and learn the truth before you accuse people with Andrea James Lies.

I replied to her hateful comments thatAndrealisted my names. address, zip code, personal information, multiple and other forms of Doxxing she commits. However how com you do Google an open letter to Andrea James or Google who hate Andrea James. By the Deirdre way how come you did not know about the Croat Terrorist Group who murdered all the Bosnian Muslims?

Written by Kimberly Williams:f

  • Office: UH 829 MC 228, University of Illinois at Chicago, 601 S. Morgan, Chicago, IL 60607-7104. fax 312-996-9839
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @DeirdreMcCloskey
  • Home [preferred address for all U.S. mail]: 720 S. Dearborn, Unit 206, Chicago, IL 60605-1820.
    Preferred number there: 312-435-1479


All Top Ten Contributors and lesser members have their primary account as a prestigious electrologist on the other hand all of them are uneducated, non-licensed electrologists. In addition all these members have alternate accounts as consumers who use the forum to talk about their hair problems. However at the top of James Pyramid Scam James Walker VII CPE also known as the Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker is the Boss. The way it works is the innocent consumers who are looking for information about hair removal unknowingly becomes a free member of After that he or she goes on line and looks for an electrologist in her state say like New York which has no licensing requirements to do electrolysis. From there the consumer asks if any anyone knows a good electrologist in the Buffalo New York area. Than all of sudden there are others who join the forum and before you know it every one of them recommends their beloved Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker Non-Licensed Un-educated-Electrologist. All Top Ten Contributors have false email accounts or members will tell you how wonderful James is even though they know what a fraud he is. In Ohio on everyone raves the best in Ohio nonetheless she refuses to post interior pictures of her office. All of the Top Ten Contributors members have to pay dues and are paid a commission from James Walker VII CPE moderator and Andrea James when they get a new client. On all members are disreputable non-licensed electrologists using a fake identities telling potential clients how wonderful James Walker is. In essence this is racketeering in most devious deceptive manner I have ever seen. In addition how come Andrea James who owns has not told James Walker VII CPE refused to return the money stolen from German Girl? Maybe James split the money with Andrea James?

In addition James Walker has Real Privacy Issues when Electro-Client aka German Girl said,. These photos were taken surreptitiously because there are “security cameras” located (and hidden) throughout James Walers establishment. Nevertheless James Walker an avid member of PEP which is an Adult Sex Club and does James Walker sell his videos to his clients using the bathroom or bedroom at Executive Clearance? What a Horror Show at James Walkers VII CPE Executive Clearance Headquarters.


Posted by Electro-Girl
Clients beware (Personal experience + Photos) [Re: dfahey]
Electro_Client Contributor
Registered: 08/08/14 Posts: 14

Electro_Client Stated

For me, Hairtell was an endorsement of electrologists. This was especially true of James W. Walker VII, who is the moderator of Hairtell. Walker is “Hairtell itself!” My reasons for posting the following is to describe how terribly wronged I have been by this unscrupulous person. Clients beware and NEVER give your money up-front. I have learned a terrible lesson.

Below is a copy of my complaint filed with the New York Attorney General as well as a link to photos taken of his establishment?


I am a young woman from Germany. I entered an agreement with James Walker of Buffalo, New York, to receive electrolysis treatments. I pre-paid for my treatments and for a guest room he provides. The conditions of his establishment are appalling. Because of these hazardous conditions, I terminated my schedule with him.

Although I am now “out” $6,000, my primary goal in filing with the State of New York is to have some authority look into this establishment. The conditions I will be explaining are a significant threat to the Health & Safety of the public.


The AMA (American Medical Association) classifies ELECTROLYSIS as an electro-surgical procedure to remove (human) hair permanently. The procedure involves inserting a sterile needle into each hair follicle (skin’s full-depth). An electric current is applied, via the needle, and blood vessels and stem cells in the skin and follicle are destroyed.

Understanding the potential risks of serious infection (e.g., hepatitis and HIV), the American Electrology Association worked with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to establish Rules and Regulations for electrolysis procedures. These Rules have become standard and enforceable in the profession. My claim is centered on the extremely filthy conditions I encountered at the following electrolysis business, and my legitimate concerns about contracting an illness as a result.


I contacted James W. Walker VII, though the internet site, We agreed on my arrival time from Germany to Buffalo, NY, for electrolysis treatments for a period of two weeks. Walker has a “guest room” at his office that he rents to patients, and I agreed to stay in this room. Per his requirements, I pre-paid him the sum of $8400 for treatment (84 hours), and $560 for staying in his guest room (Total: $8960.) I completed 25 hours of treatment.


Arriving at Walker’s establishment, I was horrified to see the conditions. He showed me to my room, and it was a disaster. The sheets on the unmade bed had been slept in and the room smelled of human odor and mold. There was so much clutter in the room that it’s a firetrap. I did not see any smoke detectors or fire extinguishers. There were electrical wires hanging from the ceiling, holes in the walls and mold on the walls.

The bathroom was horrendous. The toilet had not been flushed or cleaned. There was black mold on the walls. The scummy tub contained old used dried-out towels. Soiled towels were all over the filthy bathroom floor.

I did not stay there and went, instead, to a hotel. I was very upset, but since I had already paid for my treatments, I decided to try to overlook the mess and start treatment. I eventually could not tolerate the conditions and walked away from having any further treatments. (There were other issues with Walker, but the extreme filth is my primary complaint.) I later discovered that electrologists are required to sterilize their instruments such as forceps (tweezers). There was no sterilization mechanism to be seen. The forceps he used on me were left out on the dirty bathroom sink and used on me every day (see photo). One time, he dropped the forceps on the dirty floor, picked it up and continued working on me. Electrologists are required to place fresh cloth or paper towels on the treatment table for each client. The sheets that Walker used were badly soiled and had definitely been used with other clients (the smell and stains). He never changed the coverings!

Wearing latex gloves is standard in the practice. Indeed, Walker wore gloves, but he wore the same pair all day long. He would drive his car with these gloves, return to the office and start working on me without changing these gloves (even after using the toilet or taking his many breaks). Whether or not the State becomes involved in my individual case, I hope that an appropriate agency will look into the DANGEROUS conditions of this establishment, for the Health & Safety of the public. I am not familiar with American laws, but such a filthy MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT would not be legal in Germany.

Please look at my photos and the attached descriptions. These photos were taken surreptitiously because there are “security cameras” located (and hidden) throughout the establishment. I was very uncomfortable because I had no idea when and where I was being videotaped.

Thank you for reading my text.…924102736141547


From Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean, CEO of Boston Electrolysis® To Electro-Client

Dear Electro-Client,

What a heartbreaker of a story that is and James Walker VII CPE spends all his time manufacturing lies and creating fake electrologists and false clients on His group of scam artists on post one lie after another about how wonderful and what a great electrologist that James Walker is. In addition James does the same for them and says how wonderful they are with their fake identities when someone is looking for an electrologist in Arizona. For your information James badmouths the few licensed and registered electrologists in Arizona while he praises uneducated non-licensed electrologist with little or no education as long as they pay him for referrals. Electro_Client all of the electrologists on lied to you and hid the truth that James Walker VII CPE and 99 and 3/4% of all the uneducated non licensed electrologists on never attended or went to a professional electrolysis school in any form or manner. In addition they have not taken a practical examination and three the licensed electrologists on leave allot to be desired since they feed off of James’s referrals and they are aware of the scams that he and his members perpetrate on yet not one of them has stepped forward and told you the truth. In fact their comments are deliberately meant to discourage you so you will quit and beware of the ones who offer you sympathy because they are the biggest liars.

For your information James Walker is an opponent of mandatory licensing and registration for all electrologists. Andrea James the website owner has manipulated members of to lie and assassinate the character of honest state licensed and registered electrologists using smear tactics. Andrea’s many years of evil deeds to the public have been exposed with Andrea James caught in the act who slanders and stabbing Transwomen in the in the back because they refuse to do her bidding. If you want to know what other Transwomen think of Andrea James than Google, “An Open Letter to Andrea James” or click this link o+Andrea+James&gs_l=serp.12…….0…1c..64.serp..0.0.0.jhBYjLr MwiA. Or you might like to read what the Huffington Post says about Andrea James who accuses Andrea James of 1. Absence of good-faith arguments, 2. Misleading personal attacks, 3. Traditionalism and ageism,4. Misgendering and accusations of “privilege”, 5. False hierarchies of transwomen, 6. Hypocrisy and feigned offense, 7. Siding with mainstream prejudice, 8. Disingenuous conflation of “transgender” with drag, 9. Hiding behind “homophobia” to defend transphobia and 10. Elitism and exclusion of queer trans women from queer culture

Electro-Client, the entire Hairtell forum members plus Andrea James and James Walker attacks Trans licensed and registered electrologists like myself who take a stand against James Walker VII CPE and his Top Ten Contributors who inflate James Walkers ego. James Walker lacks a professional education and license and a registration to practice as an electrologist nevertheless he covets the professional status of a state licensed and registered electrologists. Electro-Client, it’s so mind-boggling when James and his resident troll Dee Fahey and others who James taught how to use, coerce and dupe forum members to call other electrologists offices pig sties, dumps and other dirty filthy names. On the other hand when you visit James Walkers office you learn that his shack is a filthy pig-pen that should be condemned by the Buffalo Board of Health. The interior photograph of James Walkers Executive Clearance office is the worst pig-sty in the USA. By the way please don’t believe James fabricated story that Homeless People broke into James Walker office and a made a mess of James office in a short amount of time. What a gross exaggerated lie because it takes years of slovenly laziness to make such a disgusting filthy mess. James Walker VII CPE has been caught in his own web of his deceit, lies and treachery where he accused other electrologists offices as being a pig sty. How prophetic that James has been caught in his own web of lies, deceits and treachery since he refuses to post pictures of his the interior of his office. His buddy Dee Fahey and an electrologist from Ohio refuses to post photographs of her office. Dee supports the same lies and could lose her license if her board found out she was making false comments, obstructing justice and making false unprofessional accusations about competing licensed electrologists.

Electro-Client you stated, “For me, Hairtell was an endorsement of electrologists. Electro_Client you fell in the spider’ss web of James Walker VII CPE DBA Executive Clearance. For years his Hairtell gang has lied to the public by telling them and that James Walker the VII CPE is a great electrologist. These gangs of non-licensed electrologists and three unscrupulous licensed electrologist have multiple false accounts as clients to make them appear competent. James Walker VII CPE and Andrea James should be investigated by the Buffalo Police Department, Buffalo Board of Health, FBI and FCC for federal communications violations that violate the Rico Act.

Mr. Walker ego is so big that on every page Mr. Walker states he is the Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion and Mike, Dee and Elizabeth are the three licensed electrologists on have failed to stand up and tell you the truth. However they have supposedly stopped associating with James but not one of them protested and demanded that James return your money. Andrea James and her corporation Deep Stealth Inc. is the owner of the website and she’s responsible for your lost of income since she appointed and hired James Walker VII CPE as the moderator. Its obvious James Walker is in the employ of Andrea James when he collects money and profits paid to him by



James Walker spends all his time manufacturing lies and creating fake electrologists and false accounts on to post more lies about honest legitimate licensed and registered electrologists. It’s so mind-boggling when James and his gang of trolls and the Chief of Trolls Dee Fahey and others use, coerce and dupe forum members to call other electrologists offices pig sties, dumps and other dirty names. On the other hand when you visit James Walkers Pig- Pen you learn his shack is a filthy pigsty that should be condemned by the Buffalo Board of Health. Tsk, tsk I’ll bet James Walker VII CPE can see the pathogenic bacteria with his super gynecologist lamp crawling or should I marching on his epilator table and treatment area and there is no doubt that he throws them a few crumbs breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Andrea James is the CEO of Deep Stealth Inc. and owner who hired James Walker VII CPE as moderator for We know James walker VII CPE refuses to return $8900.00 taken from the client Electro-Client who flew in from Germany for a series of treatments by James who claims to be the Electrolysis World Champion. It is bothersome that Andrea James the owner refuses to address the situation and return the money however we have to ask did they spent the money? Since September 9th, 2014 they refuse to reply and they have closed the URL so it cannot be found on a standard internet search in addition deleting many of Electro_Client comments and pleas for help to other member but they ignored her blocked her from posting new comments.

For years I have warned the public and the Trans-Community about James Walker who claims he is a Trans-Friendly electrologist. On the other hand James Walker VII CPE hates Trans- Electrologists because we worked hard to become educated and licensed and registered as electrologists and we take our work seriously. James is an uneducated non-licensed electrologist on who referred to Tran-Electrologists as he, she and it. When James makes such ignorant comments about other Trans-Women it’s very obvious he could care less about his Trans-Clients. I could list every members name, address and prejudice comments who should be investigated especially their supportive comments that are meant to discourage Electro-Client! This would never happen if there where mandatory licensing and registration in every state includes Canada. All state licensed electrologists are required to have a background check in addition to being educated in Electrolysis Theory and Practical Application and than complete a two written and hour practical examination to become a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist.



Electro_Client I hate electrolysis nightmares like this and it’s disgusting James Walker VII CPE and Andrea James refuse to return your money. Tsk, tsk I’ll bet James could see the pathogenic bacteria with his super gynecologist lamp crawling or should I marching on the desktop?

Andrea James owner of who hired James Walker VII CPE as moderator for refuses to demand that James Walker VII CPE return $8900.00 taken from a client.

Electro_Client I hope this has helped you and if you would like to publish more information please contact me at and their other ways to make complaints besides the courts. You could make a complaints on their business license, corporations and certain publications which would bring to the attention of the Court of Last Resort know as Public Opinion.

Sincerely Kimberly Williams, R.E, Dean CEO of Boston Electrolysis®
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979

This article copyrighted by Boston Electrolysis® 2016

Here is articles how James Walker VII CPE threatened my life, Walker-VII-CPE-DBA-Executive-Clearance/Page1.html




Boston Electrolysis 7330 East Earll Drive Suite J Call 480-607-8121 For an Appointment



1451 Chatelain Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Z 8B2, Canada

What makes you believe that a do yourself self taught Non-Licensed electrologist like Seana Richmond can perform a competent electrolysis treatment? However what makes you think she is competent electrologist compared to a Massachusetts State Licensed & Registered Electrologists since 1951 that have established an electrolysis as an Elite Educational Electrolysis system to train, educate and license electrologists to maintain and sustain licensed electrologists to be second to no one and first in quality in doing electrolysis treatments!  There is reason for electrolysis education and that is the fact that any state would rule against James Walker for not returning the money he took from the German-Girl and he refused her service and refused to return her money. James Walkers office was unfit and full of filth to do electrolysis treatments and you know that to be true but you praised James Walker the VII and his lies that he was working to much. If a Massachusetts Board of Electrologists State Board Inspector would have entered Walkers Palace of Filth in seconds the State Board would have him immediately arrested.

When it comes down to the truth Seana Richmond CE a Certified Electrologist supported James  Walker VII a non Licensed Electrologist from a German Girl a Transwoman who flew to America and paid & $8,800.00 in advance to James Walker who claims to be The Electrolysis World Champion and owner Executive Clearance refused to work on her and refused to return her money. James Walker is known for his abusive deliberate misgendering of Transwomen who call him out and he is a compulsive liar and  Seana is a certified non licensed electrologists they keeps calling other Transwomen “Nutjobs” on However I want you to know that I lectured Harvard Medical School for  four years and I have a letter of thank you for a major new teaching venture at Harvard Medical School from 1983-1987 and you can read the letter on FYI James I lectured on Human Sexuality, Endocrinology, Histology, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Electricity and a few minor courses. However I have a letter of thank you from Daniel D. Federman, M.D., Dean of Students and Professor of Medicine and the Dean of Harvard Medical School.  Seana Richmond CE aka Iluv2zap was not asked to lecture at Harvard Medical School does not accept jealous envious Without one doubt Nutjubs like Seana Richmond have done nothing worth speaking of while I have letters of appreciation from Harvard Medical School. Seana while you having nothing but hatred for ne. You have not seen any of my lectures at Harvard Medical School?

Of course we must  not forget that Haitell.con is owned by Andrea James who did nothing nothing to get James Walker to return the money to the German-Girl that worked hard to earn that money James Walkers scammed from her? All of the lowlife hairtell.con members are jealous and use lies that slam sate licensed electrologists all the time because you have wasted your life promoting hate and you will never attain and complete your your life in any form or manner unless you get help. The Great Seanna TG Seana still has hair on your face, neck and chest is the result of your potassium imbalance caused by your Endocrine Disorder. Your self training and your DYI non-licensed uneducated electrologist training did not work. Seana Richmond CE aka Iluv2zap how does a bearded MTF Trans-Electrologist like you instill confidence in your clients with all that hair that you missed. Seana your self taught course failed you in the clutch.  that You can’t clear yourself and your infamous training course is major flop. How can you associate yourself with James Walker VII who routinely bashes and Misgenders a Massachusetts State Licensed & Registered Electrologist with 42 years experience without one complaint on her license? SeanaTG I know you and James and Andrea like to misgender transwomen? Does it bring back your old male swagger? Seana I am one of the few electrologists that specializes in endocrine disorders. I know some excellent research Endocrinologists at Harvard Medical School and the Mass General Hospital that could help but you believe you know better than anyone and would refuse the help. 


People like Seana Richmond are routinely looked upon as being slow, in the text form it gives parents an acceptable viewpoint of their children who are bullied at school on a daily basis. Canadian schools have failed to stop bullying at the source from the sixth grade to high school graduation. I attended and observed an advanced high school in the Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School. Buffalo New York’s schools have failed to stop bullying because the bully’s are the malcontents who spread hate and fear which activates the first stage of neurosis in children. SeannaTG you will not have any happy adults when your children live in fear of being psychologically and physically terrorized on a daily basis as the norm. If you want your children to be happy you must create separate but equal schools for bully’s and aggressive children like you who display unacceptable behaviour. The present Swanson Electrolysis School educational system results in your being rewarded for aggressive acts. Just look at conditions were a you fail to speak of how great Swanson Electrolysis School is and how much they helped you.  SeannaTG its obvious you were tormented and bullied to the point where you have become an unwanted Social Bully who torments licensed and registered electrologists. SeanaTG please pay attention to the fact that Social Bullys and Physical Intimidation Bully’s like you are unequal nonetheless you have become an Andrea James Social Bully and you always cause the most pain and suffering. SeanaTG you take extreme gratification in inflicting pain upon those who are least able to resist. The good citizens of  The United States of America made sure that that your victims will suffer and I talked to the Ottawa Police about filing a hate complaint against you. However you could have stopped being Social Bully who lost his life to his victims that you traumatized and tormented. Parents need to stop bullying by separating them from each other because your children will become a bully just like you. This is why there are so many Child Killers on Youtube and the Internet because they hide behind a computer where they cannot be punished or should we say socialized as kind hearted people. SeanaTG your a Transwoman who calls other Transwomen he, him and shit. SeanaTG What do you think other Transwomen will think of you for using such hatred?



On another subject, it is hilarious for those who have understanding to see how even while he/she is accusing someone of a certain thing, he/she, HEY JAMES THOSE COURSE HAIRS ARE REAL BUT YOUR FORKED TOUNGE LIES LIKE A THE RATTLESNAKE YOU ARE OF COURSE YOU HAVE TROUBLE READING THEM.

By the way SeanaTG Richmond a Transtelectrologist said, She loves to Misgender me, while making  hateful racist remarks about both me and poster “Sanny”, he/she accuses me of being a shameless promoter, while promoting him/herself to the Nth degree. James and SeanaTG says,”He/She calls the CPE a fraudulent credential (which, I guess makes the SAT, MCAT, LSAT and GRE just as fraudulent, as they are all administered by the same organization) while he/she has created his/her own credential and is advocating and advertising that the world’s electrologists should pay him/her, and submit to his/her tender mercies for evaluation of their technique. Seanna says He/She makes up his/her so called Certified Educational Upgrades (certified by what, or whom?) in a bald faced copyright infringement on the Continuing Educational Units (CEU’s) required for those with credentials to maintain them, from MD’s to CPE’s. Every thing that Andrea James and James Walkers writes is a lie and James Walker the VII posting on a electrolysis forum and do you know what James Walkers the VII Handle Was? ” It was “Licensed Electrologist” and this is James wanton hate and the reason he hates “Licensed Electrologists.” The only reasons James Walker cannot become a Licensed Electrologist are that he does not possess a High School Diploma or he has Sexually Transmitted Disease that cannot be cured such as Syphilis. However the last reason is some people are to lazy to go to school. All applicants in Massachusetts must have a blood screening to rule out contagious disease. James Walker always bragged that he belonged to the Pep Sex Club in New York state and people must be careful. It’s a shame James and SeannaTG are so hateful and both of them have each other but SeanaTG turnedown down James Walker the VII proposal of marriage. Maybe because James Walker the VII misgendered Seana TG of Ottawa Canada. However if those two got married I would call it an act of desperation.  Misgenders Transwomen and Transmen. 

Oh and don’t forget Electrolysis by Seana Richmond Canadian Transwoman from Ottowa, Canada who is also known as Junior-Miss Non-Licensed Electrologist and SeanaTG are stark raving jealous of the or Massachusetts Licensed Transelectrologists two live in NY, New York and one in Massachusetts and myself living in Arizona. You would think SeanaTG would and James Walker the VII would be inspired to become Massachusetts Licensed Electrologists. However SeanaTG  and James Walker despise Transwomen who became Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologists who graduated and made the grade. However Little Miss SeanaTg says show me and call me he/she and  it and she hates me even more. But SeanaTG calls me he/she and it is so desperately jealous she wants our attention that SeanaTG spends the holidays trying to get us to interact with the Hairhell Haters Club. If one thing could happen to both SeanaTG and James Walker VII is that both of you would go swimming with Great White Sharks at Newcomb Hollow Beach on Cape Cod Massachusetts. We overheard SeanatgTG is still waiting for surgery by the Canadian Government. Perhaps we should have sent you there So there one other Transwoman who became Massachusetts Licensed and Registered electrologist and she lives in Amherst. I was the first, him/her gifts, and SeannaTG calls licensed and registered electrologists fruitcakes. Maybe got together a group and went to sing carols at the door. I still say that if they ever go missing at the local bar look for them in the gutter. One has to wonder why SeanaTg and James Walker the VII educated licensed and registered electrologists and you wonder why they refute to go a first class electrology school. SeannaTg I have always believed that jealousy is the worst of unwanted human trates and here you are basking because we worked harder and did it right the first time.


Working with the Transgendered Community for as long as I can remember has been a rewarding and interesting experience. I have practiced electrolysis from my first day of school in 1976 until graduation from Miss Kelly’s School of Electrology in 1979. I opened my private practice that same year which means I have 42 years of professional experience. Throughout my life I have been a supporter and member of numerous TG Support groups. From 1983 to 1987 I was sought as a Guest Lecturer at Harvard Medical School and was awarded a letters of commendation and appreciation for a major new teaching venture at Harvard Medical School. At Harvard Medical School my lectures encompassed Endocrinology, Poly-Cystic-Ovarian-Syndrome, Histology, and Psychology, Pharmacology and Socio-Economic life experiences and challenges that Transgendered women endure and overcome. The theme of my lectures at Harvard Medical School where about psychological strength and endurance while being able to overcome the shortcomings of an indifferent complicated society where being different is often held against you. Most people are unaware that Transgendered Women are the world’s smallest least understood minority who survive in a diverse indifferent complicated society where it is ongoing struggle to maintain your dignity let alone identity. I still maintain contact with friends from Boston and Harvard Medical School and I had the opportunity to meet Christine Jorgenson and provide her my professional services when she toured New England and Massachusetts as a nightclub entertainer in the 1980’s. At Boston Electrolysis ® I apply my 36 years of expertise for all women who seek the best treatment and without one doubt, “I Practice Electrolysis as A Scientific Art with A Medical Approach©” which results in you having a beautiful hair free complexion.

All women at Boston Electrolysis ® receive quality electrolysis treatments regardless of age, race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status, and socioeconomic status.

Sincerely Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979
Utah Licensed & Registered Electrologist
Owner & Founder of Boston Electrolysis ®

Boston Electrolysis ® Private Practice © Specialties For Treating Women, Trans-Women, & Men©

Permanent Hair Removal For Women, Trans-Women, & Men©

All Unwanted Facial Problems From Minor, Super Fine, Severe and Genetic
Unwanted Hair Problems Caused By Medications Acute Follicullitus
Excessive Extremely Fine Unwanted Facial Hair
Eyebrow Shaping A Specialty
Ear Hair, Hands, finger and toes
Bikini Line, Legs, Fingers & Toes
Nape Of The Neck
Endocrine Evaluations
Genetic Hair Problems Acute Follicullitus
Regarding TS Beard Removals I Have Completed 64 TS Beard Removals From Beginning To End, Presently Finishing Up
Number 65.

Permanent Hair Removal For Men

Complete Beard Removal
Beards & Neckline Permanently Trimmed and removed
Uni-Brow Removal
Middle Eyebrow Removed & Correctly Shaped Heavy Bushy Eyebrows Shaped And Thinned Nape Of The Neck
Acute Folliculitus Complete Beard Removal
Ear Hair

Boston Electrolysis ® Written Guarantee of Excellence

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean Arizona’s first and only electrologist who guarantees in writing that after one treatment, if you can locate a better electrologist, bring me the receipt and I will refund your first treatment fee up to one half hour of the treated time. In addition to that, even on difficult cases, I can work at one-third to one-fourth the time of the average electrologist – licensed or unlicensed. I also guarantee that you will have the most comfortable treatment with no scabbing, scarring or pitting as a direct result of my treatments. So, if you have an unwanted facial hair problem from minor to severe and you want to be hair free give me call at 480-607-8121. Call Boston Electrolysis ® Private Practice © for a no fee consultation and evaluation; Where Electrolysis Is Practiced As Scientific Art With a Medical Approach ©.





THE WWW.BOSTON ELECTROLYSIS®Copright 2023www.Boston & quote
By Kimberly Williams, R.E. Owner and Founder of

Milan Laser Hair Removal Are Trademark Infringers

Hacker Bettia Williamson

In this Disclaimer to and for the unknown scammer people and the party that is violating my Boston Electrolysis Federal Trademark Registration Number Serial Number: 88520252  The  receptionist-Secretary blamed the Marketing Team foe all of Milan Milan Laser Parlor Operators. These certifiable disreputable Marketeers low lives know nothing or very little about electrolysis and less about laser hair removal. These trademark infringers who lie and falsely claim, “laser hair removal is permanent which is gross exaggerated lie and it’s a FDA Federal fact that the FDA has ruled and PUBLISHED and publicly stated that Laser Hair Removal Parlors cannot claim and may not advertise permanent hair removal and the FDA has been restricted to claiming permanent “Permanent Hair Reduction”. FDA FACT SHEET HAIR REMOVAL  The false popularity of Temporary laser hair removal has decreased and not grown, prompting many laser manufacturers to claim false research and are seeking that the FDA to issue a false clearance for their lasers without a double blind study. Their market is  committing false advertising that the FDA cannot maintain an up-to-date list of all laser manufacturers however not laser device have not been cleared to claim permanent hair removal in any form or manner, as this list continues to be falsified. You will need to know if a specific manufacturer has received FDA clearance, you can check with the FDA  Falsified Advertising by laser parlors leads  to more false advertising by Milan Laser Hair Removal. You will need to know the manufacturer or device name of the laser. You can also call FDA Center for Approved Devices and Radiological Health because temporary laser hair removal fails to achieve Permanent Hair Removal! Consumer Staff, at 240-276-3103, fax your request to 240-276-3151 Manufacturers should be aware that receiving an FDA clearance for general permission to market their devices does not permit them to advertise the lasers for either Permanent Hair Removal or wrinkle treatment, even though hair removal or wrinkle treatment may be a by-product of any cleared laser procedure. Further, manufacturers may not claim that laser hair removal is either painless or permanent unless the FDA determines that there is sufficient data to demonstrate such results. Several manufacturers received FDA permission to claim, permanent reduction only and not permanent removal in any form or manner period. This means that these devices will not permanently reduce the total number of body hairs, they will not result in a permanent removal of beard hair period. The specific claim granted is to effect stable  permanent hair reduction and not permanent hair removal in any form and manner through selective targeting of melanin in hair follicles. is a total hoax and too many women have had third degree third degree burns from laser hair removal. Hairs re-growing after a laser hair removal treatment regime returns as Paradoxical Hypertrichosis, which may include several sessions causes more hair to grow in heavier. The number of hairs regrowing must be stable over time greater than the complete duration of the complete growth stages of Anangen,Catagen and Telogen. However when it comes to laser hair removal check with the BBB in your state and see hundreds of complaints with each BBB Location. The Laser is in trouble caused by greedy people and unethical doctors who disregard and infringe  other peoples property rights.

Hair follicles, which varies from four to twelve months according to body distribution. Permanent hair reduction does not necessarily imply the elimination of all hairs in the treatment area. FDA does not make comparisons between systems or how well or unsafe the are because lasers emit harmful cancer causing radiation. FDA does not recommend one laser system over another. Lasers should not be because laser operators only 50 hours of training plus the laser causes blindness and third degree burns. Laser Operators should be licensed with a minimum of  thousand hours of training like a state licensed and registered electrologist like myself. cleared for body hair removal are also cleared for facial hair removal. It’s my professional opinion that being MD does not make you expert at laser hair removal because they don’t do it and their laser techs with only a paltry 50 hours of training work on peopl..The Electrologists win hands down since 1876 The Electrolysis Profession has been evolved by women and and now the MDs want to take our profession from us by hacking our websites and spending millions to advertise in illegal deceptive ways they violate FDA statutes. However the Laser Parlor Operators will brake  away from them when they realize laser hair removal is a scam. The cannot learn any thing from a measly 50 course.

Certain low life laser parlors are pretending to be Boston Electrolysis® which is identity theft the Laser Hair Removal Experts are illegally infringing my Boston Electrolysis® Federal Trademark having Registration Number Serial Number:88520252 because they are virtually uneducated laser parlor operators pretending and infringing Boston Electrolysis® Trademark and with their come on tactics they claim they do electrolysis hair removal which was verified as a lie. Dear Bettia Williamson I am informing you and your bosses know that I did not give them my permission to use my Boston Electrolysis® Federal Trademark Registration Number Serial Number: 88520252 in any form or manner. I find that your business does not list people in charge and I have asked you to you call me but you failed to do so because Trademark Infringers don’t like being caught by the way what gave them the right to illegally use my Boston Electrolysis® trademark name to steal hits from my website I have very hard to be polite but your people are rude and poorly educated and lack manners. I would like to bring to your attention that a new domain I purchased titled Milan Laser Hair Removal. By the way your business name Milan Laser Hair Removal is not trademarked. You bought an old domain of mine known as so you steal hits from my website which has been online for 20years… BTW trademark law does not allow you to use Boston Electrolysis® in any form or manner because it is incontestable trademark in its third term. How will you feel if I activated Milan Laser Hair Removal and steal traffic from your website and publish how I have been mistreated and discriminated against? I am looking forward to your reply that you will immediately cease desist your illegal  use of Boston Electrolysis and by the way ignorance will not help you and federal trademark law stipulates and requires that you have to ask me for my written permission or I will make this public and send complaints to the Nebraska Medical Board, BBB and other business organizations. However you can avoid all of that by your immediate cessation and cease your illegal use of Boston Electrolysis in all forms and manner. If you want to make a decent offer I will sell you By The Way it twas Milan Laser Hair Removal who violated my Boston Electrolysis trademark along  with Misgendering Violations by Bettia Williamson. In addition Milan Laser Hair Removal has violated FDA Statutes claiming that Laser Hair Removal is Permanent when the FDA has stated and published that Laser Hair Removal Operators my not claim or advertise Laser Hair Removal cannot claim Permanent Hair Removal inform or manner.

Sincerely Kimberly Williams, R.E. Massachusetts
Licensed & amp; Registered Electrologist
Owner and founder Boston Electrolysis

Finaco professional while employed at prior Headquarters
540 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor Mellissor Fugor Finanvo

New York, NY 10022
+1 212-593-9000
UK Headquarters
7 Vigo Street
London W1S 3HF
+44 20-3700-9653
General Inquiries

Milan Laser was founded in 2012 by two so called board-certified medical doctors. Its my professional opinion that Milan Laser Hair Removal is not the leading laser hair removal experts in any form or manner any were!  nationwide. They are not the experts in laser hair removal because they hack Boston Electrolysis websites.
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Kristin Saxena Contact Information

Last Update
9/4/2020 12:49 PM



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HQ Phone
(402) 991-0789

Milan Laser Hair Remova lLocation
16939 Wright Plz, Omaha, Nebraska, 68130, United States
Wrong Kristin Saxena?
Kristin Saxena Current Workplace
Milan Laser Hair Removal Logo
Milan Laser Hair Removal

16939 Wright Plz,

Omaha, Nebraska, 68130,
United States Industry
Hair Salons, Consumer Services

Milan Laser was founded in 2012 by two board-certified medical doctors and is the nation's leading laser hair removal company with 56 locations nationwide. However in my professional opinion Laser Parlor Operators . Are not the experts in laser hair removal because at Milan Laser Techs have no more than hours training  from the Rocky Mount School of Laser Hair Removal and they do not one licensed electrologist electrologist working for them period.



Individuals like myself have a right to privacy and a right to control how their name, likeness, and identity is used. If your trademark appears to include the name, signature, or portrait of a particular living individual, your trademark can only be registered with the written consent of that individual.Dec 1, 2022. Down and Dirty Illegal Trademark Infringers like Milan Laser Hair Removal break tradmark laws by Illegaly using my Federally registered Boston Electrolysis Trademark without my permission and refuse my answer telephone to steal hits from my Federallyregistered Boston Electrolysis  registered tradmark. Below is my Federaly Boston Electrolysis US Trademark  Number 8520252BOSTON ELECTROLYSISTSDRLIVE044 BOSTON ELECTROLYSISTS  DR 8520252 LIVE044

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why DO laser parlor operators only go to school for 50 hours?


Permanent Electrolysis VS temporary Laser Hair Removal

Most people, when considering the problem of unwanted body hair, generally opt for treatments that offer permanent long-term hair removal by Electrolysis.

Electrolysis is the only method of permaenet hair removal that works while laser hair removal is temporary at best and electrolysis is the most popular popular technology that achieves permanent hair removal while laser hair removal is temporary at best. Electrolysis is in widespread clinical use that achievess PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. Always select electrolysis because its permanent and laser hair removal is not permanent and the hair always returns. Plus laser hair removal people are not licensed and registered an electrologist and it is beneficial to consider the disadvantages of temporary drawbacks of temporarary laser hair removal.


Electrolysis is more advanced and expereinced permanent hair removaal technology that is still widely used today. It’s fact, that only electrolysis achieves permanent hair removal stated and  approved by the FDA to be effective in creating permanent hair removal.

In electrolysis, a specially designed probe is inserted directly into each hair follicle. An electrical current measured in miliamperes cauterizes each individual hair and the current is then passed through the tip of the electrolysis probe. This current produces a prelected amout of heat that destroys that cauterizes the pappilae aka the hair-producing cells at the bottom of the follicle. The hair shaft thus loses its blood supply and source of energy then the root is removed by the licensed and registered elctrologist. The hair must be removed by the electrologist plus the hair does not where the laser fails to kill the hair plus the hair has to be removed by the electrologist. If the Laser Parlor Operators does not remve the hair from it’s base the hair will become a foreign body and cause an infection of the skin if it is not removed after treatment. Electrolysis is totally accurate and should be removed by a trained educated electrologist only. By the way electrolysis is effective on all hair colors and types. Yet because electrolysis is done follicle by follicle and with the new computerized epilators it is ideal for treating large areas that requires permanent hair removal up to 400 to 500 hairs per hour.


Laser hair removal is distinctly different from electrolysis because it does not work and is a scam at best. It uses laser technology is a failure that fails to achieve permanent hair removal after a series of sessions by poorly educated laser palor operators with no more than 50 hours of training.

Since laser hair removal does not involve inserting a probe into each individual hair follicle, hair removal treatments are much faster than with electrolysis, especially given that a greater area can be treated in the same period of time. Those who have undergone both treatments report that the amount of discomfort experienced during each procedure is about the same—although many comments that post-procedure discomfort is shorter with laser hair removal than with electrolysis.

To most people, the main advantage to electrolysis compared to laser hair removal is that electrolysis is permanent: once the cells at the base of the hair follicle are completely destroyed, they will never regenerate to produce more hair growth. But repeated laser treatments applied to the same area over a longer period of time will often lead to the same results. Laser hair removal is often preferred over electrolysis because the sessions are shorter in duration and it is more cost-effective.



Deep Stealth Productions Andrea James Crimes Against Transgender People & Hair Removal Scams & Crimes by Andrea James Crimes Against  the Trangenered Community

Andrea James the Fake Trans-Activist Has Been Ripping Off The Trans Community For Decades

James Walker VII CPE Skips Town With Thousands of Dollars!

  • By Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
  • Published & Copyrighted 07/15/200
  • Boston Electrolysis Report© Investigation About Andrea James
  • James Walker VII CPE Hairtell.coms World Champion Trans-Basher

World Champion Trans-Basher James Walker, VII CPE
Andrea James owner of Hairtell.Com


Author Kimberly Williams, R.E., Massachusetts and Arizona Licensed & Registered Electrologist

Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist, 1979

Guest Lecturer Of Harvard Medical School From 1983-1987

Three Computerized Techniques Short-Wave-Galvanic-Blend

Conveniently located at 7330 East Earll Drive, Suite J, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Call 480-607-8121


An Electrologist’s Open Letter of Disgust to Andrea James

Hi! I want every to know Andrea James aka the fake Trans Activist claim to be a filmmaker is a gross exagerated lie however she is crooked Trans-Activist formerly based at Lucile Avenue in Los Angeles, California.  Again people are looking for her new fake address. More info here: The owner of is Andrea James and for your information she is not an electrologist in any form or manner plus her knowledge of electrolysis and hair removal would not fill Tinerbelles Thimble.  On the other hand James Walker her former moderater of is an illiterate do it yoursself self-taught uneducated unlicensed electrologist who robbed a client for almost $10,000 using the using the which is presently owned and operated by Andrea James for the past ten years. However Andrea James refuses to make restitution for James Walkers theft, read more below.

Without one doubt Andrea James is a Writer, Director, Filmaker and Trans-Activist Gone Bad!  Formerly based at 952 Lucile Avenue Los Angeles, California 90026 Andrea James is just a short drive of five minutes or a short 2.3 mile walk to her Mail Box Etcetera account located at Deep Stealth Productions 5419 Hollywood Blvd., #C142 Hollywood, CA 90027.

James Walker former moderator  is also a common street thug who can’t resist bashing Transgendered Electrologists who are educated, licensed and expertly skilled. However James Walker never mentions that his boss Andrea James is the owner of Hartell.con is in deep trouble because 350 Transgendered women including myself have signed an open letter of complaint and disgust against Andrea James for her crimes against the Trans-Community. Andrea James and her partner Calpernia Adams have been indicted by the entire Trans-Community for the following offenses; 1. Absence of good-faith arguments, 2. Misleading personal attacks, 3. Traditionalism and ageism, 4. Misgendering and accusations of “privilege”, 5. False hierarchies of trans women, 6. Hypocrisy and feigned offense, 7. Siding with mainstream prejudice, 9. Hiding behind “homophobia” to defend transphobia and 10. Elitism and exclusion of queer trans women from queer culture.

Andrea James Gave James Walker a Personal Reccomendation For Cleanliness However Take a Look at James Walkers Office!

James Walker VII CPE and Andrea James are two peas in Pod when it comes to being evil. Presently there are 350 letters of complaint against Andrea James and more will be forth coming and after her complaints more complaints will be forthcoming against James Walker who is a graduate of the Andrea James Hate & Smear Academy.  They did not mention Andrea’s other offenses and crimes such as; extortion, abuse of power, yellow journalism and slandering licensed and registered electrologists on her websites, and in her attempts to sabotage honest hard working Transgendered Electrologists who own businesses nevertheless Andrea James and James Walker use of hit and run Cyber-Hate is an absolutely repulsive example of Andrea James trained lap dog and  recently canned moderator of Hairtell.coms James Walker.

In the intervening time since being deposed as moderator of Hairtell.coms James Walker VII CPE former moderator has turned 99% of into a collection of jealous needy non-licensed uneducated electrologists who spend most of their time ripping off consumers and poor-mouthing successful educated licensed electrologists on  James and his gang of non-licensed “Certifiable Quacks” claim to be TG Friendly Electrologists however they hate state licensed and regustered Electrologists who are educated, licensed and work harder to persevere. Where would HairHell’s forum be without its minority of it’s one remaining Ohio licensed electrologist Dee Fahey aka the new Hairtell moderator who banned Hairtell’s ultimate Top Ten Contibutor Mike Bono known as Santa Babrbara’s Mouth That Roared. It was Dee Fahey the new morderator of who purged all Male Chavanistic Swine Electrologists aka Top Ten Contributors. Dee Fahey electrologist would always rescue Andrea James and James Walker after having made incorrect electrolysis statements and she led the charge to remove James Walker moderator. Nevertheless I wonder why James Walker and all his non-licensed TG Un-Friendly electrologists on will not explain why they never mention James Walker VII CPE?  Is it because they are jealous and will do anything for money including stealing it. The FTC should look into this?

Andrea James is under great pressure and lack of moral ethics where Andrea James forced to fire James Walker VII CPE as moderator of Hairtell.con for missing funds taken from his client German-Girl. Since than Hairtell.coms membership has evolved into a bigger crime-ridden cesspool of crazed bottom feeding dwellers who are non-licensed uneducated electrologists trying to steal your money. James has been deposed and Hairtell is no longer his protectorate of evil where he viciously attacked and lashed out against mandatory licensing of electrologists because he cannot make the grade. On, and TSroadmap all the electrologists in Arizona, Washington, New York, Texas and Pennsylvania are uneducated non-licensed electrologists electrologists with no morals and a complete lack of honesty. Avoid,Andrea James and James Walker VII CPE and all it’s members claiming to be electrologists because they are crooked scam artists. However we have to ask Andrea James the owner of Hairtell.coms website why she has not returned the $10,000 paid by German Girl to James Walker. Mr. James  walker has fled Buffalo New York and opened a brand new office in Rochester, New York called Emancipated Electrolysis and he’s listed on Hairtell.coms website with a link to his new office However Consumer Beware Mr. Walker owns it but does not list his name or any information that he owns Emancipated Electrolysis!

Hairtell.coms Number One Scam and how it Works. is a failed a forum it’s and collection of wannabe uneducated non-licensed electrologists who will never achieve a state license and registration to practice electrology have driven off the few licensed electrologists. Since Mr. Walker chooses not to avail himself of proper training, he must build his business off of false claims and testimonials through his deployment of fake uneducated non-licensed-electrologists who pose as fake consumers with an unwanted hair problem looking for electrologist on Hairtell.con forum. God help the innocent consumers who register on the forum asking, “Does anyone know a good electrologist in my area?” James and his fellow vultures would swoop in with their exaggerated lies that say, “I know one… and then they themselves pose as consumers who have nothing but good to say about well… their own work. It is a funny sort of self-referral. Unfortunately this scam is perpetually perpetrated by Hairtell.cons forum members known as Top Ten Contibutors and everyone gets a kickback including the one remaining minimally educated licensed electrologist who sold her soul for thirty pieces of silver to become Moderator. In addition you will find many of Arizonas non-licensed electrologists on!

Discrimination and bigotry against Trans-Women electrologists by Andrea James and James Walker go hand and hand.  Just Google, “An open letter to Andrea James” owner of and you will see Andrea’s James is in serious trouble with the entire online Trans-Community.  Furthermore James Walker VII NLE aka “Non-Licensed Electrologist” of moderator defends illiterate non licensed quacks claiming to be electrologists who inflict so much pain on their clients that they resort to the use of painful anesthetic Lidocaine- Marcaine injections before their electrolysis treatment. Hairtell.coms uneducated self taught electrologists lack the skills of theoretical practical application and they cause extreme pain.  Therefore James Walker and his crew of merry misfit’s do their best to poison and suppress the truth. Andrea James is not an electrologist and orders James Walker to harass me and other licensed and registered electrologists with hate, threats and slander. However just click a link below and you will learn how Andrea James, James Walker and Calpernia has used and abused the Trans–Community with their sociopathic personalities.

In Arizona Andrea James ordered James Walker and his non-licensed quack electrologists to slander myself and other licensed electrologists because ten years ago I refused to pay her extortion fee for an electrolysis referal in addition I caught her page-jacking my website. Therefore I asked Andrea James be removed from, and and she started in with hate campaign against myself. In addition it was Andrea James who ordered James Walker to arrive at my office to  inflict and commit assault and battery upon myself. I have no doubt that Andrea James ordered James Walker to attack me at every opportunity o because I refuse to submit to her extortion and hate tactics.  Since September 21, 2002 Andrea James has slandered me and has done every she could do to hurt me including attempted assault and battery because I asked to be removed from her websites.

Andrea James is not a friend of the Trans Community and James Walker have attacked many qualified state licensed and registered electrologists using every lie and dirty hate tactic in the book to destroy their livelihood. For over ten years Andrea James and James Walker infringe peoples civil rights by slandering them, calling them insane, crazy and even quacks. Andrea James and James Walker are the real quacks that illegally judge, jury and convict Trans-women electrologists and business owners without the right to a trial. It about time the Trans-Community petitions and requests that the Department of Justice and the District Attorney investigate Andrea James and James Walker and put them on trial for their hate crimes against the Trans-Community along with extortion and their other Hate Crimes.

It’s amazing in Arizona Andrea James and her hatemonger James Walker sides and refers Trans-women to Arizona’s least unqualified non-licensed uneducated electrologists instead of a highly educated qualified licensed and registered Trans-Electrologist with 36 years of experience. The difference is Andrea James and James Walker slanders me on her websites because I refuse to pay Andrea James or James Walker a kick back in any form or manner and for years I have fought them and their sub-human criminal enterprises. So the Trans-client never has the opportunity to receive quality electrolysis treatments by a TG Electrologist because Andrea James could care less about Trans women because she hates Trans-Electrologists who are state licensed and registered electrologists. I know Andrea attempted to hack my site and she and James Walker should be arrested, tried and convicted and sent to prison! However if James Walker sets his foot within 300 feet of my office he will end up at Sheriff Joes Tent City for extended length of time.

You can read the links below and learn the truth about Andrea James and James Walker and it will not take long to recognize James Walker as her partner in crime!

When you are in a business, naturally you take a look at what the rank and file of non-licensed electrologists  to see what they are up to. There are plenty of honest websites out there that feature professional licensed and registered electrologists developing their practices with expertise and personal integrity. Then there are the websites that would make any reader want to pull her or his wanted hair. Some sites leave even the trusting wary of the services offered, the qualifications of the providers and, in the worst circumstances, uneasy at something that is difficult to put one’s finger on. Of all the spurious sites, that ascribe to Andrea James and scribed by James Walker The VII, CPE has pushed the the pedal to the floor with his unabashed encouragement and promotion of uneducated non-licensed electrologists, one has the feeling Mr. Walker and Andrea James have gone around the bend and sooner or later they will crack up.  James is so ashamed of his office located at 2243 Genesee Street Cheektowaga/Buffalo, NY 14211 because it’s such a dump that rats got up and moved out. However James has gone to great lengths to hide his office photograph from the public that he placed a fake picture on so people would not see his real office which is a menace to the public’s health and Buffalo’s worst eyesore. Take a peek at the at the bottom of this page to see the real Executive Clearance Super Friends Headquarters. However we have to ask James Walker VII CPE why he calls other electrologist’s offices a dump when his office was condemned by Buffalo’s rodent population as being unfit for ratss.  Eeek, eeek James don’t you know it’s wrong to throw rocks at glass houses?

On a recent visit to Hairtell.coms, I truly had to do a double take and I  thought had stumbled on to a joke website, after all, for people who don’t deal with unwanted hair problems, the whole topic of hair removal seems to be good fodder for jokes and with his conjured endorsements like “Hairtell Pro Top Ten Contributor”, consumers are having flashbacks to the Tonight Show and the Daily Ten. Through a dubious claim to excellence, the first place in this countdown to classless incompetence is well deserved. James W. Walker VII, CPE (Certified Professional Electrologist) ranks as the number one “HairTell Pro Top Ten Contributor” . However Mr Walker has a brand new title and has proclaimed and anointed himself, “The Electrolysis World Champion.” on every single post. To view his first Youtube masterpiece” Straight Talk About Permanent Hair Removal The Executive Clearance Way” one can only conclude Mr. Walker either doesn’t take himself seriously and the viewers does not know whether to laugh or cry nonetheless I cannot stop laughing while feeling pity for Mr. Walker. As adults we have choices to better serve our ourselves and to demand more from the supposed representatives of the hair removal profession. So together, let’s look more closely at  self-proclaimed super friends of James Walker VII C.P.E. AKA the “Electrolysis World Champion”.

James W. Walker VII, CPE Moderator, Top Ten Contributor & Self Anointed Electrolysis World Champion,

James W. Walker VII, CPE a Non-Licensed Certified Professional Electrologist on were he is the moderator casually lists his occupation as a “Board Certified Professional Electrologist.” Nonetheless James Walker VII, CPE “Board Certified Professional Electrologist” forget to mention a few minor details such as where is the asylum that actually certified him located and where did nbsp;he attended a formal and nationally accredited electrolysis school? Additionally James Walker the VII, CPE, “Board Certified Professional Electrologist” claims the American Electrology Association endowed him as a “Board Certified Professional Electrologist” after completing a mere 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologist course, which he claimed to deliberately  have flunked the test first time to make a political statement. Understandably our Electrolysis Profession is riddled with incompetents like Mr. Walker who operate in New York state which has no mandatory licensing and registration of electrologists which makes makes enforcing the law upon him most difficult. James Walker claims competence in a professional occupation that demands medical knowledge and proficiency and for an electrologist to be competent one must be educated, trained, tested and licensed and registered. Furthermore in being so politically bold, James Walker VII, CPE is unaware that only a state board of  licensed and registered electrologists and an accredited electrolysis school can certify one as electrologist before you take your requisite dual state board examination of written and practical.

For the general publics information, the 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologists examination is a fourth grade level multiple-choice  examination that does not require a high school diploma, GED, no criminal check and I almost forget to mention there is no examination for the “Practical Application” of electrolysis. Furthermore there are no requirements for applicants to provide a required health certificate attesting that they have no STD’S or communicable diseases. James Walker proudly-proclaims to be the Official Electrologist To PEP An Intimate Social Club which is rumored to be sexual fantasy club in Buffalo New York. Is this is a person that you want to perform delicate precision hair removal treatment?  Nonetheless what scares me the most is that PEP members and are not required to have mandatory helath checks for sexually over-active members who could have contracted an STD also know as Sexualy Transmitted Disease. Our society lives in the shadow of AIDS and no professional has the right to endanger the public by having irresponsible casual sex without regard to the protection of thier spouse. family and love ones in any form or manner period.

Every American licensed and registered electrologists is aware that Electrolysis is a 100%  American Invention and when your electrologist purchases cheap copy-cat foreign manufactured computerized epilators and equipment they lower the quality of your electrolysis treatments. Furthermore you send more American Jobs to foreign countries that make cheap copies  of high quality American electrolysis equipment copied by foreign companies. Furthermore I warn all  consumers, licensed and registered electrologists not to post comments on the forum which has become James Walkers Trans-Bashing Out Of Control Lynch Mob that twist your every word into lies and hang American licensed and registered electrologists for expressing the slightest offense such as promoting mandatory education and licensing of all electrologists which Mr. Walker vehemently opposes. However the Hairtell Lynch Mob has Anti-American Motives and that is to sell foreign made electrolysis equipment  and supplies which are cheap knockoffs of quality American companies like the Hinkle Company and the R.A. Fischer Company which merged. In 1985 it was the R.A. Fischer Company  that innovated and manufactured the worlds first computerized programmable epilator first used by me at Boston Electrolysis® in 1985.


Meanwhile our mob leader Mr. Walker with his Anti-American Agenda were he and his non-licensed electrologists assassinates the character of American  licensed electrologists and American manufactured computerized electrolysis epilators built by the Arthur Hinkle Company and the R.A. Fischer Company. On the other hand Mr. Walker does not mention their cheap imitations are made in China and sent to Canada for resale under another name. Quality American manufacturers like the Hinkle Company and the R.A. Fischer Company of California merged and I know all their equipment and parts are 100% American manufactured and built  by Americans which means American  quality and jobs! In addition as a practicing Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist since 1979 and I am Utah Licensed and Registered Electrologists with 33 years of professional experience using the latest R.A. Fischer CBX-PRO-BLEND Computerized Programmable EpilatorSeries Four Model an electrologist cannot do better. On the the other hand if you carefully follow Mr. Walker and his Hairtell Mob’s comments you can see there how they cleverly and repeatedly post the same anti-American remarks that undermine “Made In The USA”.  On the Hairtell Forum they undermine American values, American ethics, American Wokers and American ingenuity by constantly subsidizing cheap foreign manufactured epilators made in China, shipped to Canada and repackaged under another name and than sold in America as a quality product? I don’t think so!

Presently I am conducting an ongoing investigation as to foreign owned company that hired Mr. Walker  with his uneducated Transbashing mo whoseb job is to undermine American Electrolysis Equipment Manufacturers and American licensed and registered electrologists. Presently their using the Internet to broadcast this old form of “Payola” that led to FTC investigations and violations of Fair Trade Laws and FCC violations to broadcast them from. However I feel sorry for  honest hard working Americans who have loss their jobs because of Mr. Walkers Anti-American agenda. On the other hand our moderator Mr. Walker has turned into the capital of TG-Assassination with sub-standard non-licensed electrologists who possess the lowest attributes ever witnessed. About 99% Hairtell,com’s rank and file members are non-licensed electrologists in the following states Arizona, California, New York, Ohio and other states where unethical Certified Professional Electrologists use as their base of operation to conduct thier dirty business tactics. You ask what kind of dirty business tactics they use? On their favorite tactic is to pretend their a client with an unwanted hair problem trying to locate a good electrologist they can trust and from that point on overtly sympathetic Hairtell Practitioners say of poor dear I dislike hearing things like that and than all of them subtly bash the licensed American electrologist she is going to. This is done out of greed and what better way to bash your competition than hiding a behind a computer with an assumed life and name and one the worst offenders is an electrologist from Midwest who should be investigated for her unethical conduct let alone breaking every rule and regulation in the book regarding ethics while praising cheap subsidized foreign maufactured electrolysis equipment.


Mr. Walker VII CPE the moderator of has created an evil cult of vile, liars, cheats and thieves who will do kill for a thin dime. Usually when you become a moderator of a forum your assuming a post of  honor, honesty and integrity and  it was not meant to be used as his  personal pillar  of impunity to cast fictitious lies and aspersions while subverting the law and threating your competitors with assault and battery. Mr. Walker has turned forum into a Board of Assassination were state licensed and registered electrologists are publicly bashed. How is this done? Why all you have to do is logon on and click the button for your state “Hairtell Practitioner Locater”  or Haitell Forum Issues however you will end up in their “Boiler Room” on a page with Hairtell Top Ten Contributors and there the ones to watch out for because they pay the most for unethical electrolysis referrals. Their mode of operation is group effort of overwhelming attention that  religious cults use to recruit new members. They  fawn over the consumer with overwhelming sympathy while questioning him or her while confusing the consumer with questions they ask “Well its sound like your unhappy with your electrologist? ” After that they confuse him or her to the point that he or she believes she had a bad treatments and this is where Mr. Walker VII CPE moderator and his Top Ten Thugs move in and make a referral to one of their Top Ten Contributors or or a member in another state and afterwards Mr. Walker and his boss Andrea James take their cut and pay down the line while the unethical electrologist  or laser operators pays them for a kickback. To make  it look real they put in a ringer who is a an unknown Hairtell Top Ten Contributor posing as a consumer with an unwanted hair problem and he or she will  endorse and say, “I went to her and she’s great electrologist” however Mr. Walker as the forum moderator has many identities that he uses to clinch deals.

These are such despicable illegal acts that violate Federal and State Laws and I have seen so many unethical electrologists on were they manipulate consumers into a funnel of waiting vultures of Hairtell because Mr. Walker runs this “Scam” with his most ardent Hairtell Top Ten Contributors violate consumer laws, The Fair Business Act  and all state board rules, regulations and ethics. The fact that unethical Hairtell Top Ten Contributors have a group mode of operation where they commit illegal acts across state lines is a federal offense. I know some of the non-licensed electrologists real names who are from the following states; New York, California, Ohio, Illinois,Arizona, Colorado, California and Florida. In the end my goal is to send reports about about Mr. James Walker and his gang members to  the FTC, FCC  and every State Board Of Electrologists, State Board of Cosmetology and the representative of Consumers Affairs Office in every state in the USA.


Mr. James is a connoisseur of bogus electrolysis diplomas and his connection to the now defunct (out of business) International Guild of Professional Electrologists.  This Guild was a typical “Diploma Mill” and James claims he was within 11 votes short from winning the Presidency of The International Guild of Professional Electrologists whose membership at the time of the election totaled 23 members. The IGPE makes the non-licensed electrologist look and sound credible. Advantageously, membership to The International Guild of Professional Electrologists a defunct out of business based in Canada required no examination, no state regulated electrolysis education and no required state license and registration as an electrologist to become a member. The The International Guild of Professional Electrologists recognized the good faith and valid bank checks of its aspiring members. As a testament to one’s admission into this noble quasi-organization, members were awarded the most ornate and beautifully embossed diplomas I have ever seen. With a font like that who could question a non-licensed electrologists qualifications?


I will always be baffled by the amount of energy that individuals and groups put into skirting the state regulations of their desired professions. Admittedly they have creativity and skills in their favor given their ability to generate long names and to maintain fake websites which mislead the uneducated and unsuspecting consumer; but why expend so much energy to avoid legitimate education, training and certification? Having never been admitted into the Guild in its glorious heyday, I may never know its deep dark secrets. If, however, I continue to question the practices of Mr. Walker and his mob, I may reveal its character and warn the public. Though not the skin of their noses, it is their skin to worry about. My on line publications The Five Star Electrologist© and The Boston Electrolysis Journal© will soon publish a phony list of quack electrologists and the aliases they use on so the Trans-Consumer can check out every Trans-Bashing Electrologist on organized by Der Fuhrer James Walker VII, CPE.


Professionally speaking as member of the TG-Community it’s  apparent James W. Walker who claims to be TG Friendly is a gross exagerated liar and isn’t consistent with his less than friendly verbal abuse and outright bashing of  Trans-Women who worked hard to become state  licensed and registered electrologists. James Walker VII CPE and Dee Fahey dish out his hate inspired discrimination and their worst offenses of “Outing and Trans-Bashing Them” on On Mr. Walker  and his Resident Troll Dee Fahey supports James when he calls Trans-Women, “Humanoids, crazy and other insults including he, she and it”. In addition James Walker VII CPE learned to “Out Transsexuals from his boss Andrea James the owner of”. He is certainly inconsistent and self-serving in his claims and thusly he proves his vociferous claims about one’s sexual identity usually have relevance only to the one making them. Rarely do they have importance in one’s professional profile. Aren’t we trying to move away from such biases? I at least had hoped so.


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My name is Andrea James. I am a fake writer and activist. I live in Los Angeles. I write on the English Wikipedia mostly. I contribute here and on the English Wikipedia …
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Author Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist

Utah Licensed & Registered Electrologist
Board Certified Electrologist In Massachusetts & Utah

Guest Lecturer of Harvard Medical School 1983-1987




her real address for those who may find a use for it,

I am writing this article about Andrea James because it’s been my misfortune to post an advertisement for my business, Boston Electrolysis®, as well as my website,, on her website in which I caught her page-jacking my own website. I asked to be removed from her site and also for her to stop the theft of my intellectual property, the registered and copyrighted name, “BOSTON ELECTROLYSIS®“. She responded to my innocent request by posting this hateful statement on, “Boston Electrolysis and Kimberly Williams should be avoided by all consumers, the owner’s behavior is erratic and paranoid.” Several years later she continues to ignore my requests to stop the illegal use of my Trademarked name and retract her hate-full statement about me. However if anyones behavior is erratic and paranoid it’s Andrea James whose lives in total denial and to prove that true, just”Google An Open Letter to Andrea James” and read about the 650 Transwoman who despise Andrea James. One article list of 350 Transwoman that agree Andrea James as a dispacble low life Internet Creep of the lowest nature!

I think it’s time that people know the real Ms. Andrea James! Without one doubt Andrea James is a Writer, Director, Filmaker and Trans-Activist Gone Bad!  Located at 952 Lucile Avenue Los Angeles, California 90026 Andrea James is just a short drive of five minutes or a short 2.3 mile walk to her Mail Box Etcetera account located at Deep Stealth Productions 5419 Hollywood Blvd., #C142 Hollywood, CA 90027.

Andrea James is a Trans-Tyrant who believes she can never be in error and, to reinforce this, she has gone to great lengths to avoid any human contact with others. Because of Andrea James’s way of doing business is she is unwilling and refuses to conduct her business Deep Stealth Productions in fair and honest manner. Therefore Andrea James has gone to extreme lengths to hide her physical address. She conducts her business from Mailboxes Etc. with an unlisted phone number. Much of this article refers to her psychological issues. Products on Deep Stealth Productions are third rate and her voice lessons are total scam and she refuses to refund your money for a legitimate request.  Andrea James is the owner and hired James Walker VII CPE as  moderator and manager and Andrea knew James Walker is an uneducated non-licensed electrologist. However James Walker VII CPE absconded with10,000 advanced payement from a Transwoman German Girl who flew in from Germany to have electrolysis treatments. James Walker VII CPE who skipped town moved to Rochester New York and opened a new electrology office listed as Emancipation Electrolysis. Andrea James lets him list his new unlisted business on and Nonetheless Andrea James is the resposible owner of the owner website and she refuses to make resititution to’s German Girl. By the way be careful of Emancipation Electrolysis because they do not list the credentials of their unlisted electrologist who is uneducated a non-licensed electrologist.

 I was a guest lecturer at Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 1987. I was, interestingly, the only Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist that I am aware of to lecture at Harvard Medical School. I lectured on the following subjects: My Life Experiences, Human Sexuality, Psychology, Transsexualism, Endocrinology and, of course, Electrolysis. Here is link to a letter of thank you from Daniel D. Federman Dean at Harvard Medical School.

Most folks are not willing to share their life experiences, and when they do, are often unaware that you may well be placed directly under their microscope for an up close look at your life, especially when one lectures at an institution of Harvard Medical School’s stature and magnitude. On the other hand, this was my opportunity to observe professors and physicians who actually possessed the absolute power to influence or maintain or change the path of “Modern Medicine” with their signature, directive, verbal order or even the snap of their fingers. In the upper echelons of Harvard Medical School and other prestigious medical institutions, this is how it is done because, as always, there is a very small percentage of the ruling elite who make all the decisions regarding the quality of our healthcare.

In every social movement there is a hierarchy with rules and regulations that cannot be breached without consequences. With the advent of the Internet, that has provided an opportunity for the Transgendered Community to express the reality of more than 40 years of uninformed bias by the medical profession and without a doubt have to own directly the responsibility for the inequality inflicted upon the “Transsexual Community.”  Major medical teaching institutions have repressed scientific results that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that being a Transwoman is a genetically inherited condition. The “Insurance Industry” using state and federal lobbying has gone to great lengths to totally suppress evidence because they do not want to pay benefits.

Every day of our lives is precious and I would like to believe that I have sowed my thoughts and planted some good deeds along my life’s journey and am hoping, in some way, that some of those have taken root and made a positive difference in the world around me.

By contrast, I would like to point out that the internet has also created opportunities for the “Hard Core Militant-Transbeasts” minority within the community to constantly repeat the ongoing struggle of psychological warfare of who is right and who is wrong. No matter how far the Trans community evolves there will always be discontent by a group, individual or the transgendered internet gangs who claim to be right and that their path is the only way, even though they have lost sight of what they were fighting for. Throughout my life there is one sentence that I like to use, and it is, “What most people take for granted is a hard earned privilege for a Transwoman.” Of course we live and work in an unfair society, but then again, adversity spawns one’s own creativity to work harder in all matters of life to overcome the ignorance of a few people who are ill informed, or who have to express their own personal vendetta to everyone around them, out of their own personal inadequacies.

Therefore the theme of my lectures at Harvard Medical School where about psychological strength and endurance as well as being able to overcome the shortcomings of an indifferent, complicated society where being different is a liability that is held against you. Nonetheless, the Transsexual Community is the world’s smallest, least understood minority who survives in a diverse yet indifferent and complicated society where it is an ongoing struggle to maintain one’s dignity, let alone one’s identity.

On the one hand, there are some Transjerks like Andrea James who did not plan ahead as to what the future of their life might be and how they would support themselves. They rushed through their transition as if it were a Kentucky Derby. Far too many Transwomen have gone through their transition in less than a year and without therapy. I feel certain that a few them are already having serious personality disorders coupled with anti-social behavior that they are not dealing with. Transbeasts like James ignored therapy and continues to make the same incorrect emotional responses versus good solid rational thought and end up hurting many others as well as themselves. They reject and turn people away from themselves, while at the same time, psychologically painting themselves into a corner.

I believe this is Andrea James’s problem. She has what I believe to be “Malignant Narcissism” which starts in infancy, childhood or early adolescence. It is commonly attributed to childhood abuse and trauma inflicted by parents, authority figures, or even peers. It’s so emotionally painful for her to admit her errors that she stumbles into one state of denial after another! She repeats the same mistake over and over blaming others for her problems. In psychiatric terms this is called the “Vicious Circle” and without a doubt they are unaware of how to correct their misdeeds until it’s too late for them to make amends. Ms. James was one of those in such a hurry for her transition that she either ignored or neglected the professional recommendation of physiological therapy for those who claim gender dysphoria.

This article is about a Transwomen who went bad, her name is Andrea James and she is 45 years old. It seems that she has not figured out yet that it is wrong for her to purposefully inflict pain on others because they disagree with you. It seems that her psychological behavior has not matured beyond that of an adolescent who had no parental control in her formative years.

Additionally, it’s apparent that Andrea James considers herself judge, jury and executioner and enjoys the act of inflicting of pain on others and that’s what I find disturbing about her with the fact that, at 45 years of age, she has not out-grown her narcissistic personality disorder.

Without a doubt, I believe all Transwomen like Andrea James should be in perpetual therapy for life. There are many Transbeasts like Andrea James who are afraid to go into therapy because they worry that the therapist will find out who they really are and discover they have a serious anti-social personality disorder or other serious malady that they would not be prepared to deal with. Their fear is that the psychologist would not recommend their SRS as a result. The narcissist aka ever the intimidating bully is not accustomed to such resistance and becomes openly antisocial and seeks to subvert, sabotage, and destroy the sources of their frustration usually from a distance such as the internet forums and chat groups or their own websites. A few retreat and confine themselves to the company of adoring sycophants and unquestioning groupies. I believe that Andrea James falls into this category! I do know of what I speak, as one who has had to endure such behavior over my lifetime and now currently with Ms. James.

In the beginning, Andrea James developed four websites to be used for her self-elected position as the “Queen of Smear” on the Internet along with her financial scams to part Transwomen from their hard earned money. Then Michael Bailey published “The Man Who Would Be Queen”, a book that I disapprove of by the way, but incensed Andrea James to seize the moment and make it her cause in the hope of gaining publicity and fame through debauchery. Well, it seems that Andrea James inadvertently became Michael Bailey’s best public advertiser and with her negative written endorsements, coupled with her psychological attacks and smear campaign, unwittingly sold more books for Michael Bailey than the best New York advertising agency could. Bad publicity about sexual behavior sells more books than you can imagine and Andrea James made “The Man Who would be Queen” into a successful seller.

Then of course, there was Andrea James’s use of anti-social-behavior tactics, where Ms. James downloaded images of Dr. Bailey’s children, taken when they were in middle and elementary school. She then posted them on her own website, “”, with sexually derogatory and explicit captions that she composed. My way of thinking is that children are the innocents. By posting their photographs with cruel, sexually debauched comments, degrading the professor’s 9 year old daughter and 12 year old son, Andrea James has run the risk of psychologically scarring those children. In light of this “Tsroadmap”, Andrea James has given the world a glimpse of her sick, sadistic personality and she finally made the big time with the verbal vicious attacks upon innocent children where she shamefully used them as pawns to discredit and attack their father.

This, from the New York Times:

Another critic of Dr. Bailey’s book, Andrea James, a Los Angeles-based transgender advocate and consultant, downloaded images from Dr. Bailey’s Web site of his children, taken when they were in middle and elementary school, and posted them on her own site, with sexually explicit captions that she provided. (Dr. Bailey is a divorced father of two. )”

(Please refer to the original article in the New York Times – Mental Health & Behavior section.) Ask yourself, “What kind of image does Andrea James’s psychological temper tantrums give the Transgendered Community?”

Andrea James was quoted on that demonstrates the blindness of fanaticism, as she defended her attack on the children by statingaccording to the Times“that Dr. Bailey’s work exploited vulnerable people, especially children, and that her response echoed his disrespect”. The times commented by saying I guess you can do anything as long as it’s for the children.”

Ms. James also went on to say, “Discrediting Bailey was the easy part. Framing the theoretical issues involved is the profoundly difficult part of this controversy“.

In many articles I have written, I’ve pointed out that Andrea James is a public menace to society and as far as the Trans Community is involved she is the “Queen of Smear” who sadistically assaults the members of her community that disagree with her or those who refuse to pay her tribute and extortion money in the name of making a donation to her company, Deep Stealth Incorporated. Andrea James has proven herself to be untrustworthy to the point that she has no known redeemable qualities and the fact that she preys upon the Trans Community like a circling vulture with one financial scam after another leaves a trail of victims behind her.


What I would like to do is point out some of Andrea James’s smear campaigns and attacks upon others in the TG-Community. First, it starts out with trying to “Out” young Transgendered Girls who are just trying to make their way in life, and making things difficult for them by exposing them to the public. (See the article at the link above.)

Then, of course, Andrea James goes on the verbal attack with threats against Professor Alice Domurat Dreger at Northwestern University and her five-year-old son. For response, Alice Dreger wrote an article in which says, “I found myself deeply intimidated by Ms. James’s actions”.

Further into the article she also writes, “Ms. James was notable for the way she decided to go after Bailey’s children to extract revenge. She posted on the internet photographs of Bailey’s daughter and labeled her a “cock-starved exhibitionist.” James also claimed in her online publications that there “are two types of children in the Bailey household,” namely “those who have been sodomized by their father [and] those who have not.”

The article Ms. Dreger wrote is entitled The Blog I write In Fear, (you can read the entire article at this link). She writes quite a detailed account of Andrea James’s hate tactics and antics upon herself and the professional’s children. Andrea James keeps piling up victims, which proves that hate rules her cold-hearted, vicious verbal and false slanderous assaults all because this woman opposed and held a different viewpoint that Andrea James disagreed with. (See link: Retired Lawyer and Rape Victim for a good example of this)

However, Andrea James has become fond of her use of belligerent, antisocial tactics and she never has possessed the ability to distinguish between right and wrong when she thinks everyone is her enemy. With her poisoned tongue Andrea James envenomed honest, hard-working people, especially striking at successful members of the TG community without regards to people’s civil rights and their feelings.

For those who have had their names publicly smeared and/or businesses defamed and slandered, there is no way to contact Andrea James directly, as her mail is received at Mail Boxes Etc. However, after several years of searching, I finally located Andrea James’s physical address, which is located at 952 Lucile Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90026 and I sent her a certified return receipt letter with signature on it. Now people who have the desire can serve Andrea James with a court summons or other legal documents that have a delivery receipt and can do so without fear that Ms. James will just ignore them and claim she never received them. With the Mailbox Etc. address she could just refuse to reply to her mail, refuting the laws of our society.

What does this mean for those seeking justice? It provides her victims to serve her a bench warrant, court summons and legal documents to appear before a court of law and a judge. Of course I hope everyone operates within the law and refrains from “Vigilante Justice” so, please, no drive-bys, Molotov Cocktails, Machine-Gun Strafing or other forms of violence. is another example of Andrea James’s use of the Internet for her smear campaigns and illegal spamming techniques. In the last two years, many transsexuals have called Boston Electrolysis for treatment, advice and suggestions of where they might go to get decent electrolysis treatments in their state after having exhausted all sources on the internet. I was dismayed to learn that James Walker VII, NLE, a non-licensed electrologist and Andrea James sycophant groupie, dislikes licensed and registered electrologists. James Walker VII, NLE, has set up a kickback system on where non-licensed electrologists pay him for referrals.

However, our transgendered activist, Andrea James, has not changed her mode of operations, and she has now selected James Walker VII, NLE to be the moderator for Mr. Walker of claims to aspire to the highest standard of ethics in the electrolysis industry yet, being an uneducated, non-licensed operator himself, one would have to wonder how ethical could he be? It’s my opinion that he holds this position as a lackey, licking at the heels of Andrea James and doing exactly as she tells him. Andrea James, it seems, demands the “lions share” of the kickbacks. In addition, Mr. James Walker VII, NLE, habitually smears licensed and registered electrologists who refuse to submit to Andreas James’s extortion, scams and payoffs. Recently Mr. Walker and James the owner Hairtell robbed a member of Hairtell know as German Girl and they James Walker moderater of Hairtell stole $10,000 and Andrea James the responsible owner refuses to return the money he split with James Walker the Moderator.

So again why did I write this article? Because it’s my misfortune to post my practice, Boston Electrolysis®, and my website,, on in which I caught her page jacking my website, all because I asked to be removed from her website and for her to stop the theft of my intellectual property, the registered and copyrighted name, “BOSTON ELECTROLYSIS®“.

Shortly after my request, Andrea posted this hateful statement on, “Boston Electrolysis and Kimberly Williams should be avoided by all consumers, the owner’s behavior is erratic and paranoid.” In fact, and for the record, I have never met Andrea James and the one time I talked to her on the phone, she said “F&%k you” and hung up the phone. Fact: Andrea James is the paranoid one, because she has an unlisted address at Mailboxes Etc., 5419 Hollywood Blvd, Suite C142 Hollywood, CA 90027, and has an unlisted cell phone number and screens all her calls. Fact: Andrea James is the one who is paranoid and unstable because she does not want her creditors and people that she has smeared and ripped off to know where she is. For the record I warn all electrologists and consumers to steer clear of this paranoid individual who has nothing to lose by slandering you in a most evil and defamatory manner.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean



Fact, Boston Electrolysis® and Boston School of Electrolysis™ are registered businesses with a real physical address and a listed business phone.


NOTE: One last item if you want to learn more about Malignant Narcissism I suggest you read “NARCISSISM, PATHOLOGICAL LYING, AND POLITICS”

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Boston Electrolysis® Review, “Another Transwoman Told Me So©”

Kimberly Williams, R.E. MA Licensed & Registered Electroloigst providing Permanent Hair Removal in Arizona

A Testimonial From and by Monique For Kimberly Williams, Owner of Boston Electrolysis

A Testimonial From Monique


“Another Transwoman Told Me So©

“Beware of the TG Friendly & TG Recommended Electrologist”

Authored by Monique


Boston Electrolysis® Private Practice

My Statement to the TG Community

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist

Title “Electrolysis Separates The Girls From The Boys”©

Volume 1


By Kimberly Williams, R.E. Owner of Boston Electrolysis®

7330 East Earll Drive Suite J

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Call 480-607-8121


Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979

7330 East Earll Drive, Suite J

Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

Call 480-607-8121 and 480-529-0387

In 1984 after having created, captioned and originated the copyrighted phrase, “Boston Electrolysis® Separates The Girls From The Boys©’’ in my soon to be released autobiography. It is my professional viewpoint as a practicing Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist since 1979 nothing has been proven truer than the following statement. Alone and by itself “Electrolysis Separates The Girls From The Boys’’ has stood the test of time and there is not another treatment in any form or manner that can come close to or equal the definite superiority and the permanency of electrolysis when it comes to permanent hair removal.

Looking back into time before the “Net” and within today’s world of instantaneous communication and information one can never forget the times when Transwomen where not hitherto connected to the realization that a community actually existed and it was much larger than one could imagine however local communities have existed from small towns to big cities. It is not a well-known fact that Transwomen are the world’s smallest minority placed at the bottom of the Totem Pole by an indifferent uncaring society. Transwomen in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s where isolated and often treated at the back door of doctors and electrologists offices.

In 1979 having graduated from Miss Kelly’s School Of Electrology of Quincy, Massachusetts, I became a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist. Believe me when I tell you a Transwoman in the Metro-Boston area could only go to an electrologist office at certain times so other patients would not be offended. One can never forget when there was a time when only one or maybe two electrologists in all of Boston would work on Transwomen and sometimes you paid double and even triple nonetheless you never questioned the price and you paid through the nose. One can never forget the prejudice of an indifferent biased society and electrologists before and after electrolysis school and after graduating from Miss Kelly’s School of Electrology with honors I opened my practice. From that point on every bigoted electrologist tried every form of prejudice and discrimination to make my life more interesting. One can never forget just before opening my practice there was not one electrologist accept for myself that openly advertised all women were welcomed and it made no difference if you where Trans or not. However, there was a major difference, I would never use the gauche sexual stigma and cheap advertising slogan TS and TG Friendly used by Arizona’s unfriendly TG electrologist.

Below is a heart-rending detailed testimonial from Monique and all I can say is thank you Monique for it has been my pleasure and privilege to provide you the best electrolysis treatments possible. Throughout this testimony the names, dates, times, and places have been removed to protect her privacy and name and innocence from others who practice prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry.

“Another Transwoman Told Me©”  Beware of the TG Friendly & TG Recommended Electrologist

Authored by Monique

Dear Kimberly,

I wrote this detailed testimonial from my heart and I want you to know there are many injustices that need to be brought to the attention of respectable members of the Trans Community of Phoenix, Arizona. Also I would like to say thank you because if it were not for your hard work, dedication to your profession and your expertise as an electrologist I would shudder to think of where I would be today.

Kimberly, I want to say thank you for your kindness, understanding and excellent treatments that have made such an improvement in the quality of my life.

Ever so Sincerely Monique.

“Another Transsexual Told Me©”

Beware of the TG Friendly & TG Recommended Electrologist

Authored by Monique

Like many other Transwomen in the late nineties I thought electrolysis was finished and in the past when laser hair removal hit the market I thought there would be no need for me to visit an electrologist’s office. Akin to other Trannys at that time I to would swallow laser hair removal hook, line and sinker. At that time in my life I was doing well and making a good living and I would later learn that certain members of a TG-Support Group in the Phoenix area claiming to be helpful to my surprise were nothing less than over glorified drag-show for retired transvestites and closet bound transsexuals who lived in a protective enclave for members only. Over time I would learn that it was an assemblage of nepotistic transvestites and perpetually unemployed transsexuals that would never have a life while they were simultaneously backstabbing each other as their past time. All their members claimed to be in a state of “Bliss and Harmony” and their double-named leader who claimed that all were welcome to join or attend meetings if you did exactly what you were told to do or say. It did not take one very long to see the club leader who espoused harmony manipulate and psychologically twisted members arms to gain their loyalty. Then again in reality it turned out to be a “Clip Joint” where the ruling elite sheared every newbie Tranny member while receiving generous kickbacks from every recommended merchant of service for the supposed TG Community.

Nonetheless two to three years ago there was only one merchant or so called professional for each individual listed merchant service from electrolysis and laser hair removal, wigs, clothing, make-up advice and you had only one choice and many of them where unlicensed quacks to begin with. To place an advertisement here you had to get by the one who called herself the Gatekeeper and she decided or was told by the leader who could advertise and who could not.

Our Gatekeeper was a power hungry disgruntled turnkey who was terminally in love with herself and another who members who knew her and humorously or affectionately nicknamed her the “Bathroom Queen Of The West” because of her ridiculous multi-million dollar frivolous lawsuit that never got off the ground. She always dispensed free advice with her words of wisdom of whom to avoid and watch-out for. She replied if they’re not on our list their not to be trusted however as an excepted insider at that time she slipped when I asked her where she got her information? She replied oh, mostly gossip and then she chuckled and said who ever made the largest donation to our President which often included some perks of free laser and electrolysis gift certificates, hair removal treatments, massage or gifts from an approved appreciative merchant.

Having been introduced to the “President” who in my opinion was a devout “Fundamentalist Transvestite” I asked him what he thought about their electrologists-laser techs work? The first time I met him he went on to say he had just started treatments three months ago and how great and wonderful she was. After observing his closely shaven face with heavy theatrical make up in the dim light was not obvious that his complexion was marked, pocked, pitted and scarred although he still had to shave a heavy beard on a daily basis. After that I went on the Internet and looked around for laser and electrolysis hair removal information on a couple of TS sites they said you should always negotiate for a large discount from laser hair removal operators and electrologists. After talking to other TS’s most said go with the laser while two others said electrolysis is the only way to remove a beard permanently. Also just as I was about to leave they reaffirmed to me of whom to avoid.

I would later learn and find it most bothersome that there was only one unlicensed electrologist on the list and she did laser hair removal too. Conversely I was really turned off with their black list of merchants and professionals to avoid nonetheless out of apprehension and what others said and since she was the only recommended electrologist that claimed she was the best electrologist in Phoenix and with electrolysis and her new laser she claimed that she was the wave of the future.

My First Electrolysis Treatment

At my first appointment with her she really went out her way to be nice to me, especially how nice my hair was or some other flattering comment. After the initial first contact she told me was the best electrologist in Phoenix plus she told me she was a Certified Professional Electrologist with twenty-five years experience. I kept to myself but that first electrolysis treatment was painful and after two hours I could not tell if she did anything. She painfully inserted multiple needles all over my face on the upper cheeks to my sideburn area and turned on what she called the juice and then slowly removed them one at a time. Most of the time the needle would fall out and lie on my skin and start to sting. She told me that happened during treatment and there was nothing to be worried about and I would get acclimated to the electrolysis treatment where it would not bother me. Each and every insertion was most painful but other Tranny’s said that you have to make the best of it and that’s the way it works. In addition she said that she had the latest equipment but her Gentronics epilator was made in 1978.

Each week I dreaded my appointment with her no matter how many compliments she made, finally after six months of treatment I had the courage to ask how long it would take to remove my beard and she said about five hundred hours or so. She instructed me to ice my face for about thirty minutes after each treatment and after icing my face I had pustules, red scabs, and redness on my face that never healed before the next appointment. Six months and very little progress to show for it and I was still shaving my face and it looked like a mess all the time finally I said I would to like try the laser so she did a test patch before I left that day and scheduled a series appointment for the laser plus I paid a over two thousand dollars in advance. Well I thought about her claim being the best electrologist in Phoenix and that it was my conclusion that electrolysis is painful. Nonetheless I asked her why she only gave the TG Community a large discount and the others none, she looked by with a sour face and did not reply.

My First Laser Hair Removal Treatment and After Care

We decided to give my face a seven-day rest so it could heal before my first laser treatment. When I walked in the day of my appointment she spoke in a high and mighty tone of voice and said, “After today you will get down on your knees and pray to me.” Well I thought I am in for the ultimate cure although her comment was not my idea of what a professional should say let alone act in that manner. After putting on the goggles and gel she told me that there is only a little discomfort with her CANDELA GentleLASE System and that a cooling gel she used with a topical anesthetic was available plus she mentioned a doctor would prescribe a narcotics prescriptions such as Vicodin or Percoset for the slight discomfort plus she had Novacain Injections. At that time in my transition I was beginning to learn that a Tranny will go through anything to achieve their goal and I wanted this horrible hair off my face so bad I would do anything. Well she started and it was not the slight discomfort she described, it was major burning pain with each pulse like a snapping rubber band that burned my face like hell but I got through it. After I was finished she gave me an ice pack to put on my face but I never thought the pain would be that severe and my skin was scorched and there was more pain to come because I paid few thousand dollars in advance for a series of laser treatments. At the end of the treatment my only goal was to get home that morning and lie down and rest and as soon I got home I changed to my bedclothes and robe to lie on the couch. I was afraid to look in the mirror and when I did I was shocked that my face was extremely swollen, beat red with big-bubbled blisters and the ice only made it hurt worse.

Laser Hair Removal Is Not The Answer to YOUR UNWANTED HAIR PROBLEM

Now I was concerned and scared this laser treatment that was supposed to be a slight discomfort and not a major trauma. The first thing I did was to call my physician and they put me through to the nurse, after few minutes’ conversation she told me to come right down. It took a few minutes to dress and I was in so much pain I could not drive so I called a taxi and in twenty minutes I arrived at my doctors office and you should have seen the scared look on the nurse’s face when I walked up to reception desk. I was immediately taken to an examining room. After taking my vitals the physician came in and he actually thought for a minute I had been in an industrial accident and when he read the sheet he was surprised to find out that it was a laser hair removal treatment that did this.

Possible Risks and Serious Side Effects and Third Degree Burns Caused by Temporary Laser Hair Removal

After examining me he said I had first and second-degree burns, which would heal, and I had one small third degree burn on the left side of my jaw line and face that could become infected and most likely leave a permanent scar with no pigment. He prescribed me a salve, a wide spectrum antibiotic and prescription of up two Percoset every four hours for the pain, which became quite intense as the day wore on. I asked him about the permanent damage and he said you might be lucky however you never can tell until it heals and he instructed me to use the salve as directed and take all the antibiotics until finished. After all that he gave me a card to another Laser Hair Removal clinic and he remarked this should have never happened to you and then he asked me whom I went to. I replied I am too embarrassed to say anything but I know I will never go there again and then they made me an appointment for the following week for a checkup.

The Best Candidates for Laser Hair Removal Is A Hoax

After filling my prescriptions I arrived home and I thought to myself I would never ignore my intuition again, however that was my last visit to her office. Later on I did some research and found out that my Certified Professional Electrologist who said I would get down on my knees and pray to her was an uneducated non-licensed electrologist. Additionally she had a mere 50 hours of training for the laser. Furthermore I learned the diploma on her wall was from a fake electrolysis school that never existed. I was so angry I called her and demanded a refund for the unused laser treatments and she told me they were non-refundable and for laser hair removal only. She went on to say that she would make an exception where I could apply them to electrolysis treatments or finish up with the series of laser treatments after my face completely healed. Well after reading my contract there was no way I could get my money back so I told her where she could go. I made a complaint through the “President” of the group and he said how could I say such horrible lies? After that he told me I was unwelcome and not to show up at meetings and functions. What amazed me the most is how others would not talk to me. This was my first bad experience and a hard painful lesson to be cautious and only to trust myself and beware of anyone who advertises TS or TG friendly or TG-Recommended.

There Are NO Best Candidates for Laser Hair Removal

After three weeks my face was healed and my second experience and referral by my physician to their recommended laser hair removal office with regular appointments seemed to be working and they gave me two Percoset before and after each laser treatment because of the pain. Finally after three months my face started to clear and I transitioned out to living full time as a woman. No matter what anyone says, laser treatments are painful and in the late nineties laser hair removal was very expensive but the physicians were always ready and gave me painkillers before and after treatments and always reminded to keep regular appointments until all the hairs are gone. Nonetheless all seemed well with each laser treatments I felt myself approaching my goal of being hair free.

Like many Transwomen, in the beginning of my transition impulsiveness would get the better of me at times where I developed “I Want It Yesterday Syndrome” which prevented me from putting my right foot forward as I jump-started my transition. Charging through my transition in twelve months using my Master Card, and Visa whenever I could borrow money to solve my problems to complete my transition as soon as possible became my way of life. I took the easy way and I would eagerly pay for whatever was demanded to get me through my transition on that day. In the beginning I went cheap on the therapy (none) and put a lot of time and money into laser hair removal, wardrobe, hairdressers, and anything to improve my appearance. In essence, I approached my transition as a race with myself plus I ignored my feelings, emotions, and advice from others. Over the last hurdle I paid a somewhat dubious psychiatrist for my letter needed for my SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) without having any therapy.

SRS In Thailand

I considered myself an attractive woman, for the most part and being 48 with most people thinking I’m about ten years younger than I look. I am tall, but lean, about six-foot one and a hundred and sixty nine pounds. I still have my own hair with a few grays here and there. My trip to Thailand was easy and recuperating from having multiple surgeries, and after one month in Thailand I returned home. Dr. Suporn did a wonderful job and his associates who did my implants reconstructed my nose and chin did such great work and it was all charged on my plastic. I now had realistic views that I would be attractive and involved in a relationship soon after I healed. Then tragedy struck after not having a laser treatment for over a month I could feel a few bumps on my skin and see my gray-blue-black beard just under the skin beginning to push out. To me this was major setback because I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars I charged for laser hair removal had only temporarily removed my beard and it was coming back a little bit more each day. When I was having laser hair removal treatments on a weekly basis I thought I was almost done and I was seeing real progress but unknowingly I did not know the laser only burned off the top of the hair and what was resurfacing was the undergrowth with untreated roots that were never killed to begin with. Now that I was home, fear came upon me as more hair grew back each day with the growing pile of charge card bills that arrived one after another, however I paid the minimum balance on every card from my savings.

With what little credit I had left I maxed out my last credit card and went back to the same laser tech and she said she would get it this time with their newest Yag laser. Also my medical leave of absence and sick days were coming to end and soon I would have to be back at work in a short time. Almost a week had passed since that day and I had two weeks left before returning to work and it seemed the last laser treatment had done the job even though my face was blistered a bit here and there and sore because they cranked up the current and now my hope returned of having a good job and relationship. Eight or nine days before returning to work all seemed fine until I looked in the mirror that morning and there it was again, the slight hint of a returning gray blue-black shadow and by Friday just three days before work it was almost as heavy as when I first started laser treatment. In a state of anger and near rage, I called the Laser Tech and complained, and she said she they could discount me a new treatment package for me. From there I lost it and yelled I want my money back, after that they hung up and refused all my calls. I tried calling a lawyer at $300.00 per-hour and he told me to read the fine print that said no refunds and my contract said Permanent Hair Reduction not Permanent Hair Removal. I replied back to him that the laser tech said it was permanent hair removal not reduction. He asked, “Do you have that in writing or witness to it? Begrudgingly, I said no, the lawyer, I am sorry but you do not have a case. I can never forget what the “Laser Tech” would say to me, “You know because of the law I am not allowed to say this is permanent but I know it really works.”

Those clever words “Permanent Hair Reduction” have haunted my thoughts of how I have been ripped off and I can never forget “You know because of the law I am not allowed to say this is permanent, and it really works.” On that day I called work to see if could get another extension they said I would have to return to work by Monday morning the following week, I said thank you and reassured them I would be there. Now my world was crashing down upon me with heavy debt and I was shaving two or three times a day with my thoughts turning to fear because how could a woman with a heavy gray blue heavy beard with a ruddy male shaved complexion get on with her work? I had a good employer and he had gone out of his way to be understanding of my transition but now my emotions flooded me with self-doubt. How I am going to survive in a competitive work environment with a tell tale gray blue black beard?


I was now learning my lesson via the hard way and I feared I could become one of the many Transsexuals who achieve surgery without planning their transition who often face perpetual unemployment after surgery. This is because you cannot hide a heavy telltale grey blue-black beard and shadow and a shaven ruddy male complexion with makeup. Furthermore because of this my life was turning into a nightmare and I read about Transwomen who become depressed after their losing their jobs and repeatedly being rejected and turned down for employment because using heavy “Pan Stick” theatrical makeup that would not hide a heavy gray blue black beard. Reading about others who talked about being called Sir, being stared at in public and the queasy feeling of being afraid to be seen in public for fear of being outed I worried about developing Agoraphobia. Others talked about being made fun of at work but the biggest complaint was they had no intimate relationships. One observation I found true with a beard most people are terrified to go into a store or in public but the worst is the bathroom, however going in for a job interview with a stubbly beard and coarse complexion is guarantee of not being hired with a beard like mine.

Women are not perfect and either are Transwomen however interviewers will hire you if you have a feminine complexion it might be cruel however the job interviewer is thinking how you will fit in with others. It’s against the law to discriminate however when it comes to employment, a nine to five shadow is your guarantee of not being hired and maybe being fired whether your TS or not. Nonetheless each time I looked at the mirror to shave I was enraged and angry with myself which preoccupied my thoughts how horrible I looked and when I woke up and faced the miserable masculine ritual of shaving morning, noon, and at night if I wanted to go out.

Finally I Called Boston Electrolysis

After taking all the wrong advice and my negative experiences with quack electrologists and laser operators I finally called Kimberly Williams at Boston Electrolysis and up until that point I had wasted over $20,000 for sub-standard electrolysis and temporary laser hair removal that did not work. Before my consultation-appointment with Kimberly at Boston Electrolysis I went in a few more consultations with other electrologists who said they were Certified Professional Electrologists, Certified Clinical Electrologists, and Certified Medical Electrologists and all of them turned out to be non-licensed quacks, phonies, and scammers whose only goal was to get my money without working for it.

I have learned about the quacks in Arizona and on the other hand you can take all the quacks combined and they cannot equal Kimberly Williams education, knowledge and expertise when it comes to the theoretical and practical application of electrolysis. In addition the quality of her work lives up to and surpasses her written guarantee of excellence. My curiosity got the better of me and I asked Kimberly how come you did not advertise in their local TG directory? She replied, “I put my application in and there was no reply so I called and someone I talked to identified herself as the “Gate Keeper” said I would not be allowed to advertise.” Further I asked her for a reason and she refused to give me one. She continued to refuse my calls and emails after that I approached their president at a casual unscheduled meeting and he said no to me without an explanation or reason. Kimberly told me the only reason she can think of is the one of the merchants who knows how excellent her work is and out of fear she is paying them not to run her ad because she would lose her clientele to Kimberly. From there Kimberly went on to describe that is has always been her belief the worst prejudice, discrimination and bigotry comes from jealous TV’S who manage to get in charge of these support groups are on the take. From that point I realized that Kimberly was right and there was something rotten going in that club and that was last time I would ever talk to any of them.

However Kimberly’s comment that prejudice, discrimination and bigotry from one’s own kind is a sickness of the mind and a form of self-hatred. In regards Kimberly pointed out that she would get hints and requests from others for annual donations to their clubs, which would clear any misunderstanding about advertising on their websites. Of course Kimberly refused out of ethics and honesty.

Having been emotionally scarred and financially defrauded I can say I wasted more time and precious money that I thought I could ever spend. I am 50 now and I have lost two precious years wasting my time and money chasing the elusive quick fix at the end of the rainbow only to have it disappear. It is shame I had to tolerate unnecessary painful electrolysis and laser treatments by that non-licensed certified quack electrologist who promised me everything and delivered nothing. Nonetheless the thought of living in fear for the rest of my life trying to hide an obvious heavy grey blue-black beard with a nine to five shadow with a tell tale male ruddy shaved complexion was my “Achilles Heel”. Then again the most fearful of all my thoughts was ending up as a loser who thought she could skip the electrolysis with no job and a real life as I said in the beginning.

From the very beginning to the present I made one mistake after another and the biggest one was being rude, mean, and offensive to Kimberly Williams. Almost two years ago she was kind and polite to me and gave me a free hour-long consultation and evaluation where she said I had a bad case that would take some serious electrolysis treatment. Because of the lies about her and her honest appraisal that I had a serious case caused me to make the wrong decision. Kimberly told me to check her license and registration as an electrologist and I later found it is in perfect order without one complaint on it.

I Called Kimberly Williams

Now almost two years later out of desperation I called her back and she never mentioned how rude and arrogant I was to her. When I arrived for my appointment I remember what I said and when I started to apologize to her she said, “Let’s get to work I don’t have time for the past.” At that time she said, “Don’t burn your bridges behind you because you can never know when you will have to retrace your steps and back-tracking over a burnt bridge can be humiliatingly painful and costly. The one major fact I discovered or should I say learned from Kimberly during treatments was the fact that she cares and has devoted her life to her profession. If you read her professional portfolio you will discover it true right down to the last item.

Don’t Be A Back Seat Electrologist

Before I had treatments with Kimberly, Tranny’s in the community jokingly called her a snob and said she is over-educated and from Boston. I would later discover and having over heard “Quacks” who claimed and whom I thought at that time to be genuinely TG-Friendly supporters of the community called her name every dirty name in the book in regards to her being TS. I was disgusted with their repulsive comments and lies, which were flimsy excuses to hide their jealous envy of her professional education and expertise as an electrologist. Let me tell what I have learned about these prejudiced, bigoted TG-Friendly quacks that have cleverly branded Kimberly Williams as an elitist snob who does not care about the TG Community. Let me say this when a so-called TG Friendly Electrologist slams and puts down a TG-Electrologist or professional no matter how cleverly they use the words, it’s prejudice, discrimination and bigotry against all TG people at it’s very worst. For your information my experience with Kimberly Williams was positive and her expertise and work made me aware that she is an educated and dedicated electrologist to her patients and she treats every one with respect, equality, and dignity. She takes great pride in her work and she is a real licensed, and registered electrologist who is straight and to the point regarding ethics, values, and knowing what she is doing when it come to the practice of electrolysis. Before I started treatment with her I met a Tranny she has completed from scratch to finish and she had a hair free smooth feminine complexion and there was no pits or scars on her face.

Using the old axiom you get what you pay for is true and Kimberly does not offer discounts that favor one group over another and I have learned that her practice is the best in town because of her work. Kimberly said, “The supposed TG Friendly and TG Recommended Electrologists that offer large discounts to TS and TG clientele only is unethical, unfair, and a form of reverse discrimination against all women that need of treatment”. Nonetheless I learned she has the best education, training, computerized equipment, triple sterilization, and she is bonded. Moreover I learned that she maintains her license and registration as an electrologist in Massachusetts including her Continuing Educational Units known as CEU’s and this summer she completed five CEU exams to renew her license. Certain people in hair removal might claim they are affordable and others say large discounts for the “TG Members” but they never mention the downside of little or no education, skill and training, versus quality permanent hair removal by a well educated experienced State Licensed electrologist with twenty-nine years of experience.

My First Treatment With Kimberly

During my first treatment she told me it was not necessary to use EMLA cream or take narcotics because her insertions were correct my pain would be minimal if I had any at all. My first treatment lasted two hours and thirty-five minutes and my upper and lower lip where completely cleared. Within two months, my face was cleared and I had no need to shave it. After four months my razor was now retired with my skin becoming softer and clearer every weak. Within eight months of treatment at three to five hours per week my entire beard area has been under control and soon I will be classified as diminishing maintenance however with each appointment there is obvious noticeable improvement. In addition she performs at least twice the work in the same time as any electrologist I have had treatment with plus, there is no scabbing or pitting and that makes her a bargain.

Don’t Be A Back Seat Electrologist

Kimberly says, “Don’t Be A Back Seat Electrologist” and let her do work her way because changing every thing would only slow my progress. Kimberly uses all three modes of treatment: Short Wave, Galvanic, and Blend, with the latest computerized equipment. She rotates modes and changes currents frequently however with each passing treatment I always made noticeable progress. Other items I paid attention to were her after care instructions and if she recommends you see your physician for anything, do so because she knew when my hormones were off and after a change in the Spironolactone my progress increased dramatically.

Don’t count on having your butt kissed or being buttered up at Boston Electrolysis because Kimberly’s too busy doing the job right the first time plus she has too much dignity for that. Her office is comfortable, clean, simple, and neat with real State Of The Art computerized equipment. Her diplomas from the Massachusetts Board of Electrologists and Miss Kelly’s School of Electrology are real as is her thank you letter on her wall from Harvard Medical School thanking her for lecturing on Transsexualism, Endocrinology, Human Sexuality, Psychology, and Electrolysis from 1983 to 1987. Visit her website the largest electrologist owned and written website. Her articles are excellent, especially her “Laser Thesis” alone has over 100,000 readers.

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean – Established A Non-Profit Gender Clinic!

Kimberly saw the need to have more than one choice in selecting a qualified physician in the Phoenix area that can handle the complicated needs of her endocrine cases for TG patients. So if you are pre-op all you need for hormone therapy is a letter from your therapist with your diagnosis or previous medical records if you are transferring from another area or changing physicians. Kimberly does not accept any financial donations and this was done as her contribution for the community so TS has more than one choice when selecting a physician or therapist in the Phoenix area.

Furthermore I hear that people claim they know some of Kimberly’s trade secrets and techniques but to the best of my knowledge she dismissed an apprentice electrologist from the Middle East for making rude disgusting hateful anti-semetic comments. So if anyone in the Phoenix area says, that “Kimberly trained them please be aware she was dismissed for her lack of ethics and of being unable to insert the probe correctly”.

Another item don’t get involved in politics and petty gossip and what one TS said about another, keep your conversation to your daily life and so you will know Kimberly does not like people who use her as a therapist. When I am at her office I love the fact I am like a woman not a TS and her motto is all women are the same in fact she does not enjoy TS conversations and political issues for personal reasons.

The Real Cost Of Laser Hair Removal

For your information I have never waited more than five or ten minutes in her waiting room. You can count on Kimberly being on time and polite and if I had started with her from the beginning I would not have wasted $20,000 with every quack in the Phoenix area in addition if I had started with Kimberly I would be almost finished. My skin before treatment felt like dried leather and it was full of infected ingrown hairs and pustules with hyper-pigmentation caused by the laser. Kimberly said it would take at least one year just to undo the damage by the non-licensed quack electrologist and laser operators. Now when I wake up every morning and look in the mirror I can say I am real and feel my beautiful hair free complexion that gives me more confidence than you can imagine. I have a ways to go I hope to be done in a year or less and I ask how many of can honestly say that to yourself?

Kimberly said being a practicing electrologist is not a popularity contest and in Arizona nine out of ten electrologists are uneducated non-licensed quacks with bogus certificates. What I have learned from Kimberly? Humility and not to listen to uneducated prejudice quacks claiming to be TG-Recommended, TG Friendly, and to realize that Electrolysis is a serious profession for licensed and registered electrologists that are educated. On the other hand the most important lesson I learned is that the worst prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry comes from very unhappy TV’s, TG’s and TS’s who can’t stand to see other people happy especially another TS. Of all the lessons I have learned in life it is the value of humility and it has been my saving grace that those who use prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry poisons their life as much as it imprisons your mind.

Your Pricing Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Because of the lies spread by the President and “Gate Keeper” and a few others I wasted over $20,000 and have spent $10,000 just to get my face decent looking and it will probably cost another $5,000 before my face is completely hair free. That’s $35,000 after all the scars, pits, cicatrix formations, caused by bad electrolysis and the burns from the laser caused permanent loss of pigment, scar tissue, and Hyper pigmentation. I realize part of this tragedy has been my own fault because I was badly informed and it is easy to be misled and lied to by people who claim to be TS, TG-Friendly or TG-Recommended. When my face is completed I have a referral to a plastic surgeon to repair my skin as best as possible nevertheless in the end I warn all TS’s laser hair removal does not work and watch out for non-licensed electrologists in Arizona who claim to be TG-Friendly or TG-Recommended. I have learned my lessons the hard way and I will not make the same mistake twice and please realize humility is the most becoming and fashionable. However in the end I can only say, Beware of anyone who advertises “TG Friendly & TG Recommended Electrologist.”


Thank you again Kimberly, I have a life now,



Thank you Monique, it is my pleasure to be your electrologist.

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, Lic.,1979

Boston Electrolysis® Private Practice


My Statement to the TG Community

Kimberly Williams, R.E.

Authored By Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean


Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979

7330 East Earll Drive, Suite J

Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

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From Boston, Massachusetts to Phoenix, Arizona to this very day prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry still exists and I remember those recently graduated Electrologists who I went to school with would say, “I would not touch a Transsexual with a ten-foot pole.” Now some of those very electrologists that claim they are TS and TG friendly are on the Internet. However I know the phrase “Can a leopard change its spots?” originated in the Bible and many people believe and know it to be true because it has passed and stood the test of time through the ages however do you think that a hypocrite changes their spiteful ways? No, and certain non-licensed uneducated electrologists in the Phoenix area who advertise on the “Net” claiming they are TS, TG friendly are complete hoaxes. They are aware they tread well beyond the bounds of acceptable professional behavior, ethics, and standards and they go out of their way to use every dirty trick in the book when it comes smearing a competitor who is TG. They think their quite clever in the manner where they surreptitiously manipulate and assassinate the character of licensed TG professionals whom they jealously envy. Nonetheless I have always counter-acted their hate by truthfully advertising my education, credentials and expertise and backing it up with my written guarantee of excellence.

The demands and politics of the TG Community is unrealistic and often leads to abuse by certain members of their so called ruling elite. Having arrived in Arizona in 1991 I found myself with a few selected friends who meant a great deal to me. In addition I also have discovered that the quality of electrolysis in the State of Arizona is dismal to approaching grim because we have no mandatory laws or regulations that require education and state licensing and registration of electrologists and temporary laser parlor operators. Many of my patients have been heartlessly burned by the loss of money and a pitted, pocked, and scared face from temporary laser hair removal and substandard electrolysis for the rest of their lives. One of my friends was so badly burned she wears heavy make-up 24/7 for the rest of her life. Second-rate electrolysis upsets me and my mission has always been to provide the best electrolysis treatments possible and this has become my calling for 36 years as a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist without one complaint on my license.


From 1983 to 1987 I lectured at Harvard Medical School on the subjects of Electrolysis, Human Sexuality, Transsexualism and Endocrinology. The major issues and concerns of my lecture series centered on the values of having a psychological concrete foundation to build your transition on. Which means being diagnosed with a treatment plan of psychotherapy, electrolysis, and gainful employment as a woman with a complete life. Plastic surgery if needed should be third on your list and if you think skipping psychotherapy and electrolysis without planning for what kind of work you will be doing for the rest of your life is a sure ticket to be listed as “socioeconomic disaster” in your medical records with the others who went the same route. At Harvard Medical School I spoke on behalf and challenged influential leaders of the “Medical Profession” and made them aware that Transsexuals have a right to quality medical treatment. At my last lecture I accused Harvard Medical School of withholding research that proves Transsexualism is a true inherited medical condition and not a psychological disorder that is used by insurance companies to refuse payment for complete medical treatment. However with the questionable and dubious behavior of disreputable individuals on the Internet that have selfishly sabotaged the hard work and good will of respectable members of the TG-Community have only made it worse. However internal petty power struggles by dubious professional transsexuals and TG- Demagogues have set up shops only to recommend non-licensed electrologists and other quacks who will pay a quick kickback or pay-off for a referral and below is how to avoid them.


Many Transwomen that walk into my office have unrealistic goals and expectations of what an electrologist can do for them. Some of you have been victimized or brain washed by unethical, uneducated non-licensed electrologists combination laser parlor operators that tell what you want to hear instead of what’s real. These operators are so unethical they would rather see a transsexual patient fail than to succeed with a licensed and registered electrologist that can do the job. Professionally licensed electrologists are supposed to outsource and refer a patient to another electrologist if the patient’s treatment is beyond their ability. In Arizona one must beware uneducated non-licensed electrologists that print his or her own diplomas, actually delude themselves and believe they are competent to practice as an electrologist. On the other hand I say, thank God they don’t practice brain surgery.

Nonetheless for patients with severe facial hair problems your best choice is a state licensed and registered electrologist with a minimum of 1100 hours of training and 15 years experience. Under trained licensed electrologists that have completed less than 450 hours of training should be apprenticing with a state licensed electrologist for 3 years with similar experience mentioned above. One must be cautious if a non-licensed electrologist illegally employs a licensed electrologist. Due the lack of ethical and professional considerations licensed electrologists are not to work for or be employed by non-licensed quack electrologists. More or less the question comes down to how can a non-licensed electrologist over see a licensed apprenticed electrologist’s work? Electrolysis is a profession that cannot be passed down from one unlicensed electrologist to another without a serious loss of competence, safety, and ethics.

Massachusetts has America’s Most Educationally Demanding Course to Become a State Licensed and Registered Electrologist in the USA.

From 1976 until I graduated in 1979 I endured, overcame and surpassed my peers in stringently applied academics and practically applied electrolysis training. Having dedicated my life to my chosen profession means that as your electrologist I am educated, trained, tested and a State Licensed and Registered Electrologist with a minimum of 1100 hours theoretical science and practically applied training. As a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist I have attended and graduated from a state monitored and nationally approved and accredited electrolysis school. I have also taken a dual state board examination consisting of a 2 hour written and one practical state board of electrologists examination and successfully passed both them, and I am currently a Massachusetts licensed and registered electrologist.

Even though my practice is in Scottsdale, Arizona I run it as if it were in Massachusetts. That means my office, equipment and treatments are accountable to a State Board Inspector who could walk in my office at any time and inspect my office. This includes equipment, sterilization, and all professional requirements. If you are unconvinced about your Electrologist’s credentials, ask to see their state board pocket license and call their State Board to verify them if you are doubtful.

For your information anyone who takes the Certified Professional Electrologist course without practical training and believes that course by itself qualifies them, as an electrologist is “Certifiably Delusional”. Electrolysis is a serious medical profession that cannot be mastered or self-taught by a person with a mere 120-hour training course that does not include a high school diploma, background, and criminal check. Lastly, the Certified Professional Electrologist is not required to have a health check to ensure the electrologist does not have a communicable disease. The average consumer deserves better and would be horrified to learn how easy it is to take the Certified Professional Electrologist certification course that is a hoax and diploma mill to say the least. These fake quick-time courses have exotic diplomas that are easily spotted. These courses have the following fake titles, “Certified Professional Electrologist, Certified Clinical Electrologist, Certified Medical Electrologist, and Professional Certified Electrologist, and so forth. The is one electrologist who claims to be the one and only graduate of the Arizona State of Electrolysis and the Arizona State School of Electrology. She forget to mention she is the only graduate of Arizona State of Electrolysis and the Arizona State School of Electrology a school that never existed.

Desk Top Publishing Of illegal Electrolysis Diplomas


I have spotted one diploma where the fake electrologist stated she is a graduate of Arizona State School of Electrology and the Arizona State School Of Electrolysis. After calling the Arizona State Board of Post Secondary Education they told me that neither schools ever existed. However, never forget that when a patient walks into my office you will receive the best electrolysis treatment with real State Of The Art computerized epilators. However, I have chose to set an example from the beginning to this every day. I treat all patients with dignity, respect, and equality from all walks of life.


More than you think working with your electrologist establishes a bond of faith and trust. I care about every patient, on the other hand I will not favor one patient over another and every patient receiving equal consideration and treatment. Women come in all sizes, shapes and personalities and having completed hundreds upon hundreds of severe cases from scratch to the end I have helped all women to attain their goal of removing their unwanted hair problem. When I speak it’s to all women and no matter what the cause of your unwanted hair problem whether you have Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hypo-thyroidism or that you are Transgendered, all women treated equally. Some unethical electrologists advertise and favor one group over another however I will not. Some of you are going through trying times and my position, as your electrologist requires all my attention to help achieve your goal of permanent hair removal and that is where I am focused. I do not engage benevolent projects and there are no electrologists that I am aware of that can or have the right to stand on the pulpit while preaching down to those less fortunate.


Non-licensed Certified Professional electrologists and other assorted hair removal buckaroos that claim to use ultra fast thermolysis and laser will always bring you poor results and major disappointments. On my website you will learn the answers to your electrolysis questions as well as straightforward information that one needs to select the best treatment for yourself. However, I ask you to please take into consideration that what you may hear from non-licensed wannabe electrologists or backseat electrologists who have a lot to say about me or my work even though I have never had the pleasure of making their divine acquaintance or had the heavenly delight of working on them. I dislike Internet professional transsexuals who have nothing better to do than opinionated backstabbing that I have observed, which has led me to conclude my affiliation with several individuals.


After opening my practice in Scottsdale I felt the full effect of their prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry and dirty tricks to discourage me. Fact I always succeeded because I take their hate and turn into something positive and for me that was to continue my (CEU’s) Continuing Educational Upgrades and to work 10 times harder to be ten times better than any electrologist and second to no one. Fact my has office has the best up to date computerized epilators and equipments coupled with my triple sterilization system. It’s safety first with 29 years of private practice without one infection.


From the past to the very present in Scottsdale, Arizona my goal has always been to establish a “State Of Being” where respect is the common denominator for all patients who walk though my door. It has been my goal to create an environment where all seeking my professional services will feel safe and secure that your needs are addressed and appreciation of your patronage is demonstrated by the superiority of my work

However, no matter whom you go to for an electrologist make sure you ask them to prove their credentials are true.

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean, America’s first and only electrologist who guarantees in writing that after one treatment, if you can locate a better electrologist, bring me the receipt and I will refund your first treatment fee up to one half hour of treated time. In addition to that, even on difficult cases, I can work at one-third to one-fourth the time of the average electrologist – licensed or unlicensed. I also guarantee that you will have the most comfortable treatment with no scabbing, scarring, or pitting as a direct result of my treatments©.

Areas Treated

Due to the fact that I have a very active practice all electrolysis is limited to facial hair problems treating Hypertrichosis form severe to superfine this includes the complete face, neck and back, eyebrow shaping, ears, hairline, fingers and toes.

Thank you,


Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979




Copyright Boston School of Electrolysis & Boston Electrolysis 2008©

Electrologists providing Permanent Hair Removal in Arizona


To date, the 18 states listed below have no formal licensing requirements in place for electrologists:

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