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700+ Trans Women Take A Stand Against Andrea James



Andrea James Is Identified and Known as a Public Enemy One to the Trans-Community©

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist
Board Certified Electrologist In Massachusetts

Guest Lecturer of Harvard Medical School 1983-1987

Plus My Experiences and Lectures at Harvard Medical School From 1983-1987

Andrea James and Deep Stealth Productions and should be avoided by all consumers since her behavior is erratic, paranoid and sick,



Andrea Jean James claims to be an American transgender rights activist however that her biggest lie in addition to claiming to be a film producer, and blogger. However you should visit these links to see what other people think of her. For instance the Zinnia Jones tells the truth about Andrea James and her internet antics coupled with a retinue of non-stop lies and you can her site at this link The Truth About Andrea James.
Andrea James claims she was born on January 16, 1967 however some people say she was born in Canada and some say she was deported from Canada for Crimes Against Nature. Her claims being in the movies and TV Shows stretch the truth like a three dollar bill. Nonetheless Andreas James biggest lie is that Andrea James false claim to be a graduate of the University of Chicago when in reality Andrea James admitted taking a single night course in learning how to insult honest hard working people with viscious lies. Plus Andrea claims to be president of Deep Stealth Productions with voice lessons and other Trans-Tips however buyer beware use your credit in purchasing items from Deep Stealth Productions because you can dispute the charge and have your money returned if your not satifisfied or the product is defective or bogus to begin with. Beware of purchasing Deep Stealth Electronics and other items that are marked up 1000%! 
However Consumers Beware of Deep Stealth Productions AKA Gender Life Productions. When it comes to voice lessons you should see a licensed professional and stay away bogus hacks and quacks at Deep Stealth Productions.
When it comes to voice instruction there is a website in Los Angeles called Take Lessons that offer voice and singing lessons at this link. I checked the site and they had twelve listed and they have a written guarantee. When it comes to professional services it’s education, training, expereience and professionalism that counts instead and stay away from uneducated bogus Do it Yourself Hacks and Quacks. Voice Lessons should be provided by licensed professionals only and consumer beware of Hollywood which is loaded with scam artists


Without one doubt Andrea James is a fake Writer, Director, Filmaker and Trans-Activist Gone Bad! Her Narcissist Majesty is located at 952 Lucile Avenue Los Angeles, California 90026 Andrea James is just a short five minute drive or a short 2.3 mile walk to her Mail Box Etcetera account located at Deep Stealth Productions 5419 Hollywood Blvd., #C142 Hollywood, CA 90027. Her phony production company called Deep Stealth Productions which is a Mail Boxes Etcetera account without real physical address without a real business office. She claims to have degree in English from the University of Chicago which she never attended or graduated. In addition Andrea James is not a movie director nor a movie star and does not possess a movie contract in any form or manner. Her make believe movie production company called Deep Stealth Productions is a total hoax and it’s located at Mailboxes ETC! and has no real physical address. In addition she claims to have taught Felicity Huffman everything she knows about acting for her role in T America which is why the movie flopped.


Without one doubt Andrea James graduated with from Tall Tales University and won the coveted “Pinocchio Award” for Lying, Slandering and Yellow Journalism and abusing honest hard working Trans-professionals out of jealousy. On the other hand her infamous voice lessons are another scam and when Andrea calls you she says,”Can you hear me now?” Her websites are full of fake reviews as is her life. If you want a real speech therapist find a professional since Hollywood has more than enough qualified speech therapists because they have so many singers and entertainers. However you should read how Andrea James the owner of and her personal moderator of James Walker VII CPE took $8,900.00 US Dollars from a client without providing the electrolysis treatments. Since Andrea James owns the site she is responsible to return the money however she refuses to comment why the money has not been returned.

Andrea James is a petty-tyrant who refuses to accept the truth that 350 Trans-Women and Trans Feminine People have taken a stand against her dishonesty and her viscious attacks upon members of the Trans-Community. However Andrea James claims she is a ”Trans Pioneer That Has Been Fighting For The Trans Community For Decades” is the El Whoppo of Gross Exagerated Lies. Andrea James has made so many false claims like that every member of the Trans-Community will need a head to toe rubberized Sewer Suits that includes oxygenated airtight helmets so Transwomen won’t drown in her excrement.

All Trans-Women Oppose Sick Attacks by Andrea James

That’s because Andrea James does not believe or recognize another’s persoms rights in addition she takes the law into her own hands. Additionally Andrea lies and tries to control the fake media campaign with her 24/7 Adolf-Hitler-Propaganda BS that is full of fictitious aspersions and slanderous accusations. Further it’s a known fact Andrea James believes and uses known viscous Nazi Hate Tactics such as lies to slander and assassinate an honest individual’s character. Without one doubt that was Hitler’s mode of operation and in my book that makes Andrea a full-fledged Nazi-Storm Trooper and henceforth she is a compulsive liar, cheat and thief, Andrea James shall be forever known as the Scourge of the Internet. Warning, consumers beware without one doubt Andrea James loves all things about herself in addition informed sources have stated, “She is a devotee of the Andrea James Theory with all its lies and perversions.”

On Trans Update I stated, “Fact and for the record Andrea James the more you slander and steal from me I hereby make you this promise that I will guarantee that your name will be synonymous on the “World Wide Web” where were Andrea James will be identified and known as a Public Enemy One to the Trans-Community.

Well just to let you know you are in for it now because every time you steal my intellectual property from me I am going to tell the “World Wide Web” about your latest criminal capers and you’re thieving ways.  I stated, ” Andrea all you have to do is stop stealing my name, domains and search listings.” Andrea James from the beginning of my argument which is about your theft of my ‘‘Intellectual Property’’ by you, of course; you have tried to the change subject with your lies and deception tactics. In addition what started off and appeared to be a disagreement amongst two women has brought about genuine information that exposes Andreas James as a habitual career criminal . Nevertheless all the reader has to do is look at the bottom of this article and people can see her thievery in action or., Just Google an Open Letter to Andrea James and you can see that the Trans Community is fed up with her hate tactics.

Huffington Post 100-Plus Trans Women Slam and Stand Against Andrea James: An Open Letter From Zinia Joans to Andrea James!

She was wrong and furthermore I want to make you aware that not one individual of our “American Society” has the right to break the law by disregarding the rights of others and Andrea’s theft of my identity proves that her claim that she is a “Consumer Trans Advocate” is a delusional fantasy and gross exaggerated lie. Moreover she is always complaining about how Trans rights are abused by prejudice bigoted people, nonetheless would someone please tell me what right has the Andrea has to steal my property and then claim she is “Consumer Advocate”? Would someone please tell me why the Andrea thinks she has the right to thieve from her sisters and to use her perverse prejudice, discrimination and prejudice against myself and other Transwomen? Allot of people are divided about this conversely I do not have one doubt that she is a criminal and she blew the opportunity in her new life to have a clean slate because she chose to continue her old ways as a liar, cheat and thief.

Let me tell you about Andreas nonstop lies, deceit and treachery which have hurt others and only strengthens my will to expose her as nothing more tham a degenerate sociopathic blood-sucking leeche that feeds off “Transwomen”.

Andrea James of the “Net” is having another World Wide Web Transsexual Temper Tantrum and this time she is crying, “Wah, Wah, Wah all because I wrote another article about her thieving my property. Guess what, Andrea James the hypocrite did exactly what I expected her to do, she has increased her hate vendetta against myself and others by stealing and using my own personal name Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean and domains to steal more of my search listings and hits for her babbling boring boorish websites,, and

Well it’s quite apparent that Andrea James has a warped anti-social sociopathic thought process!

Furthermore she practices her specialized form hate discrimination against other Transwomen. In addition she thinks has the right to steal more search listings from myself by using my name, business name and domains she will show everyone how she has placed herself above the law by assuming God like powers to punish her enemies. Nevertheless she claims not have a clue why I refer to her as a total jerk. The clueless Andrea James imagines herself to be Ms. Transsexual America however in reality she is the Internets degenerate hypocrite that thinks her use of cyber stalking and theft of my intellectual property is acceptable behavior? Her websites, and and are nothing less than “Scam Ridden Websites” where she rants and raves and tells everyone how to walk, talk, look and hate just like her. However Andrea flunks when it comes to being a human being because she resorts to her hateful ways of being rude, crude, foul and offensive, insensitive and in essence she is a cruel heartless no account who thinks she can steal her way to success at other people expense. On the other it’s obvious that Andrea James takes pleasure in hurting Trans-women with her mean spirited evil lies.

Andrea James totally fails as human being because she cannot think, feel or act like a normal caring person.

Look at her writing she has no compassion, she has no heart and she totally shuns and blocks any and all good feelings of sensitivity and emotion. Fact look at her writing skills and you will learn that Andrea has a limited vocabulary because her favorite words are I, me and myself and the F word. Her attitude is the hell with everybody else’s feeling and rights all because she is a lonely miserable wretch incapable of being happy. Well girls what Andrea James is really saying is that she has hit rock bottom and she lives in a vast bottomless vat of miserable self imposed loneliness and she desperately wants anyone’s company to share her misery.

Well girls, we all have heard this old story before and beyond a shadow of doubt Andrea James has exiled herself as an outdated frozen frigid lonely woman who is incapable of expressing a sliver of love and compassion.

Folks take a close look at her websites where she is always screaming for attention because her life is lonely and she has told everybody on the “Internet” a million times plus how beautiful, smart and wonderful she is. Her inability to talk about pleasant subject matter is completely absent and most obvious. She claims to be a “Consumer Advocate and that she alone champions the Trans community but if you read her comments” about others and how she runs her sisters into the ground because of jealousy and without one doubt her double standard trademarked attack mode with her perverse use of cruelty with a twisted her mind. Andrea James thinks that being a bitch will win her respect and admiration in the Trans Community. Andrea James is the Boss Hog of the Transgender Community for she refuses to talk about her shady laser parlor operators and non-licensed third-rate uneducated non-licensed electrologists on and that pay her bribes for referrals.

Andrea James fantasizes she is the only Transbitch in the world that has been discriminated against. Fact she refuses and has deliberately ignored and failed to respect all Transwomen who fought have rampant prejudice, discrimination and bigotry long before her. Andrea James steals everyone’s thunder and lightning to generate the electricity for her 24/7 “Propagandist Style” look at me limelight about her dismal accomplishments that are over shadowed by her fuel injected super charged motor mouth telling everyone how great she is. Andrea James is a self-intoxicating attention seeking glutton-hound who can never get enough on the other hand she says her most notable accomplishment in her life was her keynote speech at the American Electrology Association where she lectured to 300 non-licensed uneducated electrologists. Should we be impressed?  Her key note speech was about scams and shams however she never talks about the real villains like herself and the shady laser parlor operators and non-licensed crooked electrologists on her scam ridden website were the moderator robbed almost ten-thousand dollars from a client who flew from Germany to have treatment with James Walker VII CPR.

Of course Andrea James owner of believes her own lies and she refuses to return the money she split with James Walker VII CPE!!! This proves Andrea James is a liar, cheat and thief. By the way Andrea James refuses to compensate German Girl for almost $10,000 United State Dollars paid in advance to James Walker VII CPE who is an uneducated non-licensed electrologist who was the moderator of who skipped town with the loot without providing electrolysisl services. For your information 99% of the electrologists on are uneducated non-licensed Quack-Electrologists with little or no training. This is why it happened because Andrea James and her moderator James Walker VII CPE used it for scams because of letting James Walker VII CPE and his uneducated non-licensed electrologists to rob, steal and cheat consumers. Can you imagine how long it took for German Girl to work for and save that much money? To this day the money has not been returned and we have to ask Andrea James owner of Hairtell.coms why she has not returned the money?

On this page Andrea James owner of endorsed Mr. Walker and said, “Note from Andrea, author of tsroadmap: For many years, James has been a moderator and top contributor on my hair removal forum ( He’s shown a real dedication to helping consumers with hair removal issues, and he is a huge ally of the Trans-community.” However before James Walker CPE became Moderator of Andrea James neglected to check James Walkers credentials. After an exhaustive investigation of James Walker I learned that he never attended an electrolysis school in any form or manner. In addition James Walker failed his American Electrology Association Certified Professional Electrologist examination which any third grader could pass. Also if Andrea had run a back-round check on James Walker VII CPE she would not have hired him. BTW the Certified Professional Electrologist examination does not require a practical electrolysis examination. It’s a true and false examination that any third grader could pass. If required their electrologists to be licensed this crime would not have happened.

Read About Andrea James Owner of Were Trans client German Girl Was Robbed of $10,000 US Dollars and Andrea James Refuses to Return Her Money!

Andrea James never mentioned that I have set up 2 non-profit gender clinics and referrals for Transwomen can get quality medical care without groveling or being charged one cent for a donation like Andrea James…Andrea James is the one who circulated viscous lies and insinuated rumors that I never lectured Harvard Medical School from 1983-1987 nevertheless I posted the article and a letter of appreciation from Harvard Medical School on from the Dean Of Harvard Medical School sure shut Andrea’s flapping jaws. Fact I pioneered for civil rights and during my transition before it was fashionable. However Andrea James reason for her crusading efforts is attention and the more she gets the more intoxicated she becomes with herself.

The one and only best way to describe Andrea’s James madness is that psychologically she is exactly like the infamous Senator Joseph McCarthy of the 1950’s who branded people communists and ruined their lives.

Harvard Medical School where about how to rise above prejudice, discrimination and bigotry by positive accomplishments. For over 27 years as a practicing Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist I have helped more Transwomen by being more than just their electrologist. When in Massachusetts and now in Arizona I have set up non-profit gender clinic and referrals for TS’S where people can get quality medical care without being charged her for excessive referral fee or she gets a kick back without your knowledge. Fact and for the record I do not need a non-stop 24/7 “Nazi Propaganda Machine” like Andrea James to tell the world I am good at heart and devoted to my profession as a Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, licensed, 1979.

Andréa James website forum has become a known infested criminal breeding ground and crime school for uneducated unlicensed unethical second rate wannabe electrologists and unscrupulous laser parlor operators who grease Andrea’s palm or buy whatever she wants on her “Wish List” on and pay their way and become a Top Ten Contributor on the s Forum to get a referral fee.

For the record Andrea tells one whopping lie after another shooting her off her big mouth all over the “Net” that she has a degree English. In addition she so embarrassed that she will not talk about being caught in that lie. Fact people have asked Andrea James to prove that she has a degree in English but for some reason she has removed that claim from all her websites. Fact right here in America there is major corruption on the Internet because honest TS and TG support websites are being relentlessly and ruthlessly attacked and driven off their internet home pages by Andrea James whose primary goal is to also dethrone Leona Helmsly and be the new “Queen of Mean” and bad deeds by her use of fraud, deceit and treachery. In addition there is great battle on the “Net” for the Transwomen Electrolysis pages and my website has stopped her criminal march and agenda dead in her tracks to take over and control electrologist’s websites and hair removal pages. One has to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see the blatant fraud and corruption where Andrea supplies, funnels refers leads to her corrupt “Top Ten Contributors” AKA the ” uneducated non-licensed electrologists” on her forum her which has become is a “Safe Haven” for criminals claiming to be electrologists and unscrupulous laser parlor operators who lube and grease the Andrea’s greasy palms by being a “Top Ten Contributor” on forum or buy whatever she wants on her “Wish List” on to get a referral.

Furthermore Andrea is such a pitiful yellow coward she uses weak willed second-rate unethical has been uneducated non-licensed electrologists on Hairtell.coms.

Warning electrologists see what she is doing by pitting one electrologist against another and she has gone out of her way to help unethical non-licensed electrologists in Arizona with their search listings if her effort to try to hurt my practice. However who claims to be a “Consumer Advocate” has no ethics and use her claimed “Magical Ad Powers” for evil.

Andrea James, claims to be a consumer advocate (what a joke) yet she breaks the law to get her way and steals my name, domains identities and my search listing to punish me or to enrich herself from my hard work?

So Andrea is clearly demonstrating to the world that she believes that fraud and theft is normal behavior for a “Consumer Advocate” like herself. Well girls it is apparent and obvious that she views as her threat to her position and power? After publicly stealing and slandering me she wants you to disrespect anyone she dislikes however she does not care about your unwanted hair problem. She does not tell you that I guarantee my electrolysis in writing I am America’s first and only electrologist who guarantees in writing that after one treatment, if you can locate a better electrologist, bring me the receipt and I will refund your first treatment fee. In addition to that, even on difficult cases, I can work at one-third to one-fourth the time of the average electrologist – licensed or unlicensed. I also guarantee that you will have the most comfortable treatment with no scabbing, scarring or pitting as direct result of my treatments.

Fact Andrea James accepts and welcomes pay offs in all forms and manners and assures any and all uneducated unlicensed electrologists with a little more cash you can be a featured electrologist on forum.

Andrea James claims she knows more about electrolysis than anyone, however have you seen “Flapping Jaws” face close up? Fact and for the record Andrea James claims that her electrologist in Chicago butchered her face was a non-licensed electrologist and she bitches how her face is mess and full of pits and scars and now we know why she has no close ups, fact and for the record 99% of “TG Recommended Electrologists” on, and are uneducated non-licensed electrologists. Go to to see her latest scams and they’re easy to spot them just look at the staged questions written by second-rate non-educated non-licensed certified electrologists posting easily answered questions. In addition these second-rate non-educated non-licensed certified electrologists look and wait for Andrea’s nod of approval that she received her payoff from them.

On Forum you will discover second-rate non-educated non-licensed certified electrologists post and ask and answer their own questions with textbook answers that are cut, copied and pasted from electrolysis books as replies from the electrologist who just happens to be a Forum member and one of Andrea James favorite Top Ten Contributor. However the real scam is in’s Forum of which Andrea James is always the moderator. However most disgusting are the Forums Top Ten Contributors who are non-educated non-licensed electrologists and laser parlor operators who compose their own self-written phony testimonials of just how great they are. Andrea James approves of this “TG Recommended Electrologists” who predatory certified wannabe criminals posing as electrologists and unscrupulous laser parlor operators to rip you off to your last red cent as long as Andrea James gets her payoff. Andrea James got angry at me because I requested my website be removed in from TG Approved “Electrologists” in addition to that she really got angry when I refused to pay her extortion money for a referral.

Andrea James continues to think that she has the right to take the law into her own hands.

How dare anyone think that they have the right to take the law into your hands? Andrea really believes she is above the law in addition to that she flushed her self-respect and what little dignity she had down the crapper a long time ago by breaking one law after another with one lie after another to inflict harm upon myself and others. The lying conniving Andrea has become a vicious shrew whose insatiable hunger devours and consumes the hard work of others.  The only thing I have wanted from you is for you to stop using my name, my business name and domains to fuel your malignant narcism and obsessive hatred of myself all because I asked you to be delisted from your website.

Andrea thinks her perverted use of cruelty upon others and myself is justified and she is infuriated because we will not click our heels and give the Nazi salute to Andrea James and say Seig Heil Andrea James is a fake “Consumer Advocate” who talks when she does the walk and it’s easy to she is a desperate wannabe outdated “Valley Girl” who has completely plasticized herself with absolutely no genuine feminine feelings or emotions. Andrea has painted herself into psychological corner with no way out and until she ceases her hate campaign and private Vendetta against others and me she will not have one moment’s peace until she stops making war on everyone. Nevertheless Andrea has a long list of victims whose character she has assassinated because they disagreed with her.

A closer look reveals the same old story she is nothing less than a petty wannabe Nazi dictator and you better do everything she says and believes or she will punish you.  She also claims to provide the best original content where she further claims she is alone is the positive role model example and she takes a stand against the wave of negative imagery and emotions that keeps the “Transgender Folk” from having our voice in world opinions. Nice thought and imagery nursed by a couple of Budweiser’s but girls please be aware that Andrea James has anointed and appointed herself and without one doubt she has proclaimed herself to be the “Anti- Christ” of the Transgendered Community. She has empowered herself to steal others intellectual property change a few words and call it her own. Andrea James talks about the use negative imagery yet she is the mistress of dishonesty; perfidy and deceitfulness on her way to the top of the dung heap to elect herself Ms. Trans-America where she wants to become the third sex. On her way to the throne she dispatches her imagined enemies with typical sociopathic aplomb and trademark character assassination by lies, deceit and treachery. However ask yourself what has so done for you and think about her use of her vile profane language and the theft of other people’s property and then ask her how her criminal behavior will benefit the TS and TG Community?

Fact and for the record Andrea James has brought harm upon the image of the “TG Community” because she so clueless she does not that realize her criminal behavior is not tolerated by the majority of honest citizens.

Andrea James talks about the fringe element of what she calls “Trolls and Kooks”. Girls and boys without doubt Andrea James will accuse anyone any time of anything that she imagines is a threat to her imaginary throne of being Ms. Trans-America and she really envisions herself to be purported orator for the Trans Community. Regarding Andrea James definition of Kooks and Trolls in which she should be classified and Number One all because I asked her to stop stealing and using my name Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean, domains and and my business Boston Electrolysis. Well Andrea James you are not role a model for the community and your cyber stalking bully and your theft of my listings does not set a positive example for the TS and TG community. Yet Andrea claims she sets a positive example against the tide of negative imagery and sentiment that keeps transgender people from having a voice in the world today.

Wake up people Andrea James is a wave of negative imagery and emotions that keeps the “Transwomen” down and from having our voice in world opinions.

Andrea James does not set a positive example for our community because she attacks her own kind while exploiting the TS and TG community at the same time in addition she has appointed herself as Der Fuhrer of the TG Community without a vote.  Without one doubt it’s a known fact that’s its low life degenerate thieves like her that give Transwomen a bad reputation. Fact Andrea wants you to believe she is from a wealthy family and that she is cultured and educated however that is why she is always asking for donations? Girls I want you to know that I am an American and proud of it and for record I don’t by the elitist crap that Andre James is trying to force-feed everyone to believe she is respectable. Furthermore Andrea does not possess the basic requisite skills of leadership, which are truth, honesty, humility, and gifted understanding of humanity and a person’s right to live and work in peace.

UPDATE 2018 It’s Common knowledge That Andrea James Has Malligant Narcissm And Learn What Dr. Sanity Says,

Fact and for the record Andrea James drones on and on that she does all this work for the sake of “Transgendered Community” is another one of her big lies. Fact Andrea contemptibly disregards the laws and the rights of others in her quest for money and power so she can rule the “TS and TG Community.” For the record Andrea has viciously attacked and abused the children of TS and TG parents, by telling their under age children who were too young to understand or let alone comprehend the transition of their parent or that their Mom is a TS. In addition to that to cause more harm informed children about their parent’s transition before their parent was ready to tell them. Finally in absolute disgust Andrea has falsely accused TS’S and TG’s of child abuse and molestation and other hate manufactured lies that will hurt anyone she disagrees with. Fact and for the record Andrea James has maliciously blackmailed and extorted Transsexuals into submission by threatening to publicly expose those who have gone underground or as she like to call it living in “Deep Stealth Mode.” Andrea II know your reading this and you better get a real grip on reality because there are allot of people after you and some day they are going to catch up with you. Yes Andrea all the good and honest folk you have ripped and hurt with your slanderous pointed tongue and deceitful lies will come for you.

In summation TS and TG Community does not want or need the likes of a criminal like Andrea James who falsely claims to represent us?

Update 2018 Read All About Andrea James on  the Trans Advocate  Open letter to Andrea James the Scourge of the Inernet,

Since 2004, Andrea James has been obsessed with me, to look into me, putting up sites about me. Andrea was posting one lie after another on she thought was her right. On Andrea poses as multiple consumers on to slanders other innocent people she hates. Taking ordinary comments wherever my name appears, and generally behaving like psychopathic tyrant out to kill at all costs. For the real truth about Andrea James, Just Google, “An Open Letter to Andrea James” and read the 700 Transwomen that take a stand against Andrea James. For your own safety avoid contact with Andrea James and do not get treated by any of her uneducated non-licensed quacks claiming to be electrologists on of Without one doubt Andrea James psychologically compromised where she believe her own lies and refuses to return the stolen money to its rightful owner known as German Girl..

My Experiences and Lectures at Harvard Medical School From 1983-1987

Fact and for the record my experiences as a guest lecturer at Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 1987 where interesting to say the least. In addition to being the only Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist that I am aware of to lecture at Harvard Medical School on the following subjects; My Life Experiences, Human Sexuality, Psychology, Transsexualism, Endocrinology and of course Electrolysis.

Andrea James is blinded by her hatred and her favorite form of character assassination is accusing Transwomen of being unstable. However I thought it be nice provide this link to a letter of appreciation from Harvard Medical School stationary saying thank to me from Daniel D. Federman, M.D. Dean of Students and Alumni Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

By the way the theme of my lectures at Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 1987 where about psychological strength and endurance while being able to overcome the shortcomings of an indifferent complicated society where being different is often held against you. Nonetheless Transwomen are the world’s smallest least understood minority who survive in a diverse indifferent complicated society where it is an ongoing struggle to maintain your dignity let alone identity. In summation Andrea James needs help however the Trans-Community have become aware of her attacks and grown tired of her use of extreme prejudice, discrimination and bigotry against members of her own Trans-community. Below is link and letter from Harvard Medical School saying thank you for my 1983 Lecture at Harvard Medical School

Thank you Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Owner and Founder of Boston Electrolysis®

Boston Electrolysis® Journal Trans-Electrolysis Update© 7/1/2018


“Ms. James was notable for the way she decided to go after Professor Bailey’s children to extract revenge. She posted on the internet photographs of Bailey’s daughter and labeled her a “cock-starved exhibitionist.” Andrea James also claimed in her online publications that there “are two types of children in the Bailey household,” namely “those who have been sodomized by their father [and] those who have not.”

Andrea James believes in Hitler’s Big Lie theory when Hitler said, Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. However though it has always been proven that a lie can only survive only for so long until its consequences of being found out and destroying its creator.

Andrea James Falsely Accuses Others of Being Mentally Ill And if you want to learn more about her Malignant Narcissism Try Reading This

Andrea James owes many apologies for her sick attacks upon members of the Trans Community but words won’t do it for her because she is incapable of expressing sincere truthful apologies for all her hate filled lies. We can only pity Andrea James because she take gratification in hurting other people’s feelings and slandering this Massachusetts licensed and registered electrologist with one lie after another proves beyond a shadow of a doubt she is sociopath with no redeeming qualities.

Hairfacts: Boston School of Electrolysis (WARNING!)?Hair removal facts for consumers. Free and commercial-free.? websites/boston-school-electrolysis.html – 53k – Cached – Similar pages


Hairfacts: Kimberly Williams (WARNING!)?Kimberly Williams and Boston School of Electrolysis should be avoided by all? consumers. The owner’s behavior is erratic and paranoid. Background …? websites/kimberly-williams.html – 53k – Cached – Similar pages



Hairfacts: Boston Electrolysis (WARNING!)?Hair removal facts for consumers. Free and commercial-free.? websites/boston-electrolysis.html – 53k – Cached – Similar pages

Update 2028Andrea James outs Trans-Girls Again!


Hairfacts: Hair removal facts for consumers? Don’t confuse Global with reputable companies like Prestige Electrolysis Supply?… Kimberly Williams of Boston School of Electrolysis/Boston Electrolysis …? – 33k – Cached – Similar pages


HairTell Hair Removal Forum: Scottsdale: Boston School of Electrolysis? Scottsdale: Boston School of Electrolysisâ„¢ #17828 – 09/23/04 10:58 PM …?Boston School of Electrolysisâ„¢ CASE FILES BEING FORWARED TO …? showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/18624/Main/ – 65k


Hairfacts: Hair removal facts for consumers? Don’t confuse Global with reputable companies like Prestige Electrolysis Supply?… Kimberly Williams of Boston School of Electrolysis/Boston Electrolysis …? – 33k – Oct 15, 2005 – Cached – Similar pages


Hairfacts: Boston School of Electrolysis (WARNING!)?Hair removal facts for consumers. Free and commercial-free.? websites/boston-school-electrolysis.html – 53k – Cached – Similar pages


TG-recommended electrologists: Arizona? Boston School of Electrolysis™ Kimberly Willams, MA with private appointments?10255 N. Scottsdale Road Suite 4, Scottsdale AZ, 85253. …? – 8k – Cached“

To my readers I say thank you for your time and attention and hopefully in the near future I will not have to write this type of article. Nevertheless until andrea ceases and desists the theft of my property I will defend myself from her deviant lies, character assassination and attempted extortion. Nevertheless consumer beware I would not spend one dime at the websites,,, and Andrea because she has demonstrated herself to be a habitual criminal.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Boston School of Electrolysis™

Investigative Reporter
For The Five Star Electrologist©
Spotlight On Slime byline©
All rights reserved copyright Boston School of Electrolysis™ 2005 ernia_addams/


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Feb 8, 2018 – ANOTHER OPEN LETTER TO ANDREA JAMES. Beware of Andrea James & James Walker VII. HAIRTELL.COM HOME FOR AMATEURISH … planetransgender on Twitter: “Open letter to Andrea James and …

Apr 12, 2014 – planetransgender · @planetrans. Global Trans news, music, movies and commentary. Trans contributors, tips and feedback always welcome.

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100-Plus Trans Women Stand Against Calpernia Addams and Andrea ……/calpernia-addams-andrea-james_b_5146415.html
Apr 14, 2014 – 100-Plus Trans Women Stand Against Calpernia Addams and Andrea James: An Open Letter. headshot. By Zinnia Jones. 280. We, the …

Andrea James Kickstarter Controversy – itsnotmyfault – Medium…/andrea-james-kickstarter-controversy-66082a29aa3d
Jun 28, 2019 – Andrea James is best known for harassing academics, threatening their kids, and… … What about when people gather up to sign open letters?
Letters for My Sisters: Transitional Wisdom in Retrospect: Andrea …

Letters for My Sisters: Transitional Wisdom in Retrospect [Andrea James, Deanne Thornton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. LETTERS …
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Zinnia Jones – Our letter against the transphobia of… | Facebook…/our-letter…andrea-james…-/10152408175321214/
Our letter against the transphobia of Calpernia Addams and Andrea James has … Open Letter: 300+ Trans Women and Transfeminine People Stand Against …
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