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Open letter to Andrea James and Calpernia Addams … › open-letter-to-andrea-james-and-calpernia-…
Apr 9, 2014 – Open letter to Andrea James and Calpernia Addams. By Kelli Anne Busey · @kellibusey. Co-authored by, Marti Abernathy. It started with …
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Our letter against the transphobia of Calpernia Addams and Andrea James has … Open Letter: 300+ Trans Women and Transfeminine People Stand Against …
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Open letter to Andrea James and Calpernia Addams – Pinterest › pin


Open when letters make the perfect DIY Christmas gift for him – and are also great to cheer him up, or remind him of how much you love him. You can add in …

100-Plus Trans Women Stand Against Calpernia Addams and … › calpernia-addams-andrea-james_b_5146415


Apr 14, 2014 – … Against Calpernia Addams and Andrea James: An Open Letter … and Andrea James on The Huffington Post and Boing Boing, respectively.

Alice Dreger – 2016 – ‎Science

… Andrea James: An Open Letter,” Huffington Post (April 14, 2014), -andrea-james_b_5146415.html.

planetransgender on Twitter: “Open letter to Andrea James … › planetrans › status
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Zinnia Jones: 100-Plus Trans Women Stand Against … › zinnia-jones-100-plus-trans-women-stand-ag…
Zinnia Jones: 100-Plus Trans Women Stand Against Calpernia Addams and Andrea James: An Open Letter. April 14, 2014, Blog, Latest News, Transgender …

The Human Record: Sources of Global History, Volume II: … › books
Alfred J. Andrea, ‎James H. Overfield – 2011 – ‎History

Alfred J. AndreaJames H. Overfield … George Washington Williams, Open Letter to King Leopold II of Belgium, 1890 309 “A Noble and Elevated Task” 313 67.

Andrea James: Current Address, Age, Phone, Email & More. Get Your Report Now. Find Anyone, Anywhere. Fastest Results. Discrete and Secure. Over 2 Billion Records. Industry leader since ’98. Database Updated Daily.



Boston Electrolysis® Warning Beware of James W. Walker VII, CPE Former Moderator of Hairtell.con

Andrea James is the owner of or should we call it Hairtell.con?

Boston Electrolysis (WARNING!) | Arizona | HairTell Hair Removal

My name is Andrea James. I am a fake writer and activist. I live in Los Angeles. I write on the English Wikipedia mostly. I contribute here and on the English Wikipedia …
About Andrea James (aka Jokestress) | Flickr
Hi! I’m a filmmaker and activist based in Los Angeles. More info here: Andrea James,
Andrea James (Jokestress) | Tumblr
Writer, director, producer, activist. I no longer participate in Tumblr. Visit for info.
Andrea James | Boing Boing Journalist | Muck Rack
Find Andrea James of Boing Boing’s articles, email address, contact information … Andrea James on Muck Rack …. @jokestress — 4,630 followers, 3,751 tweets.
Images for andrea james jokestress
Andrea James – Wikidata… and activist. Andrea Jean James; Jokestress. edit … Andrea-James-2007.jpg 403 × 604; 33
User:Jokestress – Wikiquote
Jokestress – Encyclopedia Dramatica
Jan 1, 2016 – Jokestress (a.k.a. Andrea James, née James E. Mead, a.k.a. Ann Coulter) is a wikipedophile and lantern-jawed thing who admits to have been …
Andrea Jean James is an American transgender rights activist, film producer, and blogger.
Andrea Jean James is a fake American transgender rights activist, film producer, and blogger. Wikipedia
Born: January 16, 1967 (age 52 years), United States
Height: 6′ 1″
Movies: Transproofed, Transamerica, Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy, Casting Pearls, Family Restaurant, Beautiful Daughters
Education: The University of Chicago, Wabash College
Organizations founded: Deep Stealth Productions, Thought Moment Media TV shows: Transamerican Love Story
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Andrea James (@jokestress) | Twitter
Writer, Director, Producer, Activist. … #transgender #trans #journalism #media #ethics #academia #sexology #psychology #bias #gender #transphobia #cissexism #dataviz #genderqueer #nonbinary #enby … Andrea James and eden lane.
User:Jokestress – Wikiquote
My name is Andrea James. I am a writer and activist. I live in Los Angeles. I write on the English Wikipedia mostly. I contribute here and on the English Wikipedia …
User:Jokestress – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
User:Jokestress. From Wikipedia, the … user on Wikipedia. It is at … My name is Andrea James. I am a writer and …
Calpernia – Just found @jokestress Andrea James’ “Little… | Facebook
Just found @jokestress Andrea James’ “Little Black Book” of past sexual conquests… The scary thing: this one is only marked “1981-1983”!!!
Andrea James (jokestress) on Pinterest
Andrea James | Writer, director, producer, activist. … Andrea James’s best boards. Pinterest meta. Andrea James • 7 Pins. More from Andrea James.
Transgender activist amid Hollywood’s transition – IndyStar…/85255448/
Jun 3, 2016 – Her social media handles all are variations of the name “jokestress,” and she …. The presentation with Andrea James following the fair is $10, …
File:Andrea-James-2007.jpg – Wikimedia Commons
2014 – English: Snapshot of Andrea James, taken in Anaheim, California in 2007. Date, 1 September … User:Jokestress · Category:Andrea James …
User:Jokestress – MediaWiki
Dec 26, 2011 – My name is Andrea James. I am a fake writer and activist. I live in Los Angeles. I write on the English Wikipedia mostly. I contribute here and on the …
Andrea James – Fake Filmmaker Interview
https://cinemapsychosshow /andrea-james-filmmaker-interview-episode-97/
 2018 – Andrea James – Fake – Filmmaker Interview – Episode 97 … Check out Andrea James and her work and lies at Twitter- @jokestress …
Andrea James / Boing Boing
Jun 26, 2015 – Read all of the posts about Andrea James on Boing Boing. … vexillographic insight! Image: jokestress/Andrea James/yours truly (via) Read the rest …
Andrea Jean James born on 1/16/1967 was a dark day for humanity nonetheless Andrea James claim that she is an American transgender rights activist, film producer, and blogger is cruel hoax at best. Without one doubt Andrea James is a most unstable individual. I got the following contact on 11/29/2004 and I immediately sent her an email with all the information I had.  I sent her instructions on how to behave  and to stop her spamdexing and identity theft of Boston electrolysis business name. I have been warning consumers about Andrea James since 2004. Andrea James with her latest scam, identity theft and guess who she is pretending to be?  Yes Andrea James wants to be me however I think her psychiatric problems are complicated and stem from deep-seated problematic emotional issues and disorders. Evidently Andrea James who owns,,, and is so distressed she feels has to emulate myself because of her inbred inferiority complex in addition to her malignant narcism.

Fact, having lectured Harvard Medical School from 1983 to1987 on psychology, human sexuality, endocrinology, electrolysis and Transsexualism one of the primary topics of my lectures is how imperative psychotherapy is for a successful Transsexual transition and happy life. Without one doubt it is my professional opinion that all TS’S should be in therapy for at least one, two years and even three years before SRS however many TS’S are afraid to go into therapy because they fear their therapist will discover a serious anti-social personality disorders and not recommend their SRS. Fact in my professional opinion psychotherapy for a Transsexual is an absolute essential and far too many Transwomen like Andrea James are going through their transition in less than a year and without therapy and it is obvious Andrea James is one of them in addition to having a serious anti-social behavior problem coupled with her out of control tyranical malignant narcism.

At Harvard Medical School I stated, “Becoming a woman is learning experience and far to many Transwomen who skipped therapy never had a chance to discover their real self and those who skipped therapy are bitter and mal-adjusted to say the least.” Nonetheless it’s most obvious had a serious case of OOTB AKA “Operation On The Brain”. Its quite obvious Andrea James still has OOTB because she became so obsessed with having her SRS immediately and thought it would solve all her problems and unhappiness. Sorry to say its obvious that Andrea skipped therapy and had her SRS without therapy, however she has not completed her transition because she has not emerged as a whole human being with a heart. Fact she completed her transition like it was a horse race and premeditatedly charged all of her transition on her MasterCard and she was well aware that she could never pay back her debt. So she after surgery it was no surprise she filed for bankruptcy and perjured herself before the courts and now after doing this she wants you to believe she is responsible respectable citizen. That one illegal act alone makes it tough for honest Transwomen to get a loan for any thing let alone that she thinks defrauding the people is okay. In addition she claims she comes from a wealthy cultured family in Chicago however why did she have to file for bankruptcy when her wealthy Chicago based family could have bailed her out?  Her next lie is that she has a degree in English from the University of Chicago, which she never attended.

However Andrea’s major failure is that she did not possess a viable skill or occupation to make her way in life. Fact far too many Transwomen rush through the transition without thinking of how I am going to support myself as a woman.  Shortly after SRS Andrea went through bankruptcy she still does not possess a professional skill suitable for neither a woman nor a satisfactory employment record or work history as a woman. Fact it obvious she has never worked an honest day in her life and she has no understanding of others that have worked hard to put themselves through school. So she has not progressed and can only see herself as a “Professional Transsexual” whose only income is derived from exploiting, exposing and fleecing the Trans Comunity by coercion, extortion and blackmail and all other illegal means to get her way. From what I see of her she is very unhappy and God help if you do not agree with her. Yes its most obvious Andrea has failed for all she possesses is envy and jealousy of others success and if you will not give her a piece of yours she will try to destroy you.

Andrea James does not have a legitimate business address and she is not listed in Yellow pages of any business directory.

Nonetheless it my misfortune to post my practice Boston Electrolysis and my website on in which I caught her Pagejacking my website. Fact, I asked to be removed from her website because of her theft of my property.  Well shortly after my request Andrea posted this hateful statement on, “Boston Electrolysis and Kimberly Williams should be avoided by all consumers, the owner’s behavior is erratic and paranoid.” Fact and for the record I have never met Andrea James and the one time I talked to her she “F&%k you” and hung up the phone. Fact Andrea James is the one who is a paranoid because she has an unlisted cell phone number and screens all her calls plus her business address is PO Box at Mailboxes Etcetera. Fact, Andrea James is the one who is paranoid and unstable because she does not want her creditors and people that she has ripped off to know where she is. For the record I warn all electrologists and consumers steer clear Andrea James who has nothing to lose by slandering you in a most evil defamatory manner.

Fact and for the record you can call me anytime during business hours and I will answer the phone and list my address and telephone number on all three of my websites and However if you been ripped off by her and you want to call  her unlisted phone number, unlisted address and her unlisted life good luck. Andrea James conducts business in criminal manner and hides out like a fugitive  “On the lamb” and if any one is paranoid and unstable its Andrea James.

Furthermore I would like to make it known I have never met her however from past experiences her neediness and greed compromises and negate all that she claims she has done. Andrea James criminal behavior psychologically assaults and insults all decent working women because she thinks that being a lying hateful bigoted gossiping shrew is feminine. In addition, look at her constantly photographs she has so much cyber-plastic-surgery where her head is to small and the body to large she alters her appearance because every one knows she loathes herself.

Fact she has never done honest days of work in her life. She constantly praises her past life accomplishments as an advertising agent who wrote Budweiser commercials. She claims she is from a wealthy cultured Chicago family and has a degree in English from the University of Chicago that she never attended.

In the end our Andrea James is nothing more than a common criminal and I warn all licensed and electrologists beware do not list your practice with,, and


Every Transwoman works hard to save money for their transition and most times they go without so they can afford electrolysis treatments, hormone, therapy and all kinds of expenses the average person does not understand or can comprehend. Without one doubt going without for Transwoman is second nature and this hard luck story is how a Transwoman from Germany was ripped off in the most cold-hearted evil manner. For years I have warned Transwomen and non-Transwomen about Andrea James the owner of who appointed a non-licensed uneducated electrologist moderator of James Walker VII CPE. James Walker of who took $8900.00 in advanced payment from a client who flew in from Germany. When she arrived James Walker VII CPE failed to pick her up at the Buffalo New York Airport as promised.

Below in her own words posted on in which she uses the name Electro-Client and here is her story. In addition I have provided copies of PDFfiles for newsworthiness, evidence, certain comments and pages that where saved before they where censored and removed by Andrea James and James Walker VII CPE to hide the truth. Multiple comments and posts by Electro-Client have been deleted. All new posts by Electro_Client comments have been blocked by James Walker VII CPE and owner of Andrea. Friends of James Walker VII CPE are listed as Top Ten Contributors and Contributor that are told what to say in exchange for referrals by James Walker VII CPE. The new moderator of Dee Fahey has been ordered by Andrea James to not discuss or allow any new posts about it.


Andrea James owner of appointed James Walker VII CPE as the moderator and she wanted her website to make money and she gave James Walker VII CPE complete authority to do so in any way he sees fit. Of course James Walker VII CPE had orders to slander any electrologist, laser operator and beautician that Andrea James dislikes for telling the truth. Andrea James taught James Walker the art of character assassination by calling electrologists as being mentally unstable. On the other hand James Walker VII CPE who calls himself the Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker VII on every page of well it seems our Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker VII has an acute case of Malignant Narcissism and is overdue for inpatient psychiatric care.

Our Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker VII is an uneducated non- licensed electrologist who despises, covets and slanders successful state licensed and registered electrologists like myself and others for telling the truth. After being appointed moderator of it took James a short amount of time to drive off all the qualified state licensed and registered electrologists because of his inferiority complex. After losing their best electrologists James let three licensed electrologists keep their Top Ten Contributor Memberships in line and they are Dee Fahey licensed electrologist from Ohio and Barbara Greathouse from Kansas. Nonetheless Mike Bono licensed electrologist from California broke his oath to obey all of James Walkers VII CPE orders no matter how distasteful or dishonest has been banished. The popular non-licensed electrologist Josefa Reina  was recently bannished from furhter commenting on because they stepped over the line in Andrea James new world order at! Now there are only two state licensed and registered elctrologists remaining on who will faithfully obey all orders of Andrea James Fuhrer of Sad to say the membership is now composed of ninety nine and three quarters percentage of uneducated non-lincensed electrologists also known as quacks.


All Top Ten Contributors and lesser members have their primary account as a prestigious electrologist on the other hand all of them are uneducated, non-licensed electrologists. In addition all these members have alternate fake accounts as consumers who use the forum to talk about your unwanted hair problems. However at the top of Andrea James Pyramid Scam was James Walker moderator of who was fired by Andrea James because Electro_Client paid $9,000.00 in advance to James Walker VII CPE owner Executive Electrolysis who refused to provide electrolysis services she paid for in one advance payment. The way it works is the innocent consumers who are looking for information about hair removal unknowingly becomes a free member of After that he or she goes on line and looks for an electrologist in her state say like New York which has no licensing requirements to do electrolysis. From there the consumer asks if any anyone knows a good electrologist in the Buffalo, New York area. Than all of sudden others join in on the forum and before you know it every one of them recommends their beloved Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion James W. Walker VII CPE. Andrea James the owner of has not mentioned this nor has any money been repaid to Electro_Client who flew all the way from Germany to have an Electrolyis Intensive with James Walker of Executive Electrolysis and and Andrea James is the owner for former moderator James Walkers has fled to Rochester, New York and opened a new office known as Emacipated Electrolysis. However James new office does list his name or any information about him. Gee I wonder why James wants be Rochester, New Yorks only Anonymous Electrologist. Now James makes post as Emancipated Electrologist on By the way below is James Walkers new address phone number as Emancipated Electrolysis.

Emancipated Electrolysis, LLC, 945 East Henrietta Rd, Suite B2, Brighton, NY 14623 Telephone: 585-270-5230

Mr. James Walkers was fired and the new moderator aka Stupen-Fuhrer of is Dee Fahey another Top Ten Contbutor of will take over James as moderator.  Nothing has changed on  and it’s business as usual since All Top Ten Contributors still have false email accounts and multiple memberships and will not say one word about James and the missing money. In Ohio on everyone raves about Dee Fahey the new moderator aka Stuppen-Fuhrer for who is suppossedly the best electrologist in Ohio nonetheless refuses to discuss the missing money in any form or manner. All of’s Top Ten Contributors members have to pay dues and were paid by Andrea James and James Walker VII CPE former moderator and Andrea James when they get a new client. On all members are disreputable non-licensed electrologists using fake identities telling potential clients how wonderful James Walker  was or another Top Ten Contributor was. In essence this is racketeering in most devious deceptive manner I have ever seen. In addition how come Andrea James who owns has not told James Walker VII CPE to return the money? Maybe James split the money with Andrea James?

In addition James Walker has Real Privacy Issues when Electro-Client said, “Photos were taken surreptitiously because there are hidden “security cameras” located (and hidden) throughout the establishment of Executive Clearence Headquarters.” Nevertheless James Walker an avid member of PEP which is an Adult Sex Club and does James Walker sell his videos of his clients using the bathroom or bedroom at Executive Clearance Headquarters? What a Horror Show at James Walkers VII CPE Executive Clearance Headquarters? Most likely James took photographs and videos to blackmail his clientele.



Posted by Electro-Girl 
Clients beware (Personal experience + Photos) [Re: dfahey]
Electro_Client Contributor
Registered: 08/08/14 Posts: 14

Electro_Client Stated

For me, Hairtell was an endorsement of electrologists. This was especially true of James W. Walker VII, who is the moderator of Hairtell. Walker is “Hairtell itself!” My reasons for posting the following is to describe how terribly wronged I have been by this unscrupulous person. Clients beware and NEVER give your money up-front. I have learned a terrible lesson.

Below is a copy of my complaint filed with the New York Attorney General as well as a link to photos taken of his establishment?


I am a young woman from Germany. I entered an agreement with James Walker of Buffalo, New York, to receive electrolysis treatments. I pre-paid for my treatments and for a guest room he provides. The conditions of his establishment are appalling. Because of these hazardous conditions, I terminated my schedule with him.

Although I am now “out” $6,000, my primary goal in filing with the State of New York is to have some authority look into this establishment. The conditions I will be explaining are a significant threat to the Health & Safety of the public.


The AMA (American Medical Association) classifies ELECTROLYSIS as an electro-surgical procedure to remove (human) hair permanently. The procedure involves inserting a sterile needle into each hair follicle (skin’s full-depth). An electric current is applied, via the needle, and blood vessels and stem cells in the skin and follicle are destroyed.

Understanding the potential risks of serious infection (e.g., hepatitis and HIV), the American Electrology Association worked with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to establish Rules and Regulations for electrolysis procedures. These Rules have become standard and enforceable in the profession. My claim is centered on the extremely filthy conditions I encountered at the following electrolysis business, and my legitimate concerns about contracting an illness as a result.


I contacted James W. Walker VII, though the internet site, We agreed on my arrival time from Germany to Buffalo, NY, for electrolysis treatments for a period of two weeks. Walker has a “guest room” at his office that he rents to patients, and I agreed to stay in this room. Per his requirements, I pre-paid him the sum of $8400 for treatment (84 hours), and $560 for staying in his guest room (Total: $8960.) I completed 25 hours of treatment.


Arriving at Walker’s establishment, I was horrified to see the conditions. He showed me to my room, and it was a disaster. The sheets on the unmade bed had been slept in and the room smelled of human odor and mold. There was so much clutter in the room that it’s a firetrap. I did not see any smoke detectors or fire extinguishers. There were electrical wires hanging from the ceiling, holes in the walls and mold on the walls.

The bathroom was horrendous. The toilet had not been flushed or cleaned. There was black mold on the walls. The scummy tub contained old used dried-out towels. Soiled towels were all over the filthy bathroom floor.

I did not stay there and went, instead, to a hotel. I was very upset, but since I had already paid for my treatments, I decided to try to overlook the mess and start treatment. I eventually could not tolerate the conditions and walked away from having any further treatments. (There were other issues with Walker, but the extreme filth is my primary complaint.) I later discovered that electrologists are required to sterilize their instruments such as forceps (tweezers). There was no sterilization mechanism to be seen. The forceps he used on me were left out on the dirty bathroom sink and used on me every day (see photo). One time, he dropped the forceps on the dirty floor, picked it up and continued working on me. Electrologists are required to place fresh cloth or paper towels on the treatment table for each client. The sheets that Walker used were badly soiled and had definitely been used with other clients (the smell and stains). He never changed the coverings!

Wearing latex gloves is standard in the practice. Indeed, Walker wore gloves, but he wore the same pair all day long. He would drive his car with these gloves, return to the office and start working on me without changing these gloves (even after using the toilet or taking his many breaks). Whether or not the State becomes involved in my individual case, I hope that an appropriate agency will look into the DANGEROUS conditions of this establishment, for the Health & Safety of the public. I am not familiar with American laws, but such a filthy MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT would not be legal in Germany.

Please look at my photos and the attached descriptions. These photos were taken surreptitiously because there are “security cameras” located (and hidden) throughout the establishment. I was very uncomfortable because I had no idea when and where I was being videotaped.

Thank you for reading my text.…924102736141547


From Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean, CEO of Boston Electrolysis® To Electro-Client

Dear Electro-Client,

What a heartbreaker of a story that is and James Walker VII CPE spends all his time manufacturing lies and creating fake electrologists and false clients on His group of scam artists on post one lie after another about how wonderful and what a great electrologist that James Walker is. In addition James does the same for them and says how wonderful they are with their fake identities when someone is looking for an electrologist in Arizona. For your information Andrea James and James Walker VII CPE badmouth the few licensed and registered electrologists in Arizona while he praises uneducated non-licensed electrologists with little or no education as long as they pay him for referrals. Electro_Client all of the electrologists on lied to you and hid the truth that James Walker VII CPE and 99 and 3/4% of all the uneducated non licensed electrologists on never attended or went to a professional electrolysis school in any form or manner. In addition they have not taken a practical examination and two remaining licensed electrologists on leave allot to be desired since they feed off of James’s referrals and they are aware of the scams that he and his members perpetrate on yet not one of them has stepped forward and told you the truth. In fact their comments are deliberately meant to discourage you so you will quit and beware of the ones who offer you sympathy because they are the biggest liars.

For your information James Walker is an opponent of mandatory licensing and registration for all electrologists. Andrea James the website owner has manipulated members of to lie and assassinate the character of honest state licensed and registered electrologists using smear tactics. Andrea James has years of evil deeds to the public have been exposed and caught in the act of stabbing Transwomen in the in the back because they refuse to do her bidding. If you want to know what other Transwomen think of Andrea James than Google, “An Open Letter to Andrea James” or click this link o+Andrea+James&gs_l=serp.12…….0…1c..64.serp..0.0.0.jhBYjLr MwiA. Or you might like to read what the Huffington Post says about Andrea James who accuses Andrea James of 1. Absence of good-faith arguments, 2. Misleading personal attacks, 3. Traditionalism and ageism,4. Misgendering and accusations of “privilege”, 5. False hierarchies of transwomen, 6. Hypocrisy and feigned offense, 7. Siding with mainstream prejudice, 8. Disingenuous conflation of “transgender” with drag, 9. Hiding behind “homophobia” to defend transphobia and 10. Elitism and exclusion of queer trans women from queer culture

Electro-Client, the entire Hairtell forum members plus Andrea James and James Walker attacks Trans licensed and registered electrologists like myself who take a stand against James Walker VII CPE and his Top Ten Contributors who inflate James Walkers ego. James Walker lacks a professional education and license and a registration to practice as an electrologist nevertheless he covets the professional status of a state licensed and registered electrologists. Electro-Client, it’s so mind-boggling when James and his resident troll Dee Fahey and others who James taught others how to use, coerce and dupe forum members to call other electrologists offices pig sties, dumps and other dirty filthy names. On the other hand when you visit James Walkers office you learn that his shack is a filthy pig-pen that should be condemned by the Buffalo Board of Health. The interior photograph of James Walkers Executive Clearance office is the worst pig-sty in the USA. By the way please don’t believe James fabricated story that Homeless People broke into James Walker office and a made a mess of James office in a short amount of time. What a gross exaggerated lie because it takes years of slovenly laziness to make such a disgusting filthy mess. James Walker VII CPE has been caught in his own web of his deceit, lies and treachery where he accused other electrologists offices as being a pig sty. How prophetic that James has been caught in his own web of lies, deceits and treachery since he refuses to post pictures of his the interior of his office. His buddy Dee Fahey and an electrologist from Ohio refuses to post photographs of her office. Dee supports the same lies and could lose her license if her board found out she was making false comments, obstructing justice and making false unprofessional accusations about competing licensed electrologists.

Electro-Client you stated, “For me, Hairtell was an endorsement of electrologists. Electro_Client you fell in the spider’ss web of James Walker VII CPE DBA Executive Clearance. For years his Hairtell gang has lied to the public by telling them and that James Walker the VII CPE is a great electrologist. These gangs of non-licensed electrologists and three unscrupulous licensed electrologist have multiple false accounts as clients to make them appear competent. James Walker VII CPE and Andrea James should be investigated by the Buffalo Police Department, Buffalo Board of Health, FBI and FCC for federal communications violations that violate the Rico Act.

Mr. Walker ego is so big that on every page Mr. Walker states he call himself the Electrolysis World Heavyweight Champion and Mike, Dee and Elizabeth are the three licensed electrologists on have failed to stand up and tell you the truth. However they have supposedly stopped associating with James but not one of them protested and demanded that James return your money. Andrea James and her corporation Deep Stealth Inc. is the owner of the website and she’s responsible for your lost of income since she appointed and hired James Walker VII CPE as the moderator. its obvious James Walker is in the employ of Andrea James when he collects money and profits paid to him by



James Walker spends all his time manufacturing lies and creating fake electrologists and false accounts on to post more lies about honest legitimate licensed and registered electrologists. It’s so mind-boggling when James and his gang of trolls and the Chief of Trolls Dee Fahey and others use, coerce and dupe forum members to call other electrologists offices pig sties, dumps and other dirty names. On the other hand when you visit James Walkers Pig- Pen you learn his shack is a filthy pigsty that should be condemned by the Buffalo Board of Health. Tsk, tsk I’ll bet James Walker VII CPE can see the pathogenic bacteria with his super gynecologist lamp crawling or should I marching on his epilator table and treatment area and there is no doubt that he throws them a few crumbs at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Andrea James is the CEO of Deep Stealth Inc. and owner who hired James Walker VII CPE as moderator for We know James walker VII CPE refuses to return $8900.00 taken from the client Electro-Client who flew in from Germany for a series of treatments by James who claims to be the Electrolysis World Champion. It is bothersome that Andrea James the owner refuses to address the situation and return the money however we have to ask did they spent the money? Since September 9th, 2014 they refuse to reply and they have closed the URL so it cannot be found on a standard internet search in addition deleting many of Electro_Client comments and pleas for help to other member but they ignored her blocked her from posting new comments.

For years I have warned the public and the Trans-Community about James Walker who claims he is a Trans-Friendly electrologist. On the other hand James Walker VII CPE hates Trans- Electrologists because we worked hard to become educated and licensed and registered as electrologists and we take our work seriously. James is an uneducated non-licensed electrologist on who referred to Tran-Electrologists as he, she and it. When James makes such ignorant comments about other Trans-Women it’s very obvious he could care less about his Trans-Clients. I could list every members name, address and prejudice comments who should be investigated especially their supportive comments that are meant to discourage Electro-Client! This would never happen if there where mandatory licensing and registration in every state includes Canada. All state licensed electrologists are required to have a background check in addition to being educated in Electrolysis Theory and Practical Application and than complete a two written and hour practical examination to become a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist.



Electro_Client I hate electrolysis nightmares like this and it’s disgusting James Walker VII CPE and Andrea James refuse to return your money. Tsk, tsk I’ll bet James could see the pathogenic bacteria with his super gynecologist lamp crawling or should I marching on his desktop?

Andrea James owner of who hired James Walker VII CPE as moderator for refuses to demand that James Walker VII CPE return $8900.00 taken from a client and some people say they split the money.

Electro_Client I hope this has helped you and if you would like to publish more information please contact me at and their other ways to make complaints besides the courts. You could make a complaints on their business license, corporations and certain publications which would bring to the attention of the Court of Last Resort know as Public Opinion.

On the other hand we can never forget how Andrea James used James Walker VII CPE to assasinate the reputations of state licensed and registered electrologist because they exposed Andrea James as nothing less than a quack who ecconomicaly fleeces the Trans-Community in the most despicable vile manner for 14 years.

Sincerely Kimberly Williams, R.E, Dean CEO of Boston Electrolysis®
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979

This article copyrighted by Boston Electrolysis® 2016-2018

Here is an articles how James Walker VII CPE threatened my life at the behest of Andrea James, Walker-VII-CPE-DBA-Executive-Clearance/Page1.html

Arizona Electrolysis Practioners

Arizona’s Unlicensed Electrologists



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