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Read All  Hidden Facts About Andrea James & James Walker©

I love to write articles on movies, publications, science  and sometime articles about good science and humor plus how Andrea James is such a scoundrel and how totally disgusting her erratic behavior is unacceptable. I like to compose new articles about how Andrea James loves to  roll in her own tube full of poop. In General the Trans-Community’s despises Andrea James behaviour and her favorite pass-time is to lament about her dear old Mom taught her everything she knows about how to hurt people.  Andrea’s Mom wailed on and fears her daughter from hell.  Andrea claims how her website is tops in L.A.’S swine district with run on wild lies and the by Andrea James claims that she’s a graduate from the University Of Tall Tales University AKA but she uses the “I” word waaaaaay to much.
Every Transwoman works hard to save money for their transition and most times we would go without so we can afford electrolysis treatments, hormone, therapy and all kinds of expenses the average person does not understand or cannot comprehend. Without one doubt going without for Transwomen is second nature and this is hard luck story of how a Transwoman from Germany was ripped off in the most vile-cold-blooded-evil-manner. For years I have warned Transwomen and non-Transwomen about Andrea James the owner of and her appointed fascist moderator of James Walker of Hairtellcom who took $8900.00 in advanced payment from a client who flew in from Germany. When she arrived James Walker failed to pick her up and James Walker was nowhere to be found except a his local watering hole swillin down the booze at the local bar. Meanwhile at the local bar James was wallowing in the gutter like a baby suckin down beers.   Below in his own words posted on  he went hiccup, hiccup and than barfed his beers up in a most sinful disgusting  manner! In which she uses the name Electro-Client and here is her story. In addition I can PDF files for newsworthiness, evidence, certain comments and pages that were saved before they were censored and removed by Andrea James.  Jame Walker chose to hide the truth that he’s a juicer with no self control. All new posts By James Walker hid the truth by Electro_Client comments have been blocked by James Walker  and Andrea James owner of Friends of James Walker should be listed as Top Ten Lushes and Andrea James silenced the  Contributors and are told what to say in exchange for referrals by James Walker CPE.THATS HOW THE SCAMS AT HAIRTELL.COM WORK, Andrea James owner of appointed James Walker VII CPE as the moderator and she wanted her website to make money and she gave James Walker VII CPE total authority to do so in any way he sees fit. Of course James Walker VII had orders to slander any electrologist, laser operator and beautician that Andrea James hates including me. Andrea James taught James Walker the art of character assassination by calling electrologists as being mentally unstable. On the other hand James Walker CPE who calls himself the Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion has tipped the scales of insanity on every page of Hairtell. Well it seems our Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker VII has an acute case of Dementia and is overdue for inpatient psychiatric care. Our beloved Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker VII is an uneducated non- licensed electrologist who who drinks, despises and covets successful state licensed and registered electrologists like myself and others. After being re-appointed moderator after some of heat about she we say cooled down. James is happy because he does not have to lay low however it took James a short amount of time to drive off all the qualified state licensed and registered electrologists because of his inferiority complex. After losing their electrologists James Walker lets two licensed electrologists keep their Top of the heap tail wagging Top Ten Contributor Memberships and they are Dee Fahey from Ohio and Mie Bono from Santa Barbara in California.Here we have James Walker the Vii espousing  the rights and wrongs of doing electrolysis plus James is wagging his tongue with his dooze  and don’ts of electrolysis and what does James do to set an example? He arrive snookered to treat a patients who flew all the way from Germany for an electrolysis treatment with James Walker the World Champion of Electrolysis. See James that happens when you hide the truth and slander people. 


How does that go James? You try to boss around state licensed electrologists and you brag how smart you are but you flunk your Certified Professional Electrologist test that any simpleton could pass but you failed and you go around saying, I”m a purebred certified professional electrologist when you flunked that simple test. You and your perverted buddies spit on women who become licensed and registered electrologists. James do you know what that means? It means your brain is pickled from drinking to much. James you are little short schoolyard bully that picks on girls who passed their dual state board examination. Your  a  gorilla and a puny one at that. You hate people that are educated and you blame others for your problems. 

In addition you took an oath to obey all of Andrea James orders no matter how distasteful or dishonest. However your associate Jessica Sideways is Also Known As “Were Not Afraid” on  AKA  “Jessica Sideways said,” Andrea James is  crazier than a Cuckoo Bird on Meth. And Looking at Jessica website says allot about her and can only be found on the Wayback Machine plus others have copies. Your website is about 1% nothing and 99% screaming-her-big-mouth and her stark screaming insanity rants she leaves on electrologists voice-mails. Evidently, Andrea has some kind of weird Narcissistic power rage power coupled with Jessica’s Sideways Social Club of being insane she is guilty of “badmouthing” electrologists websites. We know it’s the truth and just look at how she would send me hateful comments and sent her mother to my office do a remote electrolysis consultation. Her Mom Mrs. Koreleski told Jessica I treated her with professional respect and kindness.  Jessica Sideways said one time, I claimed cowardice and left a two minute hate rant threatening me rant on my voicemail, of a of Kimberly Williams voicemail screaming at her, screaming and threatening at her and Jessica said, “I felt wonderful and it empowered me.” Of course I never met Kimberly but my Mom met her. Later she played my recorded message for my dear old Mom and gave a copy to the Chandler Police in Arizona and than I went on as usual about slandering her on the Internet. Jessica Sideways confessed, “I am just like Andrea James I make up lies to hurt people  and Andrea James pays me however thats wrong and I  hope sincerely she will forgive me for me being so full of hatred and lies but Andrea James thinks it funny.” But I wish never left that horrible hateful message. She told my Mom what I did but I ignored my Mom because I have a sickness like Andrea James where I take pleasure hurting people. I called the the electrologist 12 times blocking my phone number. I screamed at  her when leaving my message of hate and threatened her however I still do  it for the money Andrea James pays me because she makes plenty of money. At that time Jessica Sideways was fourteen years old and most likely self medicating on hormones without being therapy.


Kimberly quoted me quoted two words  where I screamed, “You Lose” and than I realized she has my entire recorded two minute hate Rant message I left on her VoiceMail.” She knows my real new name Jessica Sideways.” I Jessica Sideways I am a hateful person who hurts people for Andrea James.” However let me tell you why I have talked to people she has worked on and cleared up and they all say Kimberly Williams,R.E.  is the best electrologist. I apologize Kimberly and I am trying and am getting help. By the way Jessica Sideways who admitted she needs help.  Kimberly Williams,  Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist for 42 Years without a complaint and her Google reputation is topsWell it seems Jessica Sideways website was a success and you can see her on the Wayback Machine and people are making PDF files to sell and Go Daddy has it for sale for $12.99 ! Well our good ole pal Jessica has moved to 1913 Terry Street # 6 Longmont Colorado 805o1 and if you want to call her at  (303) 605-9297 – LandLine phone



Deirdre McCloskey our so called economist, do you ever work? Seems like you spend all your time harassing people with your Andrea James as your mouthpiece. What gets me is that I have never met you and here your at Andrea James request to bash me? Why do you do things like this for Andrea James?  Does it make feel better? She went on many State & Federal Junkets living off  the fat and hard work of Taxpayers. Otherwise Deirdre lends her name to Andrea James Hairtell Slander Squad to harass and slander a hard working licensed and registered  electrologist. You realize I could make a complaint? In essence I was hoping you were brave enough to expose Andrea James and print the truth!  Have you become a member of Andrea James Hate Squad?  Andrea James loves the Limelight and takes pleasure in hurting peoples feelings, Andrea James is a threat to the truth and honesty and Andrea attacks hard working  electrologists using de-humanizing names because she hurts hard working people. Deidre went from being government economist to a Hate Critic attacking hard working people just to pick on me.  In my professional opinion Deirdre is one of the reasons why people do not trust our government. Her English is deceptive because she takes whole day to write a comment in behest of Andrea James. Deirdre your ignoring the truth and the facts that if you Google,” An Open letter to Andrea James & Calpernia Addam you learn the truth that Trans-Community despise her with 300 signatures by Transwoman who find Andrea James is revolting. How about Googling people that hate Andrea James?” Deirdre you should do a quick synopsis of Andrea James than Google it because sticking your head in the sand leaves your butt in plain view. It is Andrea James who is always in the permanent attack mode and now your her sidekick in lies. If you can’t realize that Andrea has no respect for other peoples rights because she believes everyone is out to get her. Deirdre I write simple and you psychologically assault people what do you expect from people in return to do? I can’t believe a former government economist like you would submit to Andrea James request where she asked you,”Deirdre I need you to lie for me because I have no credibility left. She is a hard working honest electrologist that I hate and have insulted since 2004?” That’s right that’s what what your doing and when you become and join her thats the end of the truth for you. From that point on Andrea James Hairtell Haters own you and you will learn Andrea James has real mental health needs and like all mentally ill people she refuses to get help. Go to http;// and read the thank you letter from Daniel D. Federman, M.D. Professor of medicine and Dean of Alumnae of Harvard Medical School. I lectured at Harvard School from 1983-1987 on Psychology, Endocrinolog, Histology and Electrolysis why therapy should be mandatory for all Transwomen and Transmen.  Because Andrea James is classic example of people who did not have therapy while going through her transition. Fact Andrea James is  beyond being redeemable at her age. No doubt about it because she refutes and creates one lie after another to escape hair painful vicious circle with no escape. You find all the information about Andrea James is too scattered and complicated to understand. Maybe you need a check up because your helping her to hurt people upon her request. The only thing thing that offended Andrea James is when I requested to have her remove her hateful  comments removed from her websites. Deidre your claim of taking a three day electrolysis examination is a hoax and why are you afraid to list your credentials? Oh because it’s not true? Do you tell people your a secret electrologist? Deidre you went through your transition with all the comforts and your unhappy but you should have gone through your transition in the seventies like I did and others did.,



Deidre asked me who is who is the G-man? You don’t  understand that Andreas latest concocted lie. Andrea James jealousy is obvious because he was nice looking handsome man not like Gigolos that you and Andrea hires on Skid Row. Deidre that was  15 years ago and G-Man was known as G*** was known a Black-Hatter who took liberties with other peoples internet concerns. We agreed to disagree and  we parted  our ways as friends.  Deidre did you know Andrea James snoops on me and other people of the Trans-community hoping to find some dirt on honest people and she does not work for a living. Andrea James claims she is the Trans-advocate for the community? By the way Deidre the Trans-community voted against Andrea being the leader of the community and it’s known as,.”Google an open letter to Andrea James and Calpernia Addams!   Bull this is why all electrologists should be licensed and registered. I did it and under duress  and I worked my through electrolysis to become a  Massachusetts Licensed and registered Electrologist read my book and learn how I overcome my hardships. The prejudice and the worst discrimination, bigotry and prejudice I have endured and overcame from 1976 to 1979 was a miracle. I worked two jobs and went to school full time as a woman and no one helped me. Deidre MCloskey  your dealings leave allot to be desired but you  and Andrea had easy transitions but both of you skipped therapy and that’s why you have very little respect for working women..  By the way Deidre that’s why Harvard Medical School does not invite people like Andrea James to lecture. Yet your buddy’s mode of operation is to demean the sane individuals image and accomplishments. You should see Andreas list of enemies on hairfacts whom she has defeated in her own mind. It bothers me that you lied for her and did she refer you to the electrologist that worked on your face?  You should realize and ask why their are only two licensed electrologist on her hairtell.,com.  Look at James Walker the Vii and he  stole that woman’s money that took her years to save.  This makes Andrea look bad because she ignores it.  Walker flew to Arizona and threatened my life. You ever notice how Andrea never says any thing nice about people? 


Deirdre, You did not read the copyrighted  photograph and comment about Andrea  James stole off my website my photograph and altered it.  So  I will tell you the truth that Andrea alters her all her stolen copyrighted text that she steals from others to make people believe she is competent because  all Andrea James can do is to hate and lie like a rug and she can’t tell the difference between right and wrong. Deirdre Mccloskey it was a sunny day after the Monsoon Storm flooded my office and my best friend from Massachusetts came over to help me plus my landlord sent a team of workers to drain the water and suck the water from the soaked carpets because the roof was damaged so they brought in their equipment. By the way Deirdra I tried calling my unknown client ten times and by the a way third party with a hard to understand accent made her appointment and she gave me an alias for a name.  The workmen were cleaning the carpets and brought in large fans and dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the soaked carpeting. Than Sanny AKA Vida showed up with husband and daughter in tow and I spoke to her and I told her I tried to call you ten times and no one answered the phone period. I brought out my appointment  book to reschedule her and she refused while the workmen were cleaning my office sucking water from the carpets etc. She said you have someone in your back office and I said that’s my friend helping me clean. Vida replied I saw you working on her. No we were moving the treatment table so the workmen can work in here. I have tried calling you and not one person answered and she said Sanny is not there? She replied no one by that name is here. That Sanny  who accused me of working on my friend when the workmen where helping me clean up, Deirdre don’t you realize Andrea James steals my copyrighted text and alters all her text to use against me and other people because my webmaster caught her pagejacking my domain and unlike Andrea he was honest and did not lie. As Sanny aka Vida left the door I said call if you change your mind. That was until James Walker the Vii stepped in with his Anti-Trans-lies and reason was to get at me. However James realized Vida is an immigrant he could and would manipulate. Over a period of time James poisoned Sanny’s emotion said Sanny Aka Vida wanted to get even with Kimberly and she was hot on that. So James Walker made all the arrangements and got Sanny into a sketchy electrolysis school with a poor reputation where she would pay four thousand dollars for a two week course. They took her and the tuition was four thousand dollars for the complete four month course package where she could get a license and registration if she could speak english or get help with a Croatian translator. On the other hand Sanny and her husband Murris bragged they were members and had contacts with the Ustasha which was a known group of Terrorist killers that murdered Bosnian Muslims for pleasure and someone lied to immigration because if the US Government was aware of that they would not let a  fanatic terrorists  like The Croatian Ustasha members into the USA.  James Walker the VII fleeced these Croatian immigrants and James Walker the VII sold them through his buddy at at very sketchy Electrolysis school and sold Vida and hubby a highly marked up Epilator and other expensive equipment so she and hubby Muris had a student loan of $9.000 US Dollars. Vida has a blog and said the school passed her on electrical  epilator settings after she failed. If she defaulted on her student loan they should send the bill to James Waler the VII! She could have taken the whole course and have been educated for $4,000.00 and earned a license and registration in two months. However James Walker hates licensed and registered electrologists but the kickback was to hard for James to resist and he would not stand for that! Because James Walker flunked his Certified Professional electrologist test that any simpleton could pass. By the way I found out later Sanny AKA did not qualify for her Certified Professional Electrologist test because they told her a pack of lies. I would expect James Walker and Andrea James took half of the proceeds. However did Vida and her husband get? Nothing and she and her hubby have to pay off the student loan and equipment and those high interest rates that will kill them. Plus she does have enough hours to become a certified professional electrologist.


For the record the Massachusetts Board of Electrologists require the legal name of every client, if the clients lies they can’t file a claim and the electrologist is not fined. Fact I do not make appointments with people with fake names. By the way you should read and learn how Sanny aka Vida took her daughter to every electrologist in the Valley because her daughter refused to let her dear old Mom to work on her face after she finished electrolysis school. Because her Mom is so painful and by the way Vida could not satisfy her in the valley. Her daughter said her Mom was not good enough to work on on  her.  When Sanny AKA Vida went to Maria Di Nicola and year later she hated Maria and Vida claimed and said she was nothing but a cash cow for Maria Di Nicola at Senzlo Pelo Med Spa and I have a copy? Would you like me to send a printout Deide? I read her entire blog and after one year she said, “Maria Di Nicola used me as a cash cow and more. This proves how lucky I was because your friend Andrea lies a rug  because that’s the way she matured as a person who hates and hurts people for pleasure. So Andrea lets people use uses fake names and  hide behind their computer to hurt people and when someone lies and publishes the real name because there using an alias to hurt pepes reputation. No one has the right to lie and withhold information and her off the cuff nasty lies and remarks pointed at others said Hubby and I  supported  the Ustasha organization of extremists. Deirdre when will you stop believing all of Andrea James compulsive lies and report her to law? Deedre one Last Item after the comment by Electro-Girl please ask Andrea James why her money has not been returned to German Girl. However the Big Question is why is Andrea James is such a compulsive liar?

Deirdre have you taken your oath of allegiance to Andrea James? there is nothing odd that I write about your friend Andrea James and just Google an open letter to Andrea James and see all the people and at least 99% of the Trans Community hate her with a passion. Deirdre Just Google, people that Hate Andrea James and learn the truth before you accuse people with Andrea James Lies.

I replied to her hateful comments and she is Doxing me and she did this to me and Andrea James listed my names. address, zip code, personal information,old phone number multiple texts and other forms of Doxing she commits against me. However how come you do not Google an open letter to Andrea James or Google people who hate Andrea James. By the way Deirdre way how come you did not know about the Croat Ustasha group who murdered all the Bosnian Muslims? The other item is that Andrea James convicts people without thinking or realizing that we have civil rights. When people start using false names and identities they have lost their rights because those are criminal acts committed by Andrea James who is your friend but you look the other way and know the truth. By the way Deirdre when users and Internet Trolls d hide their real name behind a computer and make up lies they have given up their rights to privacy because they play dirty.

Hairtell.con is all about hatred and negativity, but this has to be posted to expose James, Walker  who stole money and does not return it. Deidre you made the wrong  decision to post false information about a hater that used a fake name when making an appointment at my office. You should call Maria Di Nicola and ask what she thinks of  Sanny? I Read them because we live in a free country however it’s apparent you don’t read enough. You can read her hatred  about Sanny on hairtell.  Sanny needs help and after you read the above  it was James Walker her ripped her off for allot of money.  This information defames Andrea and I think all the non-licensed  electrologists that post on Hairtell are quacks at best. Hairtells non licensed uneducated electrologists that are quacks that suffer from being manipulated by James Walker Vii. In the description I met Sanny and she had no identification. I met her for minute and don’t even know this woman and I think she is accusing everyone  of being a fake electrologist. If you want to tout your electrologist credentials please do so but Massachusetts has the toughest requiemens in the usa and four electrolysis schools,  I think your credentials are outside of the USA and don’t forget Electrolysis is an American invention.  Deidre you are mixed bag of tricks and  where is the truth that you don’t  want people to know? and that is your friend Andrea James lies a rug and hurts people for pleasure? Your hear all their lies and say nothing that will stop Andrea James hatred. So what if you went overseas to get trained, I told you how to Google her, I am not  into Social Media which is an excuse to lie. You need a new electrologist and  I would have heard about you as an electrologist along time ago and went overseas to ge trained. However there are many people that have gone to school and cannot master this profession.  Deidre when you use a fake name?  Big deal you could tell me about your painstakenly detailed Mickey Mouse  curriculum at your electrolysis school and the three day state board examination you had to pass in order to get a certificate to practice.  I have 15 years of CEUS and I write new articles about electrolysis  and Paradoxical Hypertrichosis. Oh, will throw in a description of the 25 hours of continuing education. I am bored already and the requirements you need every two years in order to renew your certificate. How come you are not a practising electrologist? MA State Board gave me credits for articles I written and I donated them. BTW it’s a fact registered nurses make lousy electrologists but I have retrained a few of them on computerized epilators.  Deirdre why don’t you help Andrea get some help and you know she is compulsive liar with N.P.D. Andrea is the one started this and along the way I have discovered her sketchy business dealing especially James Walker VII and people who ignore the victims they steal from. Andrea hates my website plus she wants but she’s not wiling to pay for it and she is not trustworthy in any form or manner.

I would like to announce that has a new moderator and her name is Seana Richmond from Ottawa Canada and she has nicknames and is also known as SeannaTG and Iluv2zaphairs. On the other hand she has picked up some bad habits from Hairtell.con users. Seana Richmond for some strange reasons deliberately Misgenders Transwomen and Transmen because we have a different opinion on certain issues like wanting to hurt your feelings. It’s obvious that she learned this rude behaviour from Andrea James and James Walker the Vii. It bothers me and other Transwomen she is an electrologists who disrespects Massachusetts state licensed and registered electrologists like myself and others. It’s a fact that Massachusetts has the toughest standards In the United States of America to attain and become a Massachusetts State Licensed & Registered Electrologists. When I was the pre-op Trans I had to survive and work my way through Miskelly’s School of Electrology Quincy MA. No we have Beth in Central New York, Katherine in the Big Apple and Sarah in Amherst Massachusetts. Imagine that four Trans Electrologists that are Massachusetts Licensed  & Registered Electrologists. So it’s true that some times the worst discrimination comes from jealous Transwomen and Non-licensed electrologists from Ottawa, Canada. Oh well some just don’t do well in school but Seana when you misgender other Transwomen don’t be surprised when people ignore and avoid you,





All Top Ten Contributors and lesser members have their primary account as a prestigious electrologist on Hairtell and the other hand people are not aware they are uneducated, non-licensed electrologists. In addition all these members have alternate accounts as consumers who use the forum to talk about their hair problems. However at the top of the Andrea James Pyramid Scam James Walker VII CPE also known as the Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker is the want to be  licensed and registered electrologist who failed to make it. The way it works is the innocent consumers who are looking for information about hair removal unknowingly becomes a free member of After that he or she goes on line and looks for an electrologist in her state say like New York which has no licensing requirements to do electrolysis. From there the consumer asks if any anyone knows a good electrologist in the Buffalo New York area. Than all of sudden there are others who join the forum and before you know it every one of them recommends their beloved Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker a Non-Licensed Un-educated-Electrologist appears. All Top Ten Contributors have false email accounts or members will tell you how wonderful James is even though they know what a fraud he is. In Ohio on everyone raves the best in Ohio nonetheless she refuses to post interior pictures of her office. All of the Top Ten Contributors members have to pay dues and are paid a commission from James Walker VII CPE moderator and Andrea James when they get a new client. On all members are disreputable non-licensed electrologists using a fake identities telling potential clients how wonderful James Walker is. In essence this is racketeering in most devious deceptive manner I have ever seen. In addition how come Andrea James who owns has not told James Walker VII CPE to return the money stolen from German Girl? Maybe James split the money with Andrea James? By the way I do not have hidden video camera’s video cams like James Walker I don’t want Sanny coming to my office. As you know all the people on Hairtell are sketchy. For a fact if Andrea James was on death-row and had to tell the truth to save her life she would prefer to  lie.

In addition James Walker has Real Privacy Issues when Electro-Client aka German Girl said,. These photos were taken surreptitiously because there are “security cameras” located (and hidden) throughout James Walers establishment. Nevertheless James Walker an avid member of PEP which is an Adult Sex Club and does James Walker sell his videos to his clients using the bathroom or bedroom at Executive Clearance? What a Horror Show at James Walkers VII CPE Executive Clearance Headquarters.


Posted by Electro-Girl
Clients beware (Personal experience + Photos) [Re: dfahey]
Electro_Client Contributor
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Electro_Client Stated

For me, Hairtell was an endorsement of electrologists. This was especially true of James W. Walker VII, who is the moderator of Hairtell. Walker is “Hairtell itself!” My reasons for posting the following is to describe how terribly wronged I have been by this unscrupulous person. Clients beware and NEVER give your money up-front. I have learned a terrible lesson.

Below is a copy of my complaint filed with the New York Attorney General as well as a link to photos taken of his establishment?


I am a young woman from Germany. I entered an agreement with James Walker of Buffalo, New York, to receive electrolysis treatments. I pre-paid for my treatments and for a guest room he provides. The conditions of his establishment are appalling. Because of these hazardous conditions, I terminated my schedule with him.

Although I am now “out” $6,000, my primary goal in filing with the State of New York is to have some authority look into this establishment. The conditions I will be explaining are a significant threat to the Health & Safety of the public.


The AMA (American Medical Association) classifies ELECTROLYSIS as an electro-surgical procedure to remove (human) hair permanently. The procedure involves inserting a sterile needle into each hair follicle (skin’s full-depth). An electric current is applied, via the needle, and blood vessels and stem cells in the skin and follicle are destroyed.

Understanding the potential risks of serious infection (e.g., hepatitis and HIV), the American Electrology Association worked with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to establish Rules and Regulations for electrolysis procedures. These Rules have become standard and enforceable in the profession. My claim is centered on the extremely filthy conditions I encountered at the following electrolysis business, and my legitimate concerns about contracting an illness as a result.


I contacted James W. Walker VII, though the internet site, We agreed on my arrival time from Germany to Buffalo, NY, for electrolysis treatments for a period of two weeks. Walker has a “guest room” at his office that he rents to patients, and I agreed to stay in this room. Per his requirements, I pre-paid him the sum of $8400 for treatment (84 hours), and $560 for staying in his guest room (Total: $8960.) I completed 25 hours of treatment.


Arriving at Walker’s establishment, I was horrified to see the conditions. He showed me to my room, and it was a disaster. The sheets on the unmade bed had been slept in and the room smelled of human odor and mold. There was so much clutter in the room that it’s a firetrap. I did not see any smoke detectors or fire extinguishers. There were electrical wires hanging from the ceiling, holes in the walls and mold on the walls.

The bathroom was horrendous. The toilet had not been flushed or cleaned. There was black mold on the walls. The scummy tub contained old used dried-out towels. Soiled towels were all over the filthy bathroom floor.

I did not stay there and went, instead, to a hotel. I was very upset, but since I had already paid for my treatments, I decided to try to overlook the mess and start treatment. I eventually could not tolerate the conditions and walked away from having any further treatments. (There were other issues with Walker, but the extreme filth is my primary complaint.) I later discovered that electrologists are required to sterilize their instruments such as forceps (tweezers). There was no sterilization mechanism to be seen. The forceps he used on me were left out on the dirty bathroom sink and used on me every day (see photo). One time, he dropped the forceps on the dirty floor, picked it up and continued working on me. Electrologists are required to place fresh cloth or paper towels on the treatment table for each client. The sheets that Walker used were badly soiled and had definitely been used with other clients (the smell and stains). He never changed the coverings!

Wearing latex gloves is standard in the practice. Indeed, Walker wore gloves, but he wore the same pair all day long. He would drive his car with these gloves, return to the office and start working on me without changing these gloves (even after using the toilet or taking his many breaks). Whether or not the State becomes involved in my individual case, I hope that an appropriate agency will look into the DANGEROUS conditions of this establishment, for the Health & Safety of the public. I am not familiar with American laws, but such a filthy MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT would not be legal in Germany.

Please look at my photos and the attached descriptions. These photos were taken surreptitiously because there are “security cameras” located (and hidden) throughout t James Walers establishment.

Thank you for reading my text.…924102736141547


From Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean, CEO of Boston Electrolysis® To Electro-Client

Dear Electro-Client,

What a heartbreaker of a story that is and James Walker VII CPE spends all his time manufacturing lies and creating fake electrologists and false clients on His group of scam artists on post one lie after another about how wonderful and what a great electrologist that James Walker is. In addition James does the same for them and says how wonderful they are with their fake identities when someone is looking for an electrologist in Arizona. For your information James badmouths the few licensed and registered electrologists in Arizona while he praises uneducated non-licensed electrologist with little or no education as long as they pay him for referrals. Electro_Client all of the electrologists on lied to you and hid the truth that James Walker VII CPE and 99 and 3/4% of all the uneducated non licensed electrologists on never attended or went to a professional electrolysis school in any form or manner. In addition they have not taken a practical examination and three the licensed electrologists on leave allot to be desired since they feed off of James’s referrals and they are aware of the scams that he and his members perpetrate on yet not one of them has stepped forward and told you the truth. In fact their comments are deliberately meant to discourage you so you will quit and beware of the ones who offer you sympathy because they are the biggest liars.

For your information James Walker is an opponent of mandatory licensing and registration for all electrologists. Andrea James the website owner has manipulated members of to lie and assassinate the character of honest state licensed and registered electrologists using smear tactics. Andrea’s many years of evil deeds to the public have been exposed with Andrea James caught in the act who slanders and stabbing Transwomen in the in the back because they refuse to do her bidding. If you want to know what other Transwomen think of Andrea James than Google, “An Open Letter to Andrea James” or click this link o+Andrea+James&gs_l=serp.12…….0…1c..64.serp..0.0.0.jhBYjLr MwiA. Or you might like to read what the Huffington Post says about Andrea James who accuses Andrea James of 1. Absence of good-faith arguments, 2. Misleading personal attacks, 3. Traditionalism and ageism,4. Misgendering and accusations of “privilege”, 5. False hierarchies of transwomen, 6. Hypocrisy and feigned offense, 7. Siding with mainstream prejudice, 8. Disingenuous conflation of “transgender” with drag, 9. Hiding behind “homophobia” to defend transphobia and 10. Elitism and exclusion of queer trans women from queer culture. DONT FORGET PEOPLE WHO HATE ANDREA JAMES

Electro-Client, the entire Hairtell forum members plus Andrea James and James Walker attacks Trans licensed and registered electrologists like myself who take a stand against James Walker VII CPE and his Top Ten Contributors who inflate James Walkers ego. James Walker lacks a professional education and license and a registration to practice as an electrologist nevertheless he covets the professional status of a state licensed and registered electrologists. Electro-Client, it’s so mind-boggling when James and his resident troll Dee Fahey and others who James taught how to use, coerce and dupe forum members to call other electrologists offices pig sties, dumps and other dirty filthy names. On the other hand when you visit James Walkers office you learn that his shack is a filthy pig-pen that should be condemned by the Buffalo Board of Health. The interior photograph of James Walkers Executive Clearance office is the worst pig-sty in the USA. By the way please don’t believe James fabricated story that Homeless People broke into James Walker office and a made a mess of James office in a short amount of time. What a gross exaggerated lie because it takes years of slovenly laziness to make such a disgusting filthy mess. James Walker VII CPE has been caught in his own web of his deceit, lies and treachery where he accused other electrologists offices as being a pig sty. How prophetic that James has been caught in his own web of lies, deceits and treachery since he refuses to post pictures of his the interior of his office. His buddy Dee Fahey and an electrologist from Ohio refuses to post photographs of her office. Dee supports the same lies and could lose her license if her board found out she was making false comments, obstructing justice and making false unprofessional accusations about competing licensed electrologists.


Electro-Client you stated, “For me, Hairtell was an endorsement of electrologists. Electro_Client you fell in the spider’s web of James Walker VII CPE DBA Executive Clearance. For years his Hairtell gang has lied to the public by telling them and that James Walker the VII CPE is a great electrologist. These gangs of non-licensed electrologists and three unscrupulous licensed electrologist have multiple false accounts as clients to make them appear competent. James Walker VII CPE and Andrea James should be investigated by the Buffalo Police Department, Buffalo Board of Health, FBI and FCC for federal communications violations that violate the Rico Act.

Mr. Walker ego is so big that on every page Mr. Walker states he is the Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion and Mike, Dee and Elizabeth are the three licensed electrologists on have failed to stand up and tell you the truth. However they have supposedly stopped associating with James but not one of them protested and demanded that James return your money. Andrea James and her corporation Deep Stealth Inc. is the owner of the website and she’s responsible for your lost of income since she appointed and hired James Walker VII CPE as the moderator. Its obvious James Walker is in the employ of Andrea James when he collects money and profits paid to him by



James Walker spends all his time manufacturing lies and creating fake electrologists and false accounts on to post more lies about honest legitimate licensed and registered electrologists. It’s so mind-boggling when James and his gang of trolls and the Chief of Trolls Dee Fahey and others use, coerce and dupe forum members to call other electrologists offices pig sties, dumps and other dirty names. On the other hand when you visit James Walkers Pig- Pen you learn his shack is a filthy pigsty that should be condemned by the Buffalo Board of Health. Tsk, tsk I’ll bet James Walker VII CPE can see the pathogenic bacteria with his super gynecologist lamp crawling or should I marching on his epilator table and treatment area and there is no doubt that he throws them a few crumbs breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Andrea James is the CEO of Deep Stealth Inc. and owner who hired James Walker VII CPE as moderator for We know James walker VII CPE refuses to return $8900.00 taken from the client Electro-Client who flew in from Germany for a series of treatments by James who claims to be the Electrolysis World Champion. It is bothersome that Andrea James the owner refuses to address the situation and return the money however we have to ask did they spent the money? Since September 9th, 2014 they refuse to reply and they have closed the URL so it cannot be found on a standard internet search in addition deleting many of Electro_Client comments and pleas for help to other member but they ignored her blocked her from posting new comments.

For years I have warned the public and the Trans-Community about James Walker who claims he is a Trans-Friendly electrologist. On the other hand James Walker VII CPE hates Trans- Electrologists because we worked hard to become educated and licensed and registered as electrologists and we take our work seriously. James is an uneducated non-licensed electrologist on who referred to Tran-Electrologists as he, she and it. When James makes such ignorant comments about other Trans-Women it’s very obvious he could care less about his Trans-Clients. I could list every members name, address and prejudice hateful comments who should be investigated especially their supportive comments that are meant to discourage Electro-Client! This would never happen if there where mandatory licensing and registration in every state including Canada. All state licensed electrologists are required to have a background check in addition to being educated in Electrolysis Theory and Practical Application and than complete a two written and hour practical examination to become a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist. Deidre the victims have rights and all this has gone on to long because Andrea has a problem accepting and realizing that other peoples have rights. All Andrea has to do is remove every hateful slanderous comment about me and Mr. Walker to.



Electro_Client I hate electrolysis nightmares like this and it’s disgusting James Walker VII CPE and Andrea James refuse to return your money. Tsk, tsk I’ll bet James could see the pathogenic bacteria with his super gynecologist lamp crawling or should I marching on the desktop?

Andrea James owner of who hired James Walker VII CPE as moderator for refuses to demand that James Walker VII CPE return $8900.00 taken from a client.

Electro_Client I hope this has helped you and if you would like to publish more information please contact me at and their other ways to make complaints besides the courts. You could make a complaints on their business license, corporations and certain publications which would bring to the attention of the Court of Last Resort know as Public Opinion.

Sincerely Kimberly Williams, R.E, Dean CEO of Boston Electrolysis®
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979

This article copyrighted by Boston Electrolysis® 2016

Here is articles how James Walker VII CPE threatened my life, Walker-VII-CPE-DBA-Executive-Clearance/Page1.html


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