James Walker VII CPE My Unwanted Tresspasser & Andrea James

Andrea Jean James is a fake transgender rights activist, film producer,blogger and a liar cheat, thief and Wikipediaphile!!!

Author Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

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My Unwanted Trespasser James W. Walker VII, CPE!


James Walker, VII, CPE Certified Professional Electrologist?
2242 Genesee Street. Cheektowaga/Buffalo, NY 14211


Andrea James Specialist At Bashing Trans-Licensed & Registered Electrologists


As a member of the TG Community I would like to make every one aware that on June 15, 2011 James Walker VII CPE using an assumed name called my office asking for an immediate appointment on that same day. Because my appointment book was full I had no openings so I asked him to let me have his phone number and I would call him back and using the name John he replied, “I will call you back”. I checked the (602) phone number on my Caller ID but it was a spoofed and fake phone number that did not exist. On the next day June 16th, 2011 at 11:30 Mr. James Walker VII CPE arrived at my office without an appointment and he skulked his way into my office and unknowingly triggering my security door chime and sat down on a chair in my waiting room. I walked out and before I spoke one word the first words out of James Walker VII CPE’S big mouth were, “I am here for my free complimentary 15 minute treatment”. I replied to him, “I have a patient and you do not have an appointment however to be polite I gave him my card and pointed him towards the door and said out”. Mr. Walker was wearing his do-rag and was attired in a green US Army fatigue jacket and underneath he wore a heavy polyester football shirt with number seven on it. Mr. Walker begrudgingly headed towards the door; he gave me a hateful glare while he silently mouthed the F-word as he exited my office and said, “I’ll get you”. Mr. Walker was quite overheated and dressed way too warm and it was obvious that he had been drinking and up all night and I think our hot weather in Phoenix was too much for him. However, I offered him the key to the mens room to freshen up a bit considering that his body odor was rank to say the least and its obvious he does not bathe on a regular basis .After he left I remember looking into Mr. Walker eyes and you could see his seething burning hatred and he came close to losing it. Without one doubt James Walker the VII CPE, entered my office to cause trouble and most likely to assault me and cause me physical harm considering that two years prior I warned him never to enter my office.

One has to think for a moment that Mr. James Walker VII, CPE consuming hatred compelled him to fly all the way from Buffalo, New York to Phoenix, Arizona and his partner in crime and the Vida D. AKA Sanny Deli who drove his getaway car. Because of his hatred James came close to losing control of his temper… He has broken the law and trespassed at my office to cause harm, and this how Mr. James Walker VII CPE sets an example and demonstrates how a Certified Professional Electrologist should behave? If Mr. James Walker VII CPE and his driver Vita D. AKA Sanny Delic make another unscheduled visit to my office both of them will be arrested by the Scottsdale Police for trespassing and both of them will become guests of Sheriff Joe Arpaeo at “Tent City” in Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Walker was in an altered state on drugs or alcohol or both and I hope people realize that he is common criminal thug who likes to intimidate women with the threat of brute force. Andrea Jameshis boss and owner of taught James to bash any and all licensed electrologists, skin specialists on that that they see fit to inflict harm upon. Mr. Walkers illegal acts proves that he and others does not have the right to take the law into their own hands and if he tries again it will be short time before he and his accomplices ends up in prison. In addition Mr. James walker CPE VII should take into consideration that to stalk an individual on the internet and then to trespass on their property is a federal offense and any of his associates on that participated or know of his crime could be investigated and charged with aiding and abetting a Felony Hate Crime. These crimes are serious felonies with up to 15 years imprisonment and Mr. James Walker VII CPE and his accomplices should realize that Arizona is a conservative Death Penalty State that does not tolerate violence and cyber-stalkers in any form or manner. In addition, Andrea James the owner of also known as the Jokesters is James Walkers mentor who taught James the fine art of bashing Transgendered women. Andrea James the owner of and James Walker the moderator have a bad reputation on the Internet for dishonesty, hatred and lying because both of them go out of their way to ruin honest people who refuse to be harassed, intimidated and extorted. is nothing less than collection of uneducated non-licensed electrologists with fake names who use every scam in the book of crime to rip off the consumer.


What’s more is how James Walker VII CPE plays his petty little mind games were he spoofs a made up phone numbers than he turns a switch and uses a woman voice. Eventually James will be caught because to purchase these services he leaves an electronic trail to his cell phone, credit card and airlines tickets. In the mean time you can see James walker VII CPE the moderator of and Andrea James the owner of the forum as a blackjack to force his opinion upon others who speak up and say no to his strong-arm bully tactics that shame him and all his non-licensed certified professional electrologists on James Walkers associates realize his illegal actions they will distance themselves from him. Than we have James Walkers VII CPE Trans-Bashing Troll Dee Fahey, FPD (Flaming Personality Disorder) who is HairHell’s only Ohio licensed electrologist and reputed Evangelical Troll and a biased Trans-Basher just like who takes pleasure harming educated people. I hate hearing Electrolyis Nightmares and feel pity for any Trans-woman who arrives at Dee Faheys dingy dungeon and has to listen to Dee’s religious propaganda, no doubt Dee’s another Eva Braun in the making who will follow in Eva’s footsteps to the end. What is most amazing is that Andrea James was inspired by James Walker VII CPE and Dee Fahey, licensed by the Medical State Board of Ohio as Licensed Cosmetic Therapist.

New York Times Slams Andrea James For Being Cruel To Children

Andrea James who owns and is notorious and best known for posting photos of a nine year old girl stolen from a family social networking site and captioning the child a “cock-starved exhibitionist”. In response to public chorus of disapproval James removed the posts before being arrested and later claimed the child “deserved it” because James was angry at the child’s father, sexologist Michael Bailey. You can read about this in the New York Times article exposing Andrea James.

Non-Licensed Electrologist versus Educated State Licensed & Registered Electrologists

I will quote our amateurish non-licensed electrologist James Walker VII CPE who says,” Put your energy into learning the craft, not collecting stars for your belly and initials after your name”. Mr. Walker has a perverse way of thinking and genuine narrow-minded bigotry and prejudice against all state licensed and registered electrologists. He believes it’s unfair that licensed and registered electrologists that have worked hard to earn their credentials and proudly display them on their resumes and advertisements. James Walker the VII, CPE on the other hand thinks and believes there is no need to educate, test, and license electrologists. However James claims and prints his own delusional credentials were he actually believes and publicly broadcasts; he is the Electrolysis World Champion at the Top of His Game, Hair Removal God and Entertainer Extraordinaire. However you should see him in Electrolysis World Champion WWF wrestling outfit and with his fake champion belts


What’s more is how James plays his petty little mind games were he spoofs a made up phone numbers than he turns a switch and uses a woman voice. Eventually he will be caught because to purchase these services he leaves an electronic trail to his cell phone, credit card and airlines tickets. In the mean time you can see James walker VII CPE who uses Andrea James website as a blackjack to force his uneducated ways upon others who speak up and say no to his strong-arm bully tactics that shame him and all his so called certified professional electrologists on When James Walkers Hairtell associates realize his illegal actions they will distance themselves from him. However with the exception of his resident Troll Dee Fahey, HairHell’s only licensed electrologist that blindly believes James every lie no matter how big. Dee Fahey is an Evangelical Troll from hell who refutes, “Let he without sin cast the first stone” and Dee Fahey loves to throw rocks when James get himself in trouble with his compulsive lying and bragging about town. When it comes to fabricating lies Dee Fahey nose is much longer than Pinocchio’s nose. Nonetheless when you talk about other electrologist’s cleanliness former clients complain about the odor in Dee Fahey’s Office that smells like being downwind from a pig- farm. Gee I hate to hear electrolysis stories like this and did Dee Fahey forget that cleanliness is next to Godliness? James Walker VII CPE is Andrea James devoted lackey whose real knowledge of Electrolysis, Thermolysis and Blend treatments would not fill Tinkerbelle’s Thimble however he slaves away for his mistress and procures the payoffs and kick-backs from’s Top Ten Contributors. On the other hand Andrea James has her but in the sling again with Gender Trender. Will the horror stories about Andrea James, James Walker VII CPE and the non-licensed rank and file electrologists of ever come to an end?

James Walker believes that to become an educated state licensed electrologist is an unpleasant task and he fears traveling to a state that licenses and registers electrologists because they will force him to jump through hoops of fire and ultimately reject him.

Mr. Walker states that electrologists that do so and return home to their state to practice electrolysis are only doing it for the marketing value, as they will join the majority of electrologists who are professionally educated, trained, tested and licensed and registered as electrologists. While James Walker VII CPE claims electrologist get a license just to say that they are licensed, while James’s practice is performed outside the range of being acceptable in addition to him being an uneducated non-license electrologist. Of course James fails to mention there are excuses or reasons why people fail to become a state licensed electrologist and they are; lack of High School Diploma or GED, criminal record and failing your state board required blood test that you do not have a have communicable disease.

Example I am a Massachusetts licensed and registered since 1979 and I have an active private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona nevertheless I lived in Massachusetts most of my life before relocating to Arizona.

Nonetheless James Walker VII believes a license and registration as an electrologist is nothing but a marketing gimmick that allows electrologists to mislead people even though I have to complete 10 CEUS (Continuing Educational Units) every two years to maintain my license and registration as an electrologist. On the other hand James Walker VII CPE’S non-stop whining that educated licensed and registered electrologists have an unfair advantage when in reality James is suffering from professional envy and a rapacious jealousy. James Walker VII CPE constantly laments how states board of electrologists who grant electrolysis licensees are doing nothing but collecting fees from the electrologist, and they possess no power to monitor the electrologists practice. Again James deliberately forgets to mention the Massachusetts State Board Of Electrology checks to make sure your taxes are paid and you have supplied transcripts proving you have completed 10 CEU’S (Continuing Educational Unit) courses which you are required to take every two years before the Massachusetts State Board Of Electrology will renew your license and registration as an electrologist.

James Walker VII CPE continues to cry that State Boards won’t even take any complaints against an electrologist, as the complaints occurred outside of their jurisdiction.

James drones on, you have to deal with conformity issues that arise when trying to maintain a credential with a state far from your actual home. State licensed and registered electrologists I know have told me that James Walker VII CPE suffers from acute professional envy and jealousy which proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he has a serious inferiority complex. From that point, James claims an electrologist might choose to move one of her marketing credentials to a state nearer to home like Utah. I do this to be in compliance in Utah when I visit electrologists that take my advanced training and evaluation courses. Nonetheless it difficult for James Walker VII CPE whose always scratching his head in wonderment to the point that his hair fallen out and thinks to himself why can’t I be successful? However it’s my business if I would like to earn a third or even fourth state license and registration in electrolysis. Every educational point in attaining an electrologist license is a mystery to poor little James Walker VII, CPE whose lack of hard work hinders his ability to choose a state licensing program. Compare the different educational electrologists licensing requirement in New Jersey that James could attend if he had graduated from high school or attained his GED. Alas poor James Walker VII CPE states, “Who needs or wants a professional education and a state license and registration as an electrologist? On the other hand James Walker VII CPE of is turning an ugly shade of green caused by his resentment where he believes all state licensed and registered electrologists possess an unfair advantage over himself.

One must never forget, that James said, “When you call yourself a licensed and registered electrologist, you will have to avoid making statements that imply that you are a the only New York Licensed and registered electrologist.

New York has no state licensing requirements to legislate the practice of electrolysis. However since August 22, 2003 James Walker VII CPE has been masquerading on the “Cosmetic Enhancement Forum” as guess who? James writing style is most obvious plus the fact that he cuts, copies and posts much of his information from .But James cannot resist using the forum name as “Licensed Electrologist” as his user name on the Cosmetic Enhancement Forum. But why does James Walker VII CPE want to be known as a Licensed electrologist? I am sure he is getting quite a business from posing as a licensed electrologist but it’s his blatant lies that demonstrate just how bad he feels left out of this profession. Nonetheless James could do a little work and earn his GED and go to electrolysis school? Nah, James is to lazy for that amount of work!

James Walker thinks the future of the Electrolysis Profession is at the fork in the road while licensed electrologist know it has been long, hard struggle to achieve requisite licensing in 34 states for electrologists since the beginning of the electrolysis profession.

On the righteous path, we have the future licensing of all electrologists, and on the other hand to satisfy James Walker VII CPE we would have to stop the clock and turn it back to allow the uneducated illiterate electrologists to continue as “Business as usual” no matter what the consequences may be for the consumer. However if the state of New York required electrologists to be licensed they would most likely have to grandfather in all non-licensed electrologists and this means James Walker VII CPE might get a free ride and an electrologists license, oh God help us! Because I would have to register a complaint against James for his “Crimes Against Nature”. Of course if James is altruistic as he claims he would refuse the electrolysis license and move to another state without mandatory electrolysis requirements to make a statement supporting electrolysis illiteracy. Of course there are certain reasons why a state would not license an individual under a grandfathers clause: Criminal record, no high- school diploma, sexually communicable transmitted disease, refusal to pay child support and refusal to pay your state and federal income taxes.

The Certified Professional Electrologist AKA The Store-Bought Diploma

The Certified Professional Electrologist AKA the C.P.E. is the most prolific and common of all the non- licensed electrologist’s diploma mills. Their education can be completed in a relatively short amount of time from ten days to three weeks. The Certified Professional Electrologist does not have a defined published theoretical or practically applied curriculum plus there is no practical examination that is approved by one State Board of Electrologists in the USA. The American Electrology Association is the largest sponsor for membership and has shrouded the process to become a Certified Professional Electrologist in a veil of cloaked secrecy. However I did find the requirements to become a C.P.E. in non- licensed states a clear and present danger to the safety of the consumer. Furthermore you can apprentice with a non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologist for a mere 120 hours with a handy dandy notarized affidavit with proof of residency and don’t forget to submit a copy of your driver’s licenses when you are ready to take the examination. Yessiree, those sure are stringent requirements just to qualify for your examination to become a Certified Professional Electrologist, what could be more taxing? In addition the 120-hour course consists of an actual 20 to 30 hours of practical application training. In addition is no minimum requirement to graduate from a high school diploma to become a Certified Professional Electrologist? There is no criminal or background check or medical testing to confirm the novice electrologist has no communicable diseases as required by all state board of electrologists! Nonetheless James claims he is a Certified Professional Electrologist which gave me the incentive to check his claim at the American Electrology Association website and there is no listing of James Walker VII CPE as Certified Professional Electrologists in any form or manner.


When I graduated in 1979 and opened my practice there was allot talk at school about what electrolysis associations were planning, along with the anticipation that the profession would soon have an educational tool for the betterment of the profession. My last day at school we discussed the creation and the acceptance of the Certified Professional Electrologist course by the American Electrology Association. This was a 120 course with true and false and multiple choice examination with no testing of the applicants Practical Application leaves allot to be desired. As a newly licensed electrologist I remember Diana Kelly, R.E., Dean the owner and dean of Miss Kelly’s School Of Electrology remarked that the Certified Professional Electrologist course would harm the educational arm of the electrolysis profession. While a student at Miss Kelly’s School of Electrology I remember all the out of state students who travelled from all over America to take a minimum 300 to 500 hour course so they could become proficient electrologist. Than they would return home to set up their practice but 90% remained to take complete course and earn their Massachusetts License & Registration as an electrologist… After the creation of the 120 hour Certified Professional Electrologists course Diana Kelly had a large drop in students from states with no electrolysis requirements? Every year Miss Kelly’s School Of Electrology had any were from 20 to 40 out of state students per-year and that was reduced to zero because you become an uneducated Certified Professional Electrologist in an 120 hours for $200.00.That hurts a small professional industry like electrolysis let alone the profession became flooded with quack electrologists in ten a year period were there was no educational requirement to become or practice electrolysis. James Walker the VII CPE was one the first to become an uneducated non-licensed Certified Professional Electrologist because his girl-friend Nancy Ledins, CPE wrote the course. However James did not mention that he failed the American Electrology Certified Professional Electrologist examination. Someone asked James why failed and James replied to make a political statement. However on his website James Walker VII CPE and cronies praised that being a Certified Professional Electrologist is the Cat’s Meow and the who’s who of being an electrologist. In the end James did not retake his examination however for 10 years he advertised as a Certified Professional Electrologist hoping on one would find out!

James Walker VII CPE claims mandatory electrolysis licensing is not fair to uneducated non licensed electrologist like himself!

James Walkers VII CPE aphorisms that he alone is the most altruistic and caring electrologist in addition to claiming he alone is the Electrolysis World Champion makes every electrologist laugh until it hurts. James Walker VII CPE claims the end of the road has been reached and it’s my opinion that we are losing electrolysis equipments manufacturers, and suppliers, due to the flooding of the market by heavily subsidized cheaply manufactured equipment made in Chine and assembled in Canada under another name. As the demand for these products of our profession is stagnant due to the increase of non-licensed electrologists participating in the profession who purchase cheaply made foreign subsidized electrolysis equipment. However with each new state licensing program that takes effect the visibility of the non-licensed electrologist decreases as well. It seems very harsh but if they refuse mandatory licensing they deserve to be out of the profession until they realize that being an uneducated non-licensed electrologist is unacceptable in the year 2015.

James Walker VII CPE’S stance on requisite licensing is off base and it makes complete sense to expect people to master a professional skill while those who forgo their electrolysis education, license and registration and hang their shingle blatantly mocks the words Certified Professional Electrologist. In closing, the best thing for the industry is a formal electrolysis education with mandatory state licensing and registration as an electrologist proving to the public that the educated trained, tested and licensed and registered electrologist is the standard for safe permanent hair removal. In the end, the results of the client’s skin are the only thing that can judge true professionals ability. All else, is simply a starting point considering the fact that uneducated self-trained electrologists cause physical damage and emotional harm to the consumer whose only goal was to rid her of herself unwanted hair problem. Kimberly Williams, R.., Dean Copyright Boston Electrolysis®


You’re in for a fright when you take a look at James Walker‘s Executive Clearance Suite in Buffalo, New York. The picture shows where Mr. Walker hangs his shingle. One can see that our critic prefers to hide his talented skill for exterior decorating. His office suite located at 2242 Gennesee Street, Cheektowaga, and Buffalo, NY 14211 has recaptured that lost look of what “Fort Apache” used to look like circa 1980’s with that armed-urban combat zone look of the Bronx where one needed an armored car just to cross the street. One can only hope that Google will soon develop an “Interior View” option to allow a quick peek into the undoubtedly ghastly halls of Executive Clearance Headquarters.

James Walker VII Executive Clearance Headquarters in Buffalo New York
James Walker, VII, CPE Certified Professional Electrologist?
2242 Genesee Street. Cheektowaga/Buffalo, NY 14211

Well it seems our shy and bashful James Walker VII, CPE, non-licensed electrologist, who lives in a glass house, should not throw rocks and tell big lies about others. (An unknown contributor provided me a color photograph of Mr. James Walker’s VII, CPE Executive Clearance headquarters.) What is amazing is how Mr. James Walker VII CPE bashes other electrologists however it would love see his interior decorating matches the quality of his exterior decorating? James is such a typical Trans-Basher who attacks Trans-women who have become state licensed and registered electrologists. James Walker VII CPE and his associates on Claims to be Trans-Friendly, TG-Friendly, TG-Aprroved and TG this, that, these and those. However when it comes Trans Licensed and Registered Electrologist James Walker VII CPE and all of his Top-Ten-Contributorsgo out of their way to bash Trans- Women who have become excellent state licensed and registered electrologists.

Thank you for your time and attention

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Owner and Founder of Boston Electrolysis® Inc.

Copyright Boston Electrolysis® & Boston School of Electrolysis™ 2009 2015


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