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her real address for those who may find a use for it,

I am writing this article about Andrea James because it’s been my misfortune to post an advertisement for my business, Boston Electrolysis®, as well as my website,, on her website in which I caught her page-jacking my own website. I asked to be removed from her site and also for her to stop the theft of my intellectual property, the registered and copyrighted name, “BOSTON ELECTROLYSIS®“. She responded to my innocent request by posting this hateful statement on, “Boston Electrolysis and Kimberly Williams should be avoided by all consumers, the owner’s behavior is erratic and paranoid.” Several years later she continues to ignore my requests to stop the illegal use of my Trademarked name and retract her hate-full statement about me. However if anyones behavior is erratic and paranoid it’s Andrea James whose lives in total denial and to prove that true, just”Google An Open Letter to Andrea James” and read about the 650 Transwoman who despise Andrea James. One article list of 350 Transwoman that agree Andrea James as a dispacble low life Internet Creep of the lowest nature!

I think it’s time that people know the real Ms. Andrea James! Without one doubt Andrea James is a Writer, Director, Filmaker and Trans-Activist Gone Bad!  Located at 952 Lucile Avenue Los Angeles, California 90026 Andrea James is just a short drive of five minutes or a short 2.3 mile walk to her Mail Box Etcetera account located at Deep Stealth Productions 5419 Hollywood Blvd., #C142 Hollywood, CA 90027.

Andrea James is a Trans-Tyrant who believes she can never be in error and, to reinforce this, she has gone to great lengths to avoid any human contact with others. Because of Andrea James’s way of doing business is she is unwilling and refuses to conduct her business Deep Stealth Productions in fair and honest manner. Therefore Andrea James has gone to extreme lengths to hide her physical address. She conducts her business from Mailboxes Etc. with an unlisted phone number. Much of this article refers to her psychological issues. Products on Deep Stealth Productions are third rate and her voice lessons are total scam and she refuses to refund your money for a legitimate request.  Andrea James is the owner and hired James Walker VII CPE as  moderator and manager and Andrea knew James Walker is an uneducated non-licensed electrologist. However James Walker VII CPE absconded with10,000 advanced payement from a Transwoman German Girl who flew in from Germany to have electrolysis treatments. James Walker VII CPE who skipped town moved to Rochester New York and opened a new electrology office listed as Emancipation Electrolysis. Andrea James lets him list his new unlisted business on and Nonetheless Andrea James is the resposible owner of the owner website and she refuses to make resititution to’s German Girl. By the way be careful of Emancipation Electrolysis because they do not list the credentials of their unlisted electrologist who is uneducated a non-licensed electrologist.

 I was a guest lecturer at Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 1987. I was, interestingly, the only Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist that I am aware of to lecture at Harvard Medical School. I lectured on the following subjects: My Life Experiences, Human Sexuality, Psychology, Transsexualism, Endocrinology and, of course, Electrolysis. Here is link to a letter of thank you from Daniel D. Federman Dean at Harvard Medical School.

Most folks are not willing to share their life experiences, and when they do, are often unaware that you may well be placed directly under their microscope for an up close look at your life, especially when one lectures at an institution of Harvard Medical School’s stature and magnitude. On the other hand, this was my opportunity to observe professors and physicians who actually possessed the absolute power to influence or maintain or change the path of “Modern Medicine” with their signature, directive, verbal order or even the snap of their fingers. In the upper echelons of Harvard Medical School and other prestigious medical institutions, this is how it is done because, as always, there is a very small percentage of the ruling elite who make all the decisions regarding the quality of our healthcare.

In every social movement there is a hierarchy with rules and regulations that cannot be breached without consequences. With the advent of the Internet, that has provided an opportunity for the Transgendered Community to express the reality of more than 40 years of uninformed bias by the medical profession and without a doubt have to own directly the responsibility for the inequality inflicted upon the “Transsexual Community.”  Major medical teaching institutions have repressed scientific results that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that being a Transwoman is a genetically inherited condition. The “Insurance Industry” using state and federal lobbying has gone to great lengths to totally suppress evidence because they do not want to pay benefits.

Every day of our lives is precious and I would like to believe that I have sowed my thoughts and planted some good deeds along my life’s journey and am hoping, in some way, that some of those have taken root and made a positive difference in the world around me.

By contrast, I would like to point out that the internet has also created opportunities for the “Hard Core Militant-Transbeasts” minority within the community to constantly repeat the ongoing struggle of psychological warfare of who is right and who is wrong. No matter how far the Trans community evolves there will always be discontent by a group, individual or the transgendered internet gangs who claim to be right and that their path is the only way, even though they have lost sight of what they were fighting for. Throughout my life there is one sentence that I like to use, and it is, “What most people take for granted is a hard earned privilege for a Transwoman.” Of course we live and work in an unfair society, but then again, adversity spawns one’s own creativity to work harder in all matters of life to overcome the ignorance of a few people who are ill informed, or who have to express their own personal vendetta to everyone around them, out of their own personal inadequacies.

Therefore the theme of my lectures at Harvard Medical School where about psychological strength and endurance as well as being able to overcome the shortcomings of an indifferent, complicated society where being different is a liability that is held against you. Nonetheless, the Transsexual Community is the world’s smallest, least understood minority who survives in a diverse yet indifferent and complicated society where it is an ongoing struggle to maintain one’s dignity, let alone one’s identity.

On the one hand, there are some Transjerks like Andrea James who did not plan ahead as to what the future of their life might be and how they would support themselves. They rushed through their transition as if it were a Kentucky Derby. Far too many Transwomen have gone through their transition in less than a year and without therapy. I feel certain that a few them are already having serious personality disorders coupled with anti-social behavior that they are not dealing with. Transbeasts like James ignored therapy and continues to make the same incorrect emotional responses versus good solid rational thought and end up hurting many others as well as themselves. They reject and turn people away from themselves, while at the same time, psychologically painting themselves into a corner.

I believe this is Andrea James’s problem. She has what I believe to be “Malignant Narcissism” which starts in infancy, childhood or early adolescence. It is commonly attributed to childhood abuse and trauma inflicted by parents, authority figures, or even peers. It’s so emotionally painful for her to admit her errors that she stumbles into one state of denial after another! She repeats the same mistake over and over blaming others for her problems. In psychiatric terms this is called the “Vicious Circle” and without a doubt they are unaware of how to correct their misdeeds until it’s too late for them to make amends. Ms. James was one of those in such a hurry for her transition that she either ignored or neglected the professional recommendation of physiological therapy for those who claim gender dysphoria.

This article is about a Transwomen who went bad, her name is Andrea James and she is 45 years old. It seems that she has not figured out yet that it is wrong for her to purposefully inflict pain on others because they disagree with you. It seems that her psychological behavior has not matured beyond that of an adolescent who had no parental control in her formative years.

Additionally, it’s apparent that Andrea James considers herself judge, jury and executioner and enjoys the act of inflicting of pain on others and that’s what I find disturbing about her with the fact that, at 45 years of age, she has not out-grown her narcissistic personality disorder.

Without a doubt, I believe all Transwomen like Andrea James should be in perpetual therapy for life. There are many Transbeasts like Andrea James who are afraid to go into therapy because they worry that the therapist will find out who they really are and discover they have a serious anti-social personality disorder or other serious malady that they would not be prepared to deal with. Their fear is that the psychologist would not recommend their SRS as a result. The narcissist aka ever the intimidating bully is not accustomed to such resistance and becomes openly antisocial and seeks to subvert, sabotage, and destroy the sources of their frustration usually from a distance such as the internet forums and chat groups or their own websites. A few retreat and confine themselves to the company of adoring sycophants and unquestioning groupies. I believe that Andrea James falls into this category! I do know of what I speak, as one who has had to endure such behavior over my lifetime and now currently with Ms. James.

In the beginning, Andrea James developed four websites to be used for her self-elected position as the “Queen of Smear” on the Internet along with her financial scams to part Transwomen from their hard earned money. Then Michael Bailey published “The Man Who Would Be Queen”, a book that I disapprove of by the way, but incensed Andrea James to seize the moment and make it her cause in the hope of gaining publicity and fame through debauchery. Well, it seems that Andrea James inadvertently became Michael Bailey’s best public advertiser and with her negative written endorsements, coupled with her psychological attacks and smear campaign, unwittingly sold more books for Michael Bailey than the best New York advertising agency could. Bad publicity about sexual behavior sells more books than you can imagine and Andrea James made “The Man Who would be Queen” into a successful seller.

Then of course, there was Andrea James’s use of anti-social-behavior tactics, where Ms. James downloaded images of Dr. Bailey’s children, taken when they were in middle and elementary school. She then posted them on her own website, “”, with sexually derogatory and explicit captions that she composed. My way of thinking is that children are the innocents. By posting their photographs with cruel, sexually debauched comments, degrading the professor’s 9 year old daughter and 12 year old son, Andrea James has run the risk of psychologically scarring those children. In light of this “Tsroadmap”, Andrea James has given the world a glimpse of her sick, sadistic personality and she finally made the big time with the verbal vicious attacks upon innocent children where she shamefully used them as pawns to discredit and attack their father.

This, from the New York Times:

Another critic of Dr. Bailey’s book, Andrea James, a Los Angeles-based transgender advocate and consultant, downloaded images from Dr. Bailey’s Web site of his children, taken when they were in middle and elementary school, and posted them on her own site, with sexually explicit captions that she provided. (Dr. Bailey is a divorced father of two. )”

(Please refer to the original article in the New York Times – Mental Health & Behavior section.) Ask yourself, “What kind of image does Andrea James’s psychological temper tantrums give the Transgendered Community?”

Andrea James was quoted on that demonstrates the blindness of fanaticism, as she defended her attack on the children by statingaccording to the Times“that Dr. Bailey’s work exploited vulnerable people, especially children, and that her response echoed his disrespect”. The times commented by saying I guess you can do anything as long as it’s for the children.”

Ms. James also went on to say, “Discrediting Bailey was the easy part. Framing the theoretical issues involved is the profoundly difficult part of this controversy“.

In many articles I have written, I’ve pointed out that Andrea James is a public menace to society and as far as the Trans Community is involved she is the “Queen of Smear” who sadistically assaults the members of her community that disagree with her or those who refuse to pay her tribute and extortion money in the name of making a donation to her company, Deep Stealth Incorporated. Andrea James has proven herself to be untrustworthy to the point that she has no known redeemable qualities and the fact that she preys upon the Trans Community like a circling vulture with one financial scam after another leaves a trail of victims behind her.


What I would like to do is point out some of Andrea James’s smear campaigns and attacks upon others in the TG-Community. First, it starts out with trying to “Out” young Transgendered Girls who are just trying to make their way in life, and making things difficult for them by exposing them to the public. (See the article at the link above.)

Then, of course, Andrea James goes on the verbal attack with threats against Professor Alice Domurat Dreger at Northwestern University and her five-year-old son. For response, Alice Dreger wrote an article in which says, “I found myself deeply intimidated by Ms. James’s actions”.

Further into the article she also writes, “Ms. James was notable for the way she decided to go after Bailey’s children to extract revenge. She posted on the internet photographs of Bailey’s daughter and labeled her a “cock-starved exhibitionist.” James also claimed in her online publications that there “are two types of children in the Bailey household,” namely “those who have been sodomized by their father [and] those who have not.”

The article Ms. Dreger wrote is entitled The Blog I write In Fear, (you can read the entire article at this link). She writes quite a detailed account of Andrea James’s hate tactics and antics upon herself and the professional’s children. Andrea James keeps piling up victims, which proves that hate rules her cold-hearted, vicious verbal and false slanderous assaults all because this woman opposed and held a different viewpoint that Andrea James disagreed with. (See link: Retired Lawyer and Rape Victim for a good example of this)

However, Andrea James has become fond of her use of belligerent, antisocial tactics and she never has possessed the ability to distinguish between right and wrong when she thinks everyone is her enemy. With her poisoned tongue Andrea James envenomed honest, hard-working people, especially striking at successful members of the TG community without regards to people’s civil rights and their feelings.

For those who have had their names publicly smeared and/or businesses defamed and slandered, there is no way to contact Andrea James directly, as her mail is received at Mail Boxes Etc. However, after several years of searching, I finally located Andrea James’s physical address, which is located at 952 Lucile Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90026 and I sent her a certified return receipt letter with signature on it. Now people who have the desire can serve Andrea James with a court summons or other legal documents that have a delivery receipt and can do so without fear that Ms. James will just ignore them and claim she never received them. With the Mailbox Etc. address she could just refuse to reply to her mail, refuting the laws of our society.

What does this mean for those seeking justice? It provides her victims to serve her a bench warrant, court summons and legal documents to appear before a court of law and a judge. Of course I hope everyone operates within the law and refrains from “Vigilante Justice” so, please, no drive-bys, Molotov Cocktails, Machine-Gun Strafing or other forms of violence. is another example of Andrea James’s use of the Internet for her smear campaigns and illegal spamming techniques. In the last two years, many transsexuals have called Boston Electrolysis for treatment, advice and suggestions of where they might go to get decent electrolysis treatments in their state after having exhausted all sources on the internet. I was dismayed to learn that James Walker VII, NLE, a non-licensed electrologist and Andrea James sycophant groupie, dislikes licensed and registered electrologists. James Walker VII, NLE, has set up a kickback system on where non-licensed electrologists pay him for referrals.

However, our transgendered activist, Andrea James, has not changed her mode of operations, and she has now selected James Walker VII, NLE to be the moderator for Mr. Walker of claims to aspire to the highest standard of ethics in the electrolysis industry yet, being an uneducated, non-licensed operator himself, one would have to wonder how ethical could he be? It’s my opinion that he holds this position as a lackey, licking at the heels of Andrea James and doing exactly as she tells him. Andrea James, it seems, demands the “lions share” of the kickbacks. In addition, Mr. James Walker VII, NLE, habitually smears licensed and registered electrologists who refuse to submit to Andreas James’s extortion, scams and payoffs. Recently Mr. Walker and James the owner Hairtell robbed a member of Hairtell know as German Girl and they James Walker moderater of Hairtell stole $10,000 and Andrea James the responsible owner refuses to return the money he split with James Walker the Moderator.

So again why did I write this article? Because it’s my misfortune to post my practice, Boston Electrolysis®, and my website,, on in which I caught her page jacking my website, all because I asked to be removed from her website and for her to stop the theft of my intellectual property, the registered and copyrighted name, “BOSTON ELECTROLYSIS®“.

Shortly after my request, Andrea posted this hateful statement on, “Boston Electrolysis and Kimberly Williams should be avoided by all consumers, the owner’s behavior is erratic and paranoid.” In fact, and for the record, I have never met Andrea James and the one time I talked to her on the phone, she said “F&%k you” and hung up the phone. Fact: Andrea James is the paranoid one, because she has an unlisted address at Mailboxes Etc., 5419 Hollywood Blvd, Suite C142 Hollywood, CA 90027, and has an unlisted cell phone number and screens all her calls. Fact: Andrea James is the one who is paranoid and unstable because she does not want her creditors and people that she has smeared and ripped off to know where she is. For the record I warn all electrologists and consumers to steer clear of this paranoid individual who has nothing to lose by slandering you in a most evil and defamatory manner.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean



Fact, Boston Electrolysis® and Boston School of Electrolysis™ are registered businesses with a real physical address and a listed business phone.


NOTE: One last item if you want to learn more about Malignant Narcissism I suggest you read “NARCISSISM, PATHOLOGICAL LYING, AND POLITICS”

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