Turns out that Andrea James and James Walker are unstable individuals who will announce their ludicrous engagement party to announce their upcoming marriage in hell. I got the following on 29 November 2004, and I immediately sent an email with all the information I have and sent them instructions on how to report them to Google and other sites for Doxing. I have been warning consumers about them for years. Both of them are Virgins and the Bookies in Las Vegas says their marriage won’t last a week when James tells Andrea all his little secrets on their  Honeymoon night. Andrea be careful because James has hidden cameras and therefore you are required to uphold honest ethical marriage policies and if you keep this up he will make a complaint that you are not a Virgin and you could be investigated to have your record checked and that could cost you your license. Further harassment could result in complaint lodged at the to CCC?

They are such a cowards that you have to put their friends up to harassing people, which is illegal and get them in trouble if James discovers Andrea not a Virgin. The one time he spoke to you, you were rude impolite and dominated him and ended the conversation just as he started to speak. How much longer do you think your so-called friends will continue to jeopardize their own reputations for you? For the record I have never seen a Tranny like you who sexually harasses another with her ill begotten behavior, which is usually used by bigoted prejudiced jerks that Transwomen always complain about about little things. So now you have become one of the prejudiced, bigoted jerks to! Your use of multiple aliases, foul obscene language that you have sent others violates FCC, FTC regulation and for that crime you could have your phone turned off