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To  Andrea James, Non-Licensed & Uneducated Electrologists and owner of Hairhell.con & UntrueHairFacts.con
To Deidre MCloskey Non-licensed-Electrologist

I used to have Andrea James listed as a resource center however when her Narcissistic Personality Disorder became unstable and I had to  delist Hairhell.con and four websites from BostonElectrolysis-Yellowpagescom because of trademark infringement and unprofessional conduct. This is individual Andrea James is not listed as a trustful place for the Trans-Community  by the Zinnia Jones Advocate and other dependable resources. The so called owner began falsely accusing me of all sorts of things in December 2004. The website  owner Andrea James has since become Malignant Narcism and is totally obsessed harasser of  four Massachusetts State Licensed & Registered Electrologist who reside in Sarah in Berkshire Mountains Lennox Ma., Katherine of New York, Kathy of Central New York, Cathy Central New York and myself  here is Arizona.  Do not trust the non-licensed electrologists on Andrea James four websites that cannot be trusteed for professional referral’s or services and the websites are,, and Deepstealth Productions  and four your economic security they should be avoided by every consumers because the owner Andrea James behavior is hateful, inconsistent and totally paranoid.

Andrea James Background

On September 21ist, 2002, I received a letter from Andrea James  with updated information about her I asked to be removed from Andrea website

Fact I did not hear from Andrea James  James until November 29th 2004. Andrea claimed to request certain contact information I might have for her. I have been warning Andrea James and others consumers about her demeaning unprofessional conduct laced with hatred and insulting disrespect for months. Ms. James refused to admit she  had “pagejacked” my website and used my business name to steal hits and traffic without my permission from my website because her company name appeared in an attempt to blatantly pagejack me.

I sent her another email were Amdrea James altered my content to make me look bad however Andrea is the perpetrator of bad manners who to this day uses my Trademarked  business name In addition Andrea James was rebuffed when Liquide Web told and another domain seller told she cannot purchase a domain with without my written permission she was having an of control “Hissy-Fit” and driving Liquid Web crazy when they would not purchase trademarked business name Boston Electrolysis with out my permission. With all the information and hatred from Andrea James and her multiple illegal uses of my intellectual property known as, and she tried to steal my trademarked copyrighted content because at best she is  a non licensed uneducated wannabe  electrologist who could not write an article article without stealing it from my research. For instance in my Histology Article I wrote that my electrolysis treatments are very comfortable because if you know your “Histology” you would realize and learn there are no nerve fibers from the inside base of the follicle to the exit of the orifice of the follicle.”So if you went to Miss Kelly’s School of Electrology you might have learn that. However James Walker the Vii read it one of my website and BostonSchoolof he quoted it from my websites without giving and providing me the professional credit and thank you for enlightening his paustic illiterate brain. From that insult on I refused to post anything that he could steal or claim. This is why licensed & registered electrologists do not share our blessed knowledge and that’s  why people like James Walker the Vii  are pea green with envy. If they want to remain ignorant more power to him. James Walker the Vii insults licensed and registered electrologists and he wonders why no one will share with him! I have told people James Walker is a racist and he deliberately misgenders Transwomen and Transmen and Gay People however James believes all Caucasian people hate him nonetheless I can only feel pity for the way he mistreats and Misgenders Transwomen and Transmen because he knows it’s wrong to do so but he takes too much pleasure from hurting people even though he knows better he cannot resist the opportunity to dish hate to Caucasian people when he gets the chance.

On November 30th, 2004, Andrea James called me and  said she never received my emails  sent to her. Andrea apparently I thought my name was on the email, that somehow I was connected and accused me of being the person that she was personally assaulting  her on the Internet. I could tell Andrea James was lying to me and the more she tried to lie the deeper she went in her emotional quicksand. But Andrea James kept getting more scary, and belligerent, so I hung up. People told me Andrea James has NPD AKA Narcistic Personality Disorder and Andrea called me but I would speak not to her because she did not make sense in her hateful inspired rant.I tried to send this to help her explain, however  Andrea hit point of no return after getting bent out of shape.

Dearest Andrea:

You continue to be totally confused, and your anger has driven you around the bend of no return and is making you out of sorts maybe you should get some help. Andrea I have no connection with whatsoever with you and your non-licensed uneducated electrologists on hairhell.con. In fact, I have been warning consumers for years about those people on your site. I have information on stating that Hairfacts.con and Hairhell.con are scam websites to stay away from because 99& percent of the electrologists are incompetent uneducated non-licensed electrologists who you use fake names and spoofed phone numbers to contact them.  They have one token licensed electrologist from Ohio which has minimal training.

You and I are not in agreement that those guys are bad news. I have been non-licensed uneducated electrologist for years. I don’t know how to be any more clear about that.I sent you pertinent information on how to report those guys to Google for using materials from your site. I sent you all the contact information I have on them. I was trying to help you, and you continued to take an your tone as I tried to explain to what is going on. I am no longer interested in helping you. However why do you accept poorly educated non-licensed electrologists on your Haihell.con website? There are many qualified state licensed and registered electrologists in the USA however Andrea the licensed & registered electrologists want nothing to do with, I feel sad that James, SeanaTG and the assorted non-licensed electrologists refuse to be listed with you because of your abuse of licensed & Registered Electrologists yet you still refuse to believe that the Trans-Community has refuted as their self appointed Fuhrer!

If you want to use web tools to track people down, you either need to read up on it or learn how to do it and be polite to people.. You don’t know what you are doing, and how it leads you to make weird conclusions and false lies. Andrea James having poorly trained non-licensed electrologists on hairhell.con, hairfacts.conand will result in your approving and selecting non-licensed electrolgists for the trans-community? Why do you want to do that? I remember when you complained about the pitting you got from James Walker the Vii. Some one heard you refer James Walker the Vii as the Pitmaster of Electrolysis.

Andrea James I  am one of the best known electrologists in the hair removal industry and the first Trans-woman to become a Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I lectured Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 1987 Andrea the AEA convention is organization for Non-licensed wanneb electrologists like you. In my forty-two years of doing permanent hair removal, I have never had anyone take that inspired tone you took with me. Your immature accusations make me laugh. You  have really angered the Trans=Community, and you owe lots of apologies for lying about people. Not that I’d expect the truth from someone who inspired by hurting and confusing people with your tirades of disgusting hate. However you should find a therapist before you blow a gasket and out you of control emotions really makes you look look like a bitch on a hate trip!.


Andrea would you go to a non-licensed doctor? Of course not but why you go to a Non-licensed Electrologist?

DEAR ANDREA, 11/30/04

Andrea your beyond help and some day your going to insult the wrong person who will beat you to a bloody pulp of poop and for the record I do not accept your lies about pagejacking my websites and I pray that the German-Girls has a relative that would teach a lesson how to behave and act like a Human Being! Your bad manners need to be brought to the attention of your family so they know what you become. More important how do you sleep at night? However Andrea I have never met a Trans like you who takes pleasure in deliberately hurting other Trans-Women of the Community.  

Kimberly Williams, R.E,,Dean,
Boston Electrolysis™

Well Ms. James went to Casa Del Whacko and from that point on then spent the next several hours sending multiple emails to several email domains. I tried to explain on the phone that all emails to my address on my domains goes through, but she was convinced she had “tested positive” for not finding Mike Jones and David James.” However I learned the real names of Mike Jones who lives on Redondo Beach and he said you are crazy as an insane loon. By this time I’d had it, and sent Ms. James some emails where she altered the my text again. She claimed she sent emails to Adolf Hitler and other Nzai names and than I knew she was an absolute Loon from Looney Tunes, Thats, all Folks she went around the bend and beyond.

From Andrea James who said, You idiot. She said  she sent an email to and promised she will forward more Names Names to him and  she screamed and that goes for, or anything else you can think of. Andrea Said I love the Nazis and all of them will all go through. That’s what I tried to ask Andrea James what’s with you and all the Nazi-Name Dropping dropping you are doing? But Andrea was too angry and stupid to realize what she was saying and most like she is a NAZI-Degenerate. I have no connection with those people, and just because those addresses work, just like ANY OTHER EMAIL ADDRESS YOU CAN POSSIBLY THINK OF, does not mean they are connected with me. You really need to get some serious help..

Andrea James.

Again Andrea James said, Geez, you still don’t get it? I have my email set so any email addressed to (fill in the blank) comes to me. You can put ANYTHING in; Than Andrea sent me, “!” Than Andrea Said, Anything You Send Me Will Come To Me. Do You Not Understand This Yet? Same With Any Site I Own: Than Andrea replied, “KimwilliamS” and ANYTHING you send addressed to will come to me. Do you not understand this yet?  Andrea I said You Really Are Making a Fool Out Of Yourself. Let Let Me Know When You Get This Through Little Head.


Than Andrea went on a rant below Name Dropping Event As If she is she Is a Big-Shot Nazi. Now Try Forwarding This address: The president is involved, too!Now try this:, AndreaJamesLovesHitler@Andrea James.coThe inventor of the Blend method is involved, too, and he’s dead! Now
Wow, any random series of letters is involved, too! In fact, try any name you want— your mother’s name, your high school teacher, your pet’s name. The all go through. IT MEANS NOTHING THAT A CERTAIN NAME COMES THROUGH. All email comes through that is addressed to that domain. Now try this andrea said: and than she said  below Andrea said Your all involved, too! You better report me!  Andrea said I am the second dumbest person you dealt with all year.I replied Andrea you need help I know your upset that I want you to remove my business from because your so hateful and 99% of the electrologists that you list in Hairhell.con are uneducated non-licensed electrologists who never ever went to electrolysis school,

Than Andrea Said, Okay I take that back, Andrea said, Okay, I take that back.I am the most hateful person and stupidest person you have dealt with this year. Andrea elated said, “I am paranoid and unstable, and I am sure I’m not the first person to tell you that I desperately need help. I replied Andrea, Beyond that, I strongly urge you to have your psychiatrist contact me directly so I can explain what I am going to do if I keep up myself and other people. Andrea your a classic example when a Transwoman who skips having therapy and if you go to you will see a thank you from Daniel D. Federman who thanked me for major new teaching venture where I lectured 400 Professors on Endocrinology, Histology, Biology, Microbiology and Psychology.




Then Andrea sent this to me on 1 December
From Deep Stealth Productions <> <>
To  Andrea James
5419 Hollywood Blvd C-142
Hollywood, CA 90027

ANDREA jAMES 213-840-2602 Website <> <> < <> <> <>

Dear Andrea James Outs Young Teenage Trans Girls

I am using one of your names out politeness and in regards to that lack of etiquette in which you seem to be a bit deficient in your overall manners. However lets us approach the first issue of your Pagejacking my listing which was discovered on Google page…lectrolysis> <;ie=ISO-8859-1&amp;q=boston+school=+of+electrolysis> after I typed Boston School of Electrolysis™. I am informing you that is my business name and domain which is and copyrighted and is my property not yours. In addition to that I have included a live copy for you eyes so you may view my listing with your address in bottom left hand corner. Fact, this pagejacked listing search listing when you click on it you are redirected to your website that is illegal and you have pagejacked my page and you are hereby ask you politely to please cease desist and remove my domain from your website forthwith.

Dearest Andrea it has come to my attention that you have made an unauthorized use of my copyrighted works located here and other internet publications; copyrighted, by reproducing it on your site <> <> . At no time have I given permission for you to reproduce my original content in such a way or in any form or manner.
A cached copy from Google of the illegally copied content on your site is attached, along with details as to its location on your site and the date it was gathered today 11/30/04. It appears that my content is being used on your site as part of your pagejacking strategy and is visible only to search engines. However it plain as day that your so rude but how come you cannot be courteous and polite like most human beings?


As the legal owner of this trademarked and copyrighted content of Boston Electrolysis, I politely ask that you remove my property from your multiple websites immediately. In addition that includes other search engines and domains using hatred to hurt people feelings. However there is no excuse that you cannot be polite instead of using your hatred for others this time because your illegal acts and hate crimes are by people like Jessica Sideways who insult people for you in in such a hateful despicable uncouth manners.

Andrea you flipped out after I requested to have Boston Electrolysis removed from and I did it so politiley and you threatened me with slander and hate and I feel sorry for you because you need help and refuse to get it when you need it the most. Andrea in addition I do not wish to be associated with you and I ask you to please remove my listing under Hairtell, Tsroadmap, Hairfacta which are Crazy website full Non Licensed Electrologists. With the information I have sent you have been informed and made aware that because a link was established under TG recommended electrologists that in no way gave you the legal right to usurp my listing in a devious way that you have done. I find your tactics antics and Internet strategy totally lacking any mutual respect in most professional manner that lacks merit, honesty, dignity and ethics plus I refuse to be identified with you and hereby and forthwith on this day of 12/1/04 ask you remove that listing.

Also I have sent emails to , and and they have come back undeliverable can you explain that? Most notably not one of my emails to these came back deliverable to Andrea James and David James at the mailing address. That’s curious do you think that Mike Jones aka Mike Belitz has set up his computer exactly as yours? Since you claim you have such a dislike for Mike Jones I wonder why email addressed to both of you went through?
Andrea I have a right to defend my property and my websites site from online parasites and domain squatters. I hope that I have you total respect and you are ready to resolve and stop your illegal offenses against myself immediately. I hope this letter has assisted you in accepting that to flaunt the law will bring consequences upon yourself of an unimaginable nature. Andrea it pays to be polite and it’s difficult to understand why you are rude to me and other.

Kimberly Williams, R.E. Dean

On 3 December 2004 I got this:

To Andrea James aka Mike Jones and David James,
Andrea said Deerdre McLoskey, 81 years old where should whereI should I send her a card? Andrea you are not in position to demand anything and you are hereby ordered to cease and desist calling my office and that goes for your sycophantic friends whom you put up to harass me because you are afraid to talk to me. In addition because of your pusillanimous vulgar obscene emails that you have sent me you are notified and ordered to cease and desist any further communication with my office including all emails. However if you can restrain yourself and not write not write any further obscene, profane insulting emails I will allow you to communicate in that manner however be aware one more obscene, profane email and the privilege of communications by email will be permanently suspended. However phone calls by you and your fiendish friends are to stop immediately! You are hereby informed I have sent copies to quest that is my commercial DSL carrier. Qwest is waiting for written formal complaint so as to submit formal charges against you for violating FCC regulations so any more obscene harassing calls and you and your friends could have your phone disconnected in including your computer .

Andrea another example is your friend for hire and lackey known as Iluv2ZapHair AKA Seannatg Richmond the Transwoman whom you put up to be your psychophant to run your hate posts. You thought you were rather clever when you got your lackey friend Schatzi the Pavement Princess of Pasadena to take her tricks to James Walker VII who had had called twice before and those previous two calls were also successfully identified. Traced calls not only means that the are recorded but also voices print are made and Jessica Sideways who owned the website whose voice was recorded off my voicemail.  Jessica Sideways had voice lessons from you for comparison. 

Andrea I have asked so many time to be polite and stop putting up your friends to harass me, which is illegal and will get them into trouble for being a conspirator in hate crime. The one time I spoke to you, you were rude impolite and dominated and ended the conversation just as I started to speak. How much longer do you think your so-called friends will continue to jeopardize their own reputations for you? For the record I have never seen a Trans like you who sexually harasses another with ill begotten behavior, which is usually used by bigoted prejudiced jerks that Transwomen always complain about. So now you have become one of the prejudiced, bigoted people!  Why would alter your behavior and use multiple aliases on your forum to lie and make people think your popular?  Your foul obscene language that you have sent me violates my rights and for that crime you could have you phone turned off and that includes your computer to.

Andrea I will not join you in the gutter and I know you are just itching for a low class ally catfight. As far as I’m concerned you can feed you own kitties and quit stealing by pagejacking my URL’S and all the honest hard working licensed electrologists to. Quit begging for handouts on the Internet. All the pagejacked listings and that include the other electrologists that you have ripped off shall be taken down and restored to them. Regarding your alternating personality claiming to be a “Hair Removal Advocate” is a joke has no merit because your not a licensed and registered electrologist in any form or manner period. Your not licensed to give bad advice just because your a Trans that had their removed.

On 3 December 2004, Andrea James responded below:

If I am contacted by you one more time in any manner, I am going to put all of these emails up on a page permanently devoted to your false accusations against me, and I will never take it down, even when you finally realize that you are falsely accusing me. I have nothing to do with anyone who called you today, and I have no connection with, Mike Jones, or David James. I strongly suggest you consult with a lawyer before you continue this harassment.

Dearest Andrea all I asked you to is remove my listings from your website and you gone on 20 year psychological rage attack for no other reason than your vile intense out of control Narcistic Rage. Andrea if you Google,” An Open letter to Andrea James” or if Google'[ People who hate Andrea James” you will learn the Trans-Community have resolved the fact that your vile temper and attacks on innocent people lack merit and 400 Transwomen and Transmen have voted against you and the voiced this line, “Andrea you are not the leader of the Trans-community and we don’t want you.”

On 4 December 2004, I got this from Andrea James:

Andrea James My reply Below:

Andrea said “Those emails are up on the sites, along with the one below. You are going to feel like a real moron when you figure out that it’s wrong for you to hate yourself and other people who did you no harm.

Since the 2004 exchange Andrea James has been obsessed with me and Andrea drew, “First Blood” Andrea has hired Internet Goons & Thugs to harass and Dox me and other by people posting our private information. She hired Internet thugs AKA her lackeys at large to make false posts and comments on  about other people however her real names is Jessica Sideways amd you can see her website were she has flooded the internet on her website Of course you have to look on the WAYBACKMACHINE.COM TO WHO SHE IS. For all these years she leaves Hate Rants on peoples Voice Mail. the latest one is calls Herself Jessica Sideways and she believes and thinks it alright to dox me and other in such a hate inspired manner by listing our address and private information. Fact Andrea James owner of Hairtellcom employs her to make very hate rants. was never a member of any of Andrea James website except for of which Andrea James posted a hate inspired post out of rejection because I requested in a very polite manner to be removed from her website If you can stomach please realize all the people who post their are haters and the do what Andrea James demand including lying and cheating and that’s they use fake names so they can stab people in the backs. Its a fact that it’s all about hatred and non-licensed electrologists living their fantasy that their self-taught non-licensed electrologists that never went to Electrolysis School except for one know as SeanTG aka Seanna Richmond of Electrolysis by Seana. who believes it’s okay to slander four Trans-Electrologists who are Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist who live in NY, NY, Central New York, Berkshire Mountain in Massachusetts and myself who lives in Arizona. These uneducated non-licensed electrologists are false professionals. Does anyone here go to a non-licensed Doctor? So ask yourself why would any person want to go to an uneducated self- taught non-licensed Electrologist who does not believe licensed and registered electrologists are better? That is insanity at best. Just look at the posts on Hairtell that are copyrighted and stolen that are cut, copied and pasted  on

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