Andrea James owner of has reappointed James Walker Vii three time as the moderator and she wanted her website to make money and she gave James Walker Vii complete authority to do so in any way he sees fit. Of course James Walker VII CPE went to far and slandered licensed and registered electrologist because he jealous that he can’t be licensed as an electrologist.  In essence he did us a favor and drove all the state licensed  electrologists of of James had orders to slander any licensed electrologist, laser operator and beautician that Andrea James hates including me. Andrea James taught James Walker the sick art of character assassination by calling licensed electrologists as being mentally unstable. On the other hand James Walker VII who calls himself the Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker has tipped the scales of insanity on every page of Hairtellcom. Our Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker VII has an acute case of Pea Green Envy and is long overdue for inpatient care. Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker VII is an uneducated non- licensed electrologist who despises and covets successful state licensed and registered electrologists like myself and others. After being reappointed moderator of it took James a short amount of time to drive off all the qualified state licensed and registered electrologists on because of his inferiority complex. After losing their last two licensed electrologists. James Walker will starting driving off the Certified Professional Electrologist so no one can better or outrank James Walker on education. Of course I think James next move will be to drive off Top Ten Contributors as long they obey Andrea James and James Walker  On the other hand  all the Top Ten Contributors took an Oath of Allegiance to obey all of Andrea James orders no matter how distasteful or dishonest Here the oath that James Walker and and the Top Ten Contibutors took. It starts with, I swear by God this sacred oath, that I will render unconditional obedience to Andrea James, the Leader of the Hairtell Reich and people, Supreme Commander of the Hairtell-Hate Forces, and will be ready as a brave soldier to risk my life at any time for this oath. ,.

However our Junior Miss NAZI in training also Known As Kyle Koreleski  AKA Hairtell Groupy “Were Not Afraid” AKA the future ” Miss. Jessica Sideways said,” she took an oath of allegiance to Andrea James the leader and deputy leader  James  Walker the Vii promised to obey all orders by the leader know as Andrea James. It’s obvious Andrea is crazier than a Cuckoo Bird on Meth. Looking at her website, it’s about 1% nothing and 99% with Andrea James screaming-her her stark raving authority rants that she rules with her Iron Fist. Apparently, Andrea has some kind of Narcissistic power rage with delusions of grandeur. Andrea James was guilty of “pagejacking” my Boston-Electrolysis.con website.  However Jessica Sideways knows the truth. However let me say how I met Jessica Sideways Mom who came to Kimberly’s office to do to do do her future daughter aka the future Jessica Sideways De-Facto-Electrolysis-Consultation because she left that horrible  rant on my voicemail. Jessica Sideways Voicemail was pure hatred and it written by future miss Jessica Sideways who asked her Mom Mrs. Koreleski to attend for her daughter because informed Jessica Sideways she would not allowed at my office. hate inspired Voicemale and my Mom told me Kimberly treated her with the kindest professional respect . However what I can say I sent my Mom to do my Defacto-Consultation at her office. My Mom Mrs. Koreleski said I needed help and told me to stop harassing Kimberly because I broke the law and threatened her. Jessica Sideways is a Hairtell.-haters use fake names and fake titles to hide her name aka Kyle Korelesky aka Jessica Sideways to hide  behind her computers so they can’t be held accountable to the law for her hate crimes.Andrea James and her electrologists  are like can of worm that Jessica Sideways to hate me for some reason. She said she claimed bravery and left me her two minute abusive vicious two minute hate inspiring threatening rant on my voicemail to claim she is the leader. She cried people screaming at her, screaming and threatening at her and I felt wonderful and it empowered me. Of course I never met Kimberly but my Mom met her. Later she played my recorded message for my Mom and gave a copy to the Chandler Police in Arizona and than I went on as usual about her slandering slandering me on the Internet. Jessica Sideways said I’m am just like Andrea James I make up lies to hurt people  and Andrea James pays me allot of money however I know it wrong and I  sincerely hope she will forgive me for me being so full of revulsion it was disgusting but Andrea James thinks it funny but I wish never left her that horrible hateful message on my voicemail without on word of apology. She told my Mom what I did but I ignored my Mom because I have a sickness like Andrea James where where take pleasure hurting people. I called Kimberly’s office 12 times and was blocking my phone number . I screamed at  her when leaving my message of my hatred towards her. In Jessica’s Voicemail she threatened to hurt and my business and she wrote lies on  because Andrea James paid Jessica to hurt my feelings. Jessica said Andrea paid people to hurt my feelings and finally I realized just Kimberly because make plenty of money and I was so desperate to have my operation I thought might go crazy. K You can listen to Jessica Sideways screaming and threatening me, ” Jessica Sideways said to me You Lose” and than Jessica realized she did not erase her voicemail with recorded hate Rant message that she left on  my VoiceMail. Her Mom gave me her real name. 

Jessica Sideways because she’s a hateful evil inhuman being who takes pleasure threatening me. Andrea James likes to hurt people. Let me tell you I have talked to people and Andrea her James has hurt many people and she’s infected with jealousy. Plus Andrea James teaches under age minors and teaches juveniles how to hate people and when Jessica Sideways left hate inspired message for me she thought convince me to work on her. By the way Jessica Sideways who admitted she needs help. This is for you Je, R.E. has been a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist for 42 Years without a complaint and her Google reputation is tops and the best electrologist and I don’t blame for refusing to work on me. Dear Jessica you can’t force to work on you againsttheir will. That is a criminal felony.

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