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Robbery and Theft by Andrea James
Pretending to be Kimberly Williams, R.EBoston Electrolysis Warning Electrologists & Consumers Beware of Andrea James Owner and her websites of, and Identity Theft
Boston Electrolysis™
Kimberly Williams, R.E. Dean,
7330 E. Earll Drive Suite J, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

I used to have andrea James listed as a recommended so called consumer advocate, but then Andrea James turned to the darkside and began falsely accusing Trans-Women of all sorts of lies in December 2004. She has since become the internets most facist rabid harasser. Andrea James of, Deepstealth Productions should be avoided by all consumers. Her behavior is erratic and paranoid and she claims to be the leader of the entire Trans-Community and she is known for calling herself Der Fuhrer! Well Our blessed Fuhrer believes she should obeyed in all forms, manners and godliness or face the penalty of her wrathful hate.

Her Background

On 21 September 2002, I received a letter from Ms. Williams with updated information about her practice. I added this to my website. Turns out Andrea James is an unstable individual. I got the following on 29 November 2004, and I immediately sent her an email with all the information I have on hair removal, I sent instructions on how to behave  and to stop her spamdexing and identity theft of Boston electrolysis. I have been warning consumers about Andrea James scams since 2003. Andrea James with her latest scam, identity theft and guess who she is pretending to be?  Yes Andrea James wants to be me however I think her psychiatric problems are complicated and stem from her deep-seated problematic maliginant narsissm disorder. Evidently Andrea James who owns,,, and is so distressed she feels has to emulate myself because of her inbred inferiority complex in addition to her malignant narcism.

Fact, having lectured Harvard Medical School from 1983 to1987 on psychology, human sexuality, endocrinology, electrolysis and Transsexualism one of the primary topics of my lectures is how imperative psychotherapy is for a successful Transsexual transition and happy life. Without one doubt it is my professional opinion that all TS’S should be in therapy for at least one, two years and even three years before SRS however many TS’S are afraid to go into therapy because they fear their therapist will discover a serious anti-social personality disorder and not recommend their SRS. Fact in my professional opinion psychotherapy for a Transsexual is an absolute essential and far too many Transwomen are going through their transition in less than a year and without therapy and it is obvious Andrea James is one of them in addition to having a serious anti-social behavior problem.

At Harvard Medical School I stated, “Becoming a woman is learning experience and far to many Transwomen who skipped therapy never had a chance to discover their real self and those who skipped therapy are bitter and mal-adjusted to say the least.” Nonetheless it’s most obvious Andrea had a serious case of OOTB AKA “Operation On The Brain Syndrome”. Its quite obvious Andrea James still has OOTBS because she became so obsessed with having her SRS immediately and thought it would solve all her problems and unhappiness. Sorry to say its obvious that Andrea skipped therapy and had her SRS, however she has not completed her transition because she has not emerged as a whole human being with a heart. Fact she completed her transition like it was a horse race and premeditatedly charged all of her transition on her MasterCard and she was well aware that she could never pay back her debt. So she after surgery it was no surprise she filed for bankruptcy and perjured herself before the courts and now after doing this she wants you to believe she is responsible respectable citizen. That one illegal act alone makes it tough for honest Transwomen to get a loan for any thing let alone that she thinks defrauding the people is okay. In addition she claims she comes from a wealthy cultured family in Chicago however why did she have to file for bankruptcy?  Her next lie is that she has a degree in English from the University of Chicago, which she never attended a one month night course on insulting people.

However Andrea’s major failure is that she did not possess a viable skill or occupation to make her way in life. Fact far too many Transwomen rush through the transition without thinking of how I am going to support myself as a woman.  Shortly after SRS Andrea went through bankruptcy she still does not possess a professional skill suitable for neither a woman nor a satisfactory employment record or work history as a woman. Fact it obvious she has never worked an honest day in her life and she has no understanding of others that have worked hard to put themselves through school. So she has not progressed and can only see herself as a “Professional Transsexual” whose only income is derived from exploiting and exposing the Trans Comunity by coercion, extortion and blackmail and all other illegal means to get her way. From what I see of her she is very unhappy and God help if you do not agree with her. Yes its most obvious Andrea has failed for all she possesses is envy and jealousy of others success and if you will not give her a piece of yours she will try to destroy you.

Andrea James does not have a real legitimate business address and she is not listed in Yellow pages of any business directory.

Nonetheless it my misfortune to post my practice Boston Electrolysis and my website on in which I caught her Pagejacking my website. Fact, I asked to be removed from her website because of her theft of my property.  Well shortly after my request Andrea posted this hateful statement on, “Boston Electrolysis and Kimberly Williams should be avoided by all consumers, the owner’s behavior is erratic and paranoid.” Fact and for the record I have never met Andrea James and the one time I talked to her she “F&%k you” and hung up the phone. Fact Andrea James is the one who is a paranoid because she has an unlisted cell phone number and screens all her calls plus her business address is PO Box at Mailboxes Etcetera. Fact, Andrea James is the one who is paranoid and unstable because she does not want her creditors and people that she has ripped off to know where she is. For the record I warn all electrologists and consumers steer clear Andrea James who has nothing to lose by slandering you in a most evil defamatory manner.

Fact and for the record you can call me anytime during business hours and I will answer the phone and list my address and telephone number on all three of my websites and However if you been ripped off by her and you want to call  her unlisted phone number, unlisted address and her unlisted life good luck. Andrea James conducts business in criminal manner and hides out like a fugitive  “On the lamb” and if any one is paranoid and unstable its Andrea James.

Furthermore I would like to make it known I have never met her however from past experiences her neediness and greediness compromises and negate all that she claims she has done. Andrea James criminal behavior psychologically assaults and insults all decent working women because she thinks that being a lying hateful bigoted gossiping shrew is feminine. In addition, look at her photographs she has so much cyber plastic surgery where her head is to small and the body to large she alters her appearance because every one knows she loathes herself.

Fact she has never done honest days of work in her life. She constantly praises her past life accomplishments as an advertising agent who wrote Budweiser commercials. She claims she is from a wealthy cultured Chicago family and has a degree in English from the University of Chicago that she never attended.

In the end our Andrea James is nothing more than a common criminal and I warn all licensed and electrologists beware do not list your practice with,, and



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    I was surfing and came across “Andrea James” page while doing a Google search for “electrolysis” and is Andrea James a cracked nut. I read on about Andrea who is not an electrologist and some of her hateful antics demonstrate severe mental illness. Oh my Gott website is basically a cheap Hate Rag and Andrea James and is a total out of control Rage-Rant against Kimberly Williams the owner It’s apparent that the unlicensed electrologists at Hairtell run it like a three ring circus of hatred all of the time including James Walker disgusting lies and he must be so jealous and I overheard poor little James Walker hates state licensed and registered electrologists because he is pea green with envy plus he never went to electrolysis school. However James Walker is not a member of the GLBT community and he takes pleasure misgendering Trans-women like myself and so does his Trans-Mistress Andrea James who believes and fantasizes she is Miss Universe.

    All of James Walkers hate is so disgusting and goes without saying, I hope people are smart enough to realize all the electrologists on are not licensed and at the best there quacks who are mentally challenged, at worst they are possibly quite dangerous to say t least, and I would never ever trust them with my face. Secondly, there no state boards that regulates hate cases like Andrea James? I mean if I snitch on them and tell the Board Of Health their knowledge of electrolysis would not pass muster. How these unlicensed electrologists are allowed to perform hair removal, proves they are not professionally educated in electrolysis. But what’s really funny is is that Kimberly is right that on the so called Hairtell-Forum there is not one licensed electrologist. However Kimberly said, There are two licensed electrologists but I noticed that Mike Bono and Dee Fahey just want a client and they do not involve themselves with Andrea James Andrea and her retinue of quacks should get wise and realize the truthful facts that Andrea and her quacks need help before one or all of them let their hatred get out of control.

    People who want to go find an electrologist should put this on their list when interviewing an electrologist for professional treatment. What electrolysis school did you graduate from? The question should be and what state are you licensed in? The big question should be, I would like to see your diplomas from your electrolysis school and your state board diploma. However the last question, I would like to see your “pocket license” from the State Board of Electrologists. In summation you can go online to check the status of their electrologists license and registration. However ask all these questions at the end of the interview! Any document can be forged with desktop publishing and beware when they say they are a”Certified Professional Electrologist” because that is not electrolysis license in any form manner. State Boards does not accept a Certified Professional Electrolysis certificate in any form or manner and that is an example and reason for asking questions. Go to kimberly’s website and read her article on the front page and learn by reading “HOW TO RATE YOUR ELECTROLOGIST©! I did and its best electrolysis treatment that I have ever experienced in my life. The biggest thing about Andrea James is that she’s a jealous want to be electrologist who could not make the grade. Ask yourself? Would you go to a non-licensed Medical Doctor? Of course not and than think would you go to non-licensed electrologist when you go to a state licensed and registered electrologist?

    Kimberly Williams,R.E. at Boston Electrolysis gave me a beautiful hair free complexion and that’s what it’s all about!

    Thank you Kimberly, Helga Von Rundstedt

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