Deep Stealth Productions Andrea James Crimes Against Transgender People

Hairfacts.com & HairTell.com Hair Removal Scams & Crimes by Andrea James Crimes Against  the Trangenered Community

Andrea James the Fake Trans-Activist Has Been Ripping Off The Trans Community For Decades

James Walker VII CPE Hairtell.com Skips Town With Thousands of Dollars!

  • By Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
  • Published & Copyrighted 07/15/200
  • Boston Electrolysis Report© Investigation About Andrea James
  • James Walker VII CPE Hairtell.coms World Champion Trans-Basher

World Champion Trans-Basher James Walker, VII CPE
Andrea James owner of Hairtell.Com


Author Kimberly Williams, R.E., Massachusetts and Arizona Licensed & Registered Electrologist

Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist, 1979

Guest Lecturer Of Harvard Medical School From 1983-1987

Three Computerized Techniques Short-Wave-Galvanic-Blend

Conveniently located at 7330 East Earll Drive, Suite J, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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An Electrologist’s Open Letter of Disgust to Andrea James

Hi! I want every to know Andrea James aka the fake Trans Activist claim to be a filmmaker is a gross exagerated lie however she is crooked Trans-Activist formerly based at Lucile Avenue in Los Angeles, California.  Again people are looking for her new fake address. More info here: The owner of Hairtell.com is Andrea James and for your information she is not an electrologist in any form or manner plus her knowledge of electrolysis and hair removal would not fill Tinerbelles Thimble.  On the other hand James Walker her former moderater of Hairtell.com- is an illiterate do it yoursself self-taught uneducated unlicensed electrologist who robbed a client for almost $10,000 using the using the Hairtell.com- website.com which is presently owned and operated by Andrea James for the past ten years. However Andrea James refuses to make restitution for James Walkers theft, read more below.

Without one doubt Andrea James is a Writer, Director, Filmaker and Trans-Activist Gone Bad!  Formerly based at 952 Lucile Avenue Los Angeles, California 90026 Andrea James is just a short drive of five minutes or a short 2.3 mile walk to her Mail Box Etcetera account located at Deep Stealth Productions 5419 Hollywood Blvd., #C142 Hollywood, CA 90027.


James Walker former moderator  is also a common street thug who can’t resist bashing Transgendered Electrologists who are educated, licensed and expertly skilled. However James Walker never mentions that his boss Andrea James is the owner of Hartell.con is in deep trouble because 350 Transgendered women including myself have signed an open letter of complaint and disgust against Andrea James for her crimes against the Trans-Community. Andrea James and her partner Calpernia Adams have been indicted by the entire Trans-Community for the following offenses; 1. Absence of good-faith arguments, 2. Misleading personal attacks, 3. Traditionalism and ageism, 4. Misgendering and accusations of “privilege”, 5. False hierarchies of trans women, 6. Hypocrisy and feigned offense, 7. Siding with mainstream prejudice, 9. Hiding behind “homophobia” to defend transphobia and 10. Elitism and exclusion of queer trans women from queer culture.

Andrea James Gave James Walker a Personal Reccomendation For Cleanliness However Take a Look at James Walkers Office!

James Walker VII CPE and Andrea James are two peas in Pod when it comes to being evil. Presently there are 350 letters of complaint against Andrea James and more will be forth coming and after her complaints more complaints will be forthcoming against James Walker who is a graduate of the Andrea James Hate & Smear Academy.  They did not mention Andrea’s other offenses and crimes such as; extortion, abuse of power, yellow journalism and slandering licensed and registered electrologists on her websites Hairtell.com, Hairfacts.om and TS-Roadmap.com in her attempts to sabotage honest hard working Transgendered Electrologists who own businesses nevertheless Andrea James and James Walker use of hit and run Cyber-Hate is an absolutely repulsive example of Andrea James trained lap dog and  recently canned moderator of Hairtell.coms James Walker.

In the intervening time since being deposed as moderator of Hairtell.coms James Walker VII CPE former moderator has turned 99% of Hairtell.com into a collection of jealous needy non-licensed uneducated electrologists who spend most of their time ripping off consumers and poor-mouthing successful educated licensed electrologists on Hairtell.com.  James and his gang of non-licensed “Certifiable Quacks” claim to be TG Friendly Electrologists however they hate state licensed and regustered Electrologists who are educated, licensed and work harder to persevere. Where would HairHell’s forum be without its minority of it’s one remaining Ohio licensed electrologist Dee Fahey aka the new Hairtell moderator who banned Hairtell’s ultimate Top Ten Contibutor Mike Bono known as Santa Babrbara’s Mouth That Roared. It was Dee Fahey the new morderator of Hairtell.com who purged all Male Chavanistic Swine Electrologists aka Top Ten Contributors. Dee Fahey electrologist would always rescue Andrea James and James Walker after having made incorrect electrolysis statements and she led the charge to remove James Walker moderator. Nevertheless I wonder why James Walker and all his non-licensed TG Un-Friendly electrologists on Hairtell.com will not explain why they never mention James Walker VII CPE?  Is it because they are jealous and will do anything for money including stealing it. The FTC should look into this?

Andrea James is under great pressure and lack of moral ethics where Andrea James forced to fire James Walker VII CPE as moderator of Hairtell.con for missing funds taken from his client German-Girl. Since than Hairtell.coms membership has evolved into a bigger crime-ridden cesspool of crazed bottom feeding dwellers who are non-licensed uneducated electrologists trying to steal your money. James has been deposed and Hairtell is no longer his protectorate of evil where he viciously attacked and lashed out against mandatory licensing of electrologists because he cannot make the grade. On Hairtell.com, Hairfacts.com and TSroadmap all the electrologists in Arizona, Washington, New York, Texas and Pennsylvania are uneducated non-licensed electrologists electrologists with no morals and a complete lack of honesty. Avoid Hairtell.com,Andrea James and James Walker VII CPE and all it’s members claiming to be electrologists because they are crooked scam artists. However we have to ask Andrea James the owner of Hairtell.coms website why she has not returned the $10,000 paid by German Girl to James Walker. Mr. James  walker has fled Buffalo New York and opened a brand new office in Rochester, New York called Emancipated Electrolysis and he’s listed on Hairtell.coms website with a link to his new office http://www.emancipatedelectrolysis.com. However Consumer Beware Mr. Walker owns it but does not list his name or any information that he owns Emancipated Electrolysis!

Hairtell.coms Number One Scam and how it Works.

Hairtell.com is a failed a forum it’s and collection of wannabe uneducated non-licensed electrologists who will never achieve a state license and registration to practice electrology have driven off the few licensed electrologists. Since Mr. Walker chooses not to avail himself of proper training, he must build his business off of false claims and testimonials through his deployment of fake uneducated non-licensed-electrologists who pose as fake consumers with an unwanted hair problem looking for electrologist on Hairtell.con forum. God help the innocent consumers who register on the forum asking, “Does anyone know a good electrologist in my area?” James and his fellow vultures would swoop in with their exaggerated lies that say, “I know one… and then they themselves pose as consumers who have nothing but good to say about well… their own work. It is a funny sort of self-referral. Unfortunately this scam is perpetually perpetrated by Hairtell.cons forum members known as Top Ten Contibutors and everyone gets a kickback including the one remaining minimally educated licensed electrologist who sold her soul for thirty pieces of silver to become Moderator. In addition you will find many of Arizonas non-licensed electrologists on Hairtell.com!

Discrimination and bigotry against Trans-Women electrologists by Andrea James and James Walker go hand and hand.  Just Google, “An open letter to Andrea James” owner of Hairtell.com and you will see Andrea’s James is in serious trouble with the entire online Trans-Community.  Furthermore James Walker VII NLE aka “Non-Licensed Electrologist” of Hairtell.com moderator defends illiterate non licensed quacks claiming to be electrologists who inflict so much pain on their clients that they resort to the use of painful anesthetic Lidocaine- Marcaine injections before their electrolysis treatment. Hairtell.coms uneducated self taught electrologists lack the skills of theoretical practical application and they cause extreme pain.  Therefore James Walker and his crew of merry misfit’s do their best to poison and suppress the truth. Andrea James is not an electrologist and orders James Walker to harass me and other licensed and registered electrologists with hate, threats and slander. However just click a link below and you will learn how Andrea James, James Walker and Calpernia has used and abused the Trans–Community with their sociopathic personalities.

In Arizona Andrea James ordered James Walker and his non-licensed quack electrologists to slander myself and other licensed electrologists because ten years ago I refused to pay her extortion fee for an electrolysis referal in addition I caught her page-jacking my website. Therefore I asked Andrea James be removed from TSroadmap.com, Hairfacts.com and Hairtell.com and she started in with hate campaign against myself. In addition it was Andrea James who ordered James Walker to arrive at my office to  inflict and commit assault and battery upon myself. I have no doubt that Andrea James ordered James Walker to attack me at every opportunity o Hairtell.com because I refuse to submit to her extortion and hate tactics.  Since September 21, 2002 Andrea James has slandered me and has done every she could do to hurt me including attempted assault and battery because I asked to be removed from her websites.

Andrea James is not a friend of the Trans Community and James Walker have attacked many qualified state licensed and registered electrologists using every lie and dirty hate tactic in the book to destroy their livelihood. For over ten years Andrea James and James Walker infringe peoples civil rights by slandering them, calling them insane, crazy and even quacks. Andrea James and James Walker are the real quacks that illegally judge, jury and convict Trans-women electrologists and business owners without the right to a trial. It about time the Trans-Community petitions and requests that the Department of Justice and the District Attorney investigate Andrea James and James Walker and put them on trial for their hate crimes against the Trans-Community along with extortion and their other Hate Crimes.

It’s amazing in Arizona Andrea James and her hatemonger James Walker sides and refers Trans-women to Arizona’s least unqualified non-licensed uneducated electrologists instead of a highly educated qualified licensed and registered Trans-Electrologist with 36 years of experience. The difference is Andrea James and James Walker slanders me on her websites because I refuse to pay Andrea James or James Walker a kick back in any form or manner and for years I have fought them and their sub-human criminal enterprises. So the Trans-client never has the opportunity to receive quality electrolysis treatments by a TG Electrologist because Andrea James could care less about Trans women because she hates Trans-Electrologists who are state licensed and registered electrologists. I know Andrea attempted to hack my site and she and James Walker should be arrested, tried and convicted and sent to prison! However if James Walker sets his foot within 300 feet of my office he will end up at Sheriff Joes Tent City for extended length of time.

You can read the links below and learn the truth about Andrea James and James Walker and it will not take long to recognize James Walker as her partner in crime!






When you are in a business, naturally you take a look at what the rank and file of non-licensed electrologists  to see what they are up to. There are plenty of honest websites out there that feature professional licensed and registered electrologists developing their practices with expertise and personal integrity. Then there are the websites that would make any reader want to pull her or his wanted hair. Some sites leave even the trusting wary of the services offered, the qualifications of the providers and, in the worst circumstances, uneasy at something that is difficult to put one’s finger on. Of all the spurious sites, that ascribe to Andrea James and scribed by James Walker The VII, CPE has pushed the the pedal to the floor with his unabashed encouragement and promotion of uneducated non-licensed electrologists, one has the feeling Mr. Walker and Andrea James have gone around the bend and sooner or later they will crack up.  James is so ashamed of his office located at 2243 Genesee Street Cheektowaga/Buffalo, NY 14211 because it’s such a dump that rats got up and moved out. However James has gone to great lengths to hide his office photograph from the public that he placed a fake picture on Merchantcircle.com so people would not see his real office which is a menace to the public’s health and Buffalo’s worst eyesore. Take a peek at the at the bottom of this page to see the real Executive Clearance Super Friends Headquarters. However we have to ask James Walker VII CPE why he calls other electrologist’s offices a dump when his office was condemned by Buffalo’s rodent population as being unfit for ratss.  Eeek, eeek James don’t you know it’s wrong to throw rocks at glass houses?

On a recent visit to Hairtell.coms, I truly had to do a double take and I  thought had stumbled on to a joke website, after all, for people who don’t deal with unwanted hair problems, the whole topic of hair removal seems to be good fodder for jokes and with his conjured endorsements like “Hairtell Pro Top Ten Contributor”, consumers are having flashbacks to the Tonight Show and the Daily Ten. Through a dubious claim to excellence, the first place in this countdown to classless incompetence is well deserved. James W. Walker VII, CPE (Certified Professional Electrologist) ranks as the number one “HairTell Pro Top Ten Contributor” . However Mr Walker has a brand new title and has proclaimed and anointed himself, “The Electrolysis World Champion.” on every single post. To view his first Youtube masterpiece” Straight Talk About Permanent Hair Removal The Executive Clearance Way” one can only conclude Mr. Walker either doesn’t take himself seriously and the viewers does not know whether to laugh or cry nonetheless I cannot stop laughing while feeling pity for Mr. Walker. As adults we have choices to better serve our ourselves and to demand more from the supposed representatives of the hair removal profession. So together, let’s look more closely at  self-proclaimed super friends of James Walker VII C.P.E. AKA the “Electrolysis World Champion”.

James W. Walker VII, CPE Moderator, Top Ten Contributor & Self Anointed Electrolysis World Champion,

James W. Walker VII, CPE a Non-Licensed Certified Professional Electrologist on Hairtell.com were he is the moderator casually lists his occupation as a “Board Certified Professional Electrologist.” Nonetheless James Walker VII, CPE “Board Certified Professional Electrologist” forget to mention a few minor details such as where is the asylum that actually certified him located and where did nbsp;he attended a formal and nationally accredited electrolysis school? Additionally James Walker the VII, CPE, “Board Certified Professional Electrologist” claims the American Electrology Association endowed him as a “Board Certified Professional Electrologist” after completing a mere 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologist course, which he claimed to deliberately  have flunked the test first time to make a political statement. Understandably our Electrolysis Profession is riddled with incompetents like Mr. Walker who operate in New York state which has no mandatory licensing and registration of electrologists which makes makes enforcing the law upon him most difficult. James Walker claims competence in a professional occupation that demands medical knowledge and proficiency and for an electrologist to be competent one must be educated, trained, tested and licensed and registered. Furthermore in being so politically bold, James Walker VII, CPE is unaware that only a state board of  licensed and registered electrologists and an accredited electrolysis school can certify one as electrologist before you take your requisite dual state board examination of written and practical.

For the general publics information, the 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologists examination is a fourth grade level multiple-choice  examination that does not require a high school diploma, GED, no criminal check and I almost forget to mention there is no examination for the “Practical Application” of electrolysis. Furthermore there are no requirements for applicants to provide a required health certificate attesting that they have no STD’S or communicable diseases. James Walker proudly-proclaims to be the Official Electrologist To PEP An Intimate Social Club which is rumored to be sexual fantasy club in Buffalo New York. Is this is a person that you want to perform delicate precision hair removal treatment?  Nonetheless what scares me the most is that PEP members and are not required to have mandatory helath checks for sexually over-active members who could have contracted an STD also know as Sexualy Transmitted Disease. Our society lives in the shadow of AIDS and no professional has the right to endanger the public by having irresponsible casual sex without regard to the protection of thier spouse. family and love ones in any form or manner period.

Every American licensed and registered electrologists is aware that Electrolysis is a 100%  American Invention and when your electrologist purchases cheap copy-cat foreign manufactured computerized epilators and equipment they lower the quality of your electrolysis treatments. Furthermore you send more American Jobs to foreign countries that make cheap copies  of high quality American electrolysis equipment copied by foreign companies. Furthermore I warn all  consumers, licensed and registered electrologists not to post comments on the hairtell.com forum which has become James Walkers Trans-Bashing Out Of Control Lynch Mob that twist your every word into lies and hang American licensed and registered electrologists for expressing the slightest offense such as promoting mandatory education and licensing of all electrologists which Mr. Walker vehemently opposes. However the Hairtell Lynch Mob has Anti-American Motives and that is to sell foreign made electrolysis equipment  and supplies which are cheap knockoffs of quality American companies like the Hinkle Company and the R.A. Fischer Company which merged. In 1985 it was the R.A. Fischer Company  that innovated and manufactured the worlds first computerized programmable epilator first used by me at Boston Electrolysis® in 1985.


Meanwhile our Hairtell.com mob leader Mr. Walker with his Anti-American Agenda were he and his non-licensed electrologists assassinates the character of American  licensed electrologists and American manufactured computerized electrolysis epilators built by the Arthur Hinkle Company and the R.A. Fischer Company. On the other hand Mr. Walker does not mention their cheap imitations are made in China and sent to Canada for resale under another name. Quality American manufacturers like the Hinkle Company and the R.A. Fischer Company of California merged and I know all their equipment and parts are 100% American manufactured and built  by Americans which means American  quality and jobs! In addition as a practicing Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist since 1979 and I am Utah Licensed and Registered Electrologists with 33 years of professional experience using the latest R.A. Fischer CBX-PRO-BLEND Computerized Programmable EpilatorSeries Four Model an electrologist cannot do better. On the the other hand if you carefully follow Mr. Walker and his Hairtell Mob’s comments you can see there how they cleverly and repeatedly post the same anti-American remarks that undermine “Made In The USA”.  On the Hairtell Forum they undermine American values, American ethics, American Wokers and American ingenuity by constantly subsidizing cheap foreign manufactured epilators made in China, shipped to Canada and repackaged under another name and than sold in America as a quality product? I don’t think so!

Presently I am conducting an ongoing investigation as to foreign owned company that hired Mr. Walker  with his uneducated Transbashing Hairtell.com mo whoseb job is to undermine American Electrolysis Equipment Manufacturers and American licensed and registered electrologists. Presently their using the Internet to broadcast this old form of “Payola” that led to FTC investigations and violations of Fair Trade Laws and FCC violations to broadcast them from. However I feel sorry for  honest hard working Americans who have loss their jobs because of Mr. Walkers Anti-American agenda. On the other hand our moderator Mr. Walker has turned Hairtell.com into the capital of TG-Assassination with sub-standard non-licensed electrologists who possess the lowest attributes ever witnessed. About 99% Hairtell,com’s rank and file members are non-licensed electrologists in the following states Arizona, California, New York, Ohio and other states where unethical Certified Professional Electrologists use Hairtell.com as their base of operation to conduct thier dirty business tactics. You ask what kind of dirty business tactics they use? On Hairtell.com their favorite tactic is to pretend their a client with an unwanted hair problem trying to locate a good electrologist they can trust and from that point on overtly sympathetic Hairtell Practitioners say of poor dear I dislike hearing things like that and than all of them subtly bash the licensed American electrologist she is going to. This is done out of greed and what better way to bash your competition than hiding a behind a computer with an assumed life and name and one the worst offenders is an electrologist from Midwest who should be investigated for her unethical conduct let alone breaking every rule and regulation in the book regarding ethics while praising cheap subsidized foreign maufactured electrolysis equipment.


Mr. Walker VII CPE the moderator of Hairtell.com has created an evil cult of vile, liars, cheats and thieves who will do kill for a thin dime. Usually when you become a moderator of a forum your assuming a post of  honor, honesty and integrity and  it was not meant to be used as his  personal pillar  of impunity to cast fictitious lies and aspersions while subverting the law and threating your competitors with assault and battery. Mr. Walker has turned Hairtell.com forum into a Board of Assassination were state licensed and registered electrologists are publicly bashed. How is this done? Why all you have to do is logon on Hairtell.com and click the button for your state “Hairtell Practitioner Locater”  or Haitell Forum Issues however you will end up in their “Boiler Room” on a page with Hairtell Top Ten Contributors and there the ones to watch out for because they pay the most for unethical electrolysis referrals. Their mode of operation is group effort of overwhelming attention that  religious cults use to recruit new members. They  fawn over the consumer with overwhelming sympathy while questioning him or her while confusing the consumer with questions they ask “Well its sound like your unhappy with your electrologist? ” After that they confuse him or her to the point that he or she believes she had a bad treatments and this is where Mr. Walker VII CPE moderator and his Top Ten Thugs move in and make a referral to one of their Top Ten Contributors or or a member in another state and afterwards Mr. Walker and his boss Andrea James take their cut and pay down the line while the unethical electrologist  or laser operators pays them for a kickback. To make  it look real they put in a ringer who is a an unknown Hairtell Top Ten Contributor posing as a consumer with an unwanted hair problem and he or she will  endorse and say, “I went to her and she’s great electrologist” however Mr. Walker as the forum moderator has many identities that he uses to clinch deals.

These are such despicable illegal acts that violate Federal and State Laws and I have seen so many unethical electrologists on Hairtell.com were they manipulate consumers into a funnel of waiting vultures of Hairtell because Mr. Walker runs this “Scam” with his most ardent Hairtell Top Ten Contributors violate consumer laws, The Fair Business Act  and all state board rules, regulations and ethics. The fact that unethical Hairtell Top Ten Contributors have a group mode of operation where they commit illegal acts across state lines is a federal offense. I know some of the non-licensed electrologists real names who are from the following states; New York, California, Ohio, Illinois,Arizona, Colorado, California and Florida. In the end my goal is to send reports about about Mr. James Walker and his gang members to  the FTC, FCC  and every State Board Of Electrologists, State Board of Cosmetology and the representative of Consumers Affairs Office in every state in the USA.


Mr. James is a connoisseur of bogus electrolysis diplomas and his connection to the now defunct (out of business) International Guild of Professional Electrologists.  This Guild was a typical “Diploma Mill” and James claims he was within 11 votes short from winning the Presidency of The International Guild of Professional Electrologists whose membership at the time of the election totaled 23 members. The IGPE makes the non-licensed electrologist look and sound credible. Advantageously, membership to The International Guild of Professional Electrologists a defunct out of business based in Canada required no examination, no state regulated electrolysis education and no required state license and registration as an electrologist to become a member. The The International Guild of Professional Electrologists recognized the good faith and valid bank checks of its aspiring members. As a testament to one’s admission into this noble quasi-organization, members were awarded the most ornate and beautifully embossed diplomas I have ever seen. With a font like that who could question a non-licensed electrologists qualifications?


I will always be baffled by the amount of energy that individuals and groups put into skirting the state regulations of their desired professions. Admittedly they have creativity and skills in their favor given their ability to generate long names and to maintain fake websites which mislead the uneducated and unsuspecting consumer; but why expend so much energy to avoid legitimate education, training and certification? Having never been admitted into the Guild in its glorious heyday, I may never know its deep dark secrets. If, however, I continue to question the practices of Mr. Walker and his mob, I may reveal its character and warn the public. Though not the skin of their noses, it is their skin to worry about. My on line publications The Five Star Electrologist© and The Boston Electrolysis Journal© will soon publish a phony list of quack electrologists and the aliases they use on Hairtell.com so the Trans-Consumer can check out every Trans-Bashing Electrologist on Hairtell.com organized by Der Fuhrer James Walker VII, CPE.


Professionally speaking as member of the TG-Community it’s  apparent James W. Walker who claims to be TG Friendly is a gross exagerated liar and isn’t consistent with his less than friendly verbal abuse and outright bashing of  Trans-Women who worked hard to become state  licensed and registered electrologists. James Walker VII CPE and Dee Fahey dish out his hate inspired discrimination and their worst offenses of “Outing and Trans-Bashing Them” on Hairtell.com. On Hairtell.com Mr. Walker  and his Resident Troll Dee Fahey supports James when he calls Trans-Women, “Humanoids, crazy and other insults including he, she and it”. In addition James Walker VII CPE learned to “Out Transsexuals from his boss Andrea James the owner of Hairtell.com.”. He is certainly inconsistent and self-serving in his claims and thusly he proves his vociferous claims about one’s sexual identity usually have relevance only to the one making them. Rarely do they have importance in one’s professional profile. Aren’t we trying to move away from such biases? I at least had hoped so.


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